I recently brought a ScanNCut cutting machine, which allows you to scan and cut shapes and patterns with great precision and awesomeness.

I have always fancied the idea of being able to cut out my own designs, to create stationery and stickers. I could do this by hand, but I have found my ability to be precise and consistent is not so good `-` .  I had seen various machines that could cut paper and do really cool things, but never actually decided to invest in one. That changed last week. I am currently studying a typography class and a lot of work I am doing for a project requires working with paper and cutting letters.

After taking a trip to a craft store to look for various supplies, I discovered the ScanNCut machine and thought it would be perfect!   :***:

My First Car

On Tuesday the 5th of July I picked up my very first car. It is a 2016 Suzuki Swift and I think she is adorable.  :wub:

I am really excited to have a car of my own and have always admired the design of the Suzuki Swifts. They are only a small car (or hatch) and it really suits me, to build more confidence with driving. I decided I wanted a car that was an automatic, so that I had ‘less to think about’ and could have full concentration on the road and what was around me (instead of a¬†manual¬†and changing gears). I am a learner driver, so I do have to have a licensed driver with me, but I am really glad, because I don’t feel 100% comfortable yet.

The Month That Was: June 2016

In June 2016 I completed my second class at university, joined the planner world, made plans to quit smoking and got a car!  :owl:

This month was kind of busy and lead to a number of big things that will have an impact on my future, and I have to say I am feeling very positive about them. The most exciting is that I finally have a car! Well, I have all the paperwork completed, but have to wait until next week before I can pick it up, so I will certainly be writing a more detailed post on that soon.¬† :love: I also completed my second class at Uni, which was Design Studio: Concepts & Narratives. I don’t have my final grade yet, but I am confident I passed. I learned a huge amount and can’t wait to start my next class on Typography in a few weeks!¬† ;D

Dear Smoking…

It’s time we had that talk. The serious one when I make a commitment and really mean it.

I will quit smoking cigarettes.

For the past 15 years I have been a smoker. I smoked because I thought it was cool. I smoked because it became a habit. I smoked because it felt like a way I was able to deal with stress. I smoked because I was around other people smoking and I smoked because there was no reason, only my body responding to the withdrawal of noxious chemicals. I started small, maybe a few a day and this gradually increased over the years, until recent years, where I was smoking 5 – 10 cigarettes a day. Years ago the cost of smoking wasn’t that high. Now, it is massive. I pay $36.75 for a packet of 40s. Which can last sometimes a week, usually a lot less because of others smoking as well. On average it costs me over $250 a month which is completely ridiculous. Why would I want to knowingly spend so much money on a habit that does nothing only cause problems???!?¬† ~_~

I no longer want to have this vice hanging over me, spending so much money and causing numerous health issues. I don’t want my thoughts to be clouded by such things as; “when can I smoke next”, “how long until I am home so I can smoke”, “I don’t know if I really want one, but I should anyway”, “how can I plan this holiday so that I can smoke easily”. I don’t want to feel that smoking is part of who I am and something I have to do, because¬†it isn’t.

I want to do this because I have found a lot of positive ways to help myself recently and think it would be another way that I can lead a healthier/happier life. The fact that I have been able to quit soda and cut down on my sugar intake is something that I am setting as an example and motivator. I am not going to lie. This is going to be extremely difficult. I am partly scared that taking away something that has been a crutch for so long might have heavy impacts on my mental health. There will be some psychological effects and I need to monitor that they are hopefully subsiding as time goes on, seeing my doctor would also be a good idea. I have to ¬†avoid ‘tricks’ my brain plays,¬†finding reasons to keep smoking or give up. It happened many times when quitting soda, but found the strength to really give up.

I have decided that I am going to approach my quitting by gradually reducing the amount that I smoke and when reduced to a minimal number to remove it completely. I made some free planner pages/printables to help me track and record my progress, being aware of what you are doing and how you are feeling when you are quitting can be really helpful.  :flower:

Every time I resist a cigarette it is a small victory. It is also essentially (with Australian cigarette prices) like giving myself $1 for every cigarette I don’t smoke.¬† $u$ ¬†That sounds good.

If you have quit smoking in the past, I would love to hear your story in the comments.  :hug:

kikki.K Planner

I have finally taken the plunge and joined the planner community, with my new kikki.K Planner.

I had been considering getting a planner for some time and always admired many of the designs available on kikki.K, but never found one that I thought ‘omg need’. Until, I saw the¬†V√§nskap (cats) collection. So much awesome, I couldn’t resist. I also decided to get a few extra things, like some pens, stickers,¬†post its, planner kit and sticker book. I don’t like having a diary or journal that is really large, so I felt the medium size was the best option. I love it!¬† :wub:

Veeeery image heavy.  :blush: