I made the decision that I wanted to simplify many of the online projects that I am running.

With my first week of Uni under my belt, I realised that I need to be able to dedicate as much time as I can to study. It doesn’t mean that I want to close every website I run, it just means a little shuffling and asking for help.

Giraffe Host
Giraffe Host has now been moved to a hosting page on my blog. The application form is closed at the moment, but I have no intention to stop hosting anyone.

Cup MB
Cup MB is still up and active and I have no intention to close it. I am just looking for 1/2 people that might be interested to help out as administrators, so that the load of running a message board can be shared.

blogmatter-300 Blog Matter
Although Blog Matter is not acting as I originally intended (comment exchange) it is a community for bloggers and I hope that one day I can turn it into the comment exchange that I had planned. Because a community can take a lot of work, both in moderating, promoting and fresh content, I would also like to find 1/2 people that might be interested to help out. Particularly in the area of sharing new content and blog posts.

If you are interested to help out at Cup or Blog Matter, contact me and let me know.

I also recently discovered that my contact form does not seem to have been sending messages. So if you did try and contact me recently via the contact form on my site, I did not receive it. :(

30 Day Creative Challenge: Recap

For the month of June I completed the 30 Day Creative Challenge, where I created something each day for 30 days, based on a daily prompt. It was also part of my 30 Before 30.

I have finally completed the 30 Day Creative Challenge, and I present the results to you in this post (it is image heavy). There were some days that I had to catch up on, mainly because of a few events that were difficult. 1. My dear Kangaroo friend Denise died in early June and that was very sad and a shock. 2. I had a tooth that was causing me a lot of trouble, and eventually had to be taken out, where they found it had an infection around it. My mouth is healed, but it takes longer to heal from loss, but I am getting there.

So now, lets look at the creative results.

30 Day Creative Challenge


As part of my 30B30 and because I have wanted to do this for quite a while, I have decided to dedicate the month of June to creating something everyday in the 30 Day Creative Challenge.

The 30 Day Creative Challenge is a creative challenge to create something artistic everyday for 30 days, based on the prompt for that day. You can use any medium (traditional art, writing, photography, digital art, craft or anything you like) and interpret the daily prompt in your own way. Results can be shared on your blog each day or at the end of the month.

Just a reminder

This is a list of reminders to myself. They could be relevant to you, if they are, I hope they can help motivate greater kindness towards yourself. I was inspired by similar posts that Liz has made.

  • It’s okay to be sad and cry. You don’t have to try to act strong all the time. You’re just ignoring emotions that are going to build up and explode (boom).
  • You should not feel stupid because you are unable to do something that someone else can (and don’t use that ‘everyone can’ excuse, because that is a lie).
  • Measuring your own self worth on any kind of scale (including ones where other people are involved) is a lie.
  • So you don’t look like a model or won’t be a cover girl. It does not mean that you are ugly and worthless. That kind of theory gives you an F-.