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omg I talked to Kaori on the phone last night and she rocks!! I just adore her, you thought she was nice on the net well x that but 1000 she is just the sweetest!! It was so wonderful I can’t wait to talk to her again some time :D

I didn’t get up long ago, the phone rang and disturbed my slumber :( but not to worry I have many things I must think about doing but now sure if I will get them done…….. hmmm decisions decisions.

2 days!! THAT is so freaky I’m starting to hope I don’t get a wrinkle for my birthday haha that could be NOT funny. :cool:

Everylittle fish is having their birthday at the moment it’s a Pisces generation *sings in the musical* Now let my mind say that Eleni, Sheeda, Mezzy and many other wonderful friends have had birthdays and Aimee hasn’t yet but will the same day as me :D :D w00t.

Urk I need to start doing things because I am lazy I should probably go and rack the yard or clean my room, bloody parties arrrrrh but we love the turning of time OR NOT. mwuahaha byeeee.

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  • Kate says:

    Wow, two days. Feeling old yet? :) Those must be pretty super fast growing wrinkles you’re describing. lol

  • Yimin says:

    wow thats so koool! You guys spoke on the phone? :D I shall speak to you one day.. when I’m rich and I can afford to make global phone calls :D or even better I’d be able to afford to fly off over there and visit mwuahaha :D hehe.
    :O:O 2 DAYS YOOOL DUDE!eeks :D *dances* lmao your first wrinkle eh? WHat if you got a grey hair? :O :P hehe :D
    love yooooool! <333333

  • Nadine says:

    well, let’s hope you won’t get a PIMPLE first :p

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