2 In one day

Dear Peopl again.

I forgot to mention a few things and I couldn’t find anything better to do so I thought I should tell you about them.

I felt the need for coffee this smroning and I never drink it the last time was probably a year ago. I did some singing yesterday in the shead and I enjoyed it so I did some in there again today after I had a shower yes it’s true I had a shower.

I dowloaded Stacie Orrico song stuck and I’m downloading the songs girls and boys I don’t know why but I always find myself singing it. I feel thirsty at the moment. It looks like it couls storm. They said it will on the radio.

I have decided that I will not being using “lol” anymore because it is common everyone says it so I shall use bbb or bbf, bloody bloddy bugger and bloody bloddy funny. I think they are good. Jen said there were.

I had a dream last night but it is hard to remember. I know it hard Barb and bec in it and ileen. ANd I was scateboarding and I wanted to skateboard like I used to. Then I was in this weird time frame. And I know their was this guy trying to kill people, It might have even been in like the 20s or the 30s but I know he was trying or was killing people I don’t know if I was in the dream or if I was standing back watching like the all seing eye. Well anyway it was very strange.

I’m using my bbf and bbb

Have a look.

| / �|� /| /| �/ _ � |� _|_ / |/ | /_ � says:

my nikname

_ | / �|� /| /| �/ _ � |� _|_ / |/ | /_ � says:


Kasstah says:


_ | / �|� /| /| �/ _ � |� _|_ / |/ | /_ � says:


_ | / �|� /| /| �/ _ � |� _|_ / |/ | /_ � says:

Kasstah says:

bloody bloody funny

_ | / �|� /| /| �/ _ � |� _|_ / |/ | /_ � says:


I hope you can understand that.

Well I have run out of things to say.

I think I should go and write what my character has been doing I think that is a good idea. Well have to go now bbb. See you later my dear

Love always the bbb and bbf Queen

Love kasstah

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