$9 Threadless Bonanza!

Threadless has been tricky and had a $9 sale again. (I love them for their awesomeness, seriously I do). So, I had to buy a few shirts. Only eight this time, compared to the waaaay to many I brought last time. I did buy the piggy bank tee again as a gift for the Mummy who loved the design. :3


I also brought two new domains, tale.nu (will be for writing) and kitten.nu (domain connective). Now I just need to start working on them. 4_4

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I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • wish I had money to get the tees that are on sale ):

    whoa, new nu domains! I likeee (:
    .-= Last Post: A New Old Show =-.

  • Aww, I love these shirts. They’re so cheap right now but when you add in postage it starts adding up. How much did the postage cost for you?
    .-= Last Post: One more =-.

  • Ah, I was gonna say that at such a low price, I’m tempted, but I think the sale is over, anyway! Bad for my duds, good for my bank account. Those shirts are really cute! I especially like the Lovely Face one. n____n
    .-= Last Post: The fears and dreams of growing old =-.

  • Isa

    I love all the illustrations, Water Balloons is one of my wishlist t-shirts ever since I saw it on deviantart.
    Kitten.nu is so cute ^_^
    .-= Last Post: My Adventure Lovin’ Grandpappy =-.

  • Everything on Threadless looks awesome! I wish I could buy something there but, sadly, I don’t have the money. :(

    You always get the nicest domains! I can’t wait to see your new sites when they’re finished!
    .-= Last Post: Imagining A Different World =-.

  • That’s too cute not to purchase! Lucky you for being able to take advantage of it. /envious

    PS. Cute domains, as usual. :P
    .-= Last Post: On A Lazy Afternoon =-.

  • love those designs! i could definitely use some new clothes since my old ones are starting to break. i look forward in seeing your new site[s] built and ready to go!

    btw new post on my part :P

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