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Yep I changed my layout again, I can”t help myself I just didn”t connect with the other one and started to hate it more and more every time I looked at it. I don”t mind this one that much because I haven”t had Nicole Kidman on a layout before and I have always liked her alot :)

It”s neally christmas time, and yo”ll know what that means, it”s card season. I love sending them and brought some pretty new cards I am dying to share with all my loveable visitors. So if you want to get a card or echangce them via the lovely slow post email me kassers@gmail.com I do want to actually have known you for a little while so I am not randomly sending them to possible stalkers :P

Finally installed the comment hack, took me a few hours because I suck but I got there. I have also updated the rules and all Hostees will get an email hearing the rule update :)

I should be going to see GOF on Friday, Mum really wants to see it. She is trying to steal my man Lucius. Even if I like Draco I still love Lucius as well. It will be a battle, she wasn”t as interested in seeing it untill I said “Jase will be in it” mwuahaha gotta love mums.

I”m in a domain buying mood, eeek. I think I will return comments and play at comments that will take my mind away from those lovely adorable doma……..

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  • Kya says:

    Testing the comment plugger thinger, k thx

  • Heather says:

    I so wanted to see that movie but never got around to it :( Hey that card idea sounds awesome, I think I”ll hit you up on that offer

  • Mary says:

    Kya, when are you NOT in the mood to buy yet ANOTHER domain??? lol.rnrnNicole Kidman rocks =) I love your new lay… but then, I love all your layouts! And good job getting the comment hack installed!rnrnOh yeah, and thanks for the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it! =) Luv ya xx

  • Paul says:

    Awsome layout and awsome site! I love em both. I haven”t seen GOF yet, I want to though. I really wanna buy a domain now

  • Silver says:

    All I can say Draco was =drools= … what was I going to say. Lol. He looked better but please please please look out for him in the yule ball. I can”t believe I missed him.rnYay yay yay. I love this layout. Pretty sweet. yay for the commentor hack. I suck at that. rnTis” the season to be jolly falalalalalalalala.rnThank you dear for being an unbelieveable and gorgeous friend. I love you so much. *hearts*

  • Tai says:

    The layout is gorgeoys and Draco is pretty hott. I love his hair =o

  • Tania says:

    Hey! I like the new layout, it looks very pretty!rnrnAnd I haven”t yet seen GoF as well, can”t wait though!

  • Nicole says:

    Hey, I love the new layout, LOL!

  • Minna says:

    Hehe, how many domains do you have now? :D I loved the old layout :( It was suck a lovely photo, where did you get it from? Card season! :D *loves* I”d love to exchange a card :) If you don”t mind swedish Christmas cards that is :P hehe

  • Nicole says:

    It”s okay man, if you didn”t like it, you didn”t like it. It”s about you and not anyone else. This one is very pretty, weee. :D I love the slow post mail it is the cool. Okay, thanks. I don”t want to exchange with you though, sorry. :)rnrnHehehehhehehehe LMFAO I am on the Gonny white stuff. All right? ALL RIGHT?! GIVE ME MORE OF THE PRECIOUSSSSSSS. Okay, thanks.rnrnHehe, I mist be buying you another gift mmm hmm. I have a few ideas, but this one particular idea might be for a future gift. ;) rnrnI am so confused now, Peter”s taken too much pixie dust again, and it”s making him act all funny. Please, HELP ME!!! I didn’t say helo Peter, I didn’t say helo. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!rnrnI was only joking mate. I never really send cards but this year seems different. Mine will probably be the suck, however but I shall try. I will have to send it with the parcel. The gifts are safely away in me closet. And I swear I am not a stalker like SOME people, I meana it! I can”t spell… or can I? Hmm. I can but the stalkers can”t.. What? I mean the keyboard can”t. Stop embarrassing me up piece of crap. rnrnHahahaha dude, what were you doing with the frisking Commenter plugin? Getting Draco to help, or the Gonster while she’s in crack head land?rnrnAhhh, yes.. Goblet of Fire. *sigh* rnrnHopefully you like it..rnrnHaha, your mommy is the funny. rnrnGrr, argh I am going to poke you in the eyesies matey. :DrnrnWTF mate bba… Oh snap, the bbq has a clones too. o:rnrnBE GOOD!rnrnP.S. Jackhole sucks.rnAnd, I implore you, ban the crak.. I mean crack. (CRAP crack has clones too!) Okay, thanks.

  • flipse says:

    thank you so much! I just use a Sony digital camera. nothing special haha ;) I”m getting a new linse though. and thank you again! .. ooo, new laout again, haha ;)

  • Nicole says:

    Can I paint his yoohoo gold? ;)

  • Krissy says:

    Horray! Nicole Kidman is love! So prettiful m”dear :DrnrnOh my gosh, I”m so jealous you get to go see HP. Everyone keeps talking about it and I”m simply meeeeeelting to go see it! My best friend and I promised each other we”d wait until we both got home from university to go see it though, so I”m holding out :D PS. I love your mom. That”s a hoot and half about le Jason!

  • Naomi says:

    EEeee. I saw GoF.rnrnAnyway, nice layout. For me, changing layouts is a HUGE deal because I do it like once every three months …

  • Sarah says:

    Kya!rnIt”s Sarah, not sure if you remember me. Just wanted to say hey, now that I got a change. I hope everything”s good. Take care.

  • Nayana says:

    Yay you”re back! :D Nice new layout as usual! :D Well I want to go see that Movie hopefully I will next week. Let me know how good was it ;)

  • Insomniac says:

    Nice layout! It”s really eye-loving! I understand about the layout not-liking and all. That happens to me way too often.rnrnI hope you have a great time at GoF. I saw it and it was pretty good.rnrnAnd those hacks are sometimes oh so evil. It takes me so long to do stuff like that too.

  • Peter Pan says:

    I”m about to go Never Never Land, and if YOU are MY Tinkerbell, we should hook up. ;) rnrnThere are plenty of pixie dust dealers, one at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I heard.rnrnYou could always just think of a happy thought, it only takes one baby. ;) rnrnOr I could fly you myself.rnrnHow about it?rnrnInterested?rnrnGet back to me soon, I may be young forever but that doesn’t mean I have all god damn day. Tee hee, thanks. :P rnrnYour Pixie boy,rnPeter Pan

  • nicole says:

    yay! another australian :D

  • Rosie says:

    Oooh cool new layout. I like the colours! Congrats on installing the comment hack thing, it”s so usefl to have! I”m not a fan of Harry Potter and everyone keeps talking about it arrrgh. x

  • Jodie says:

    the new layout is very pretty, i like it. rnrni saw GOF for the second time on saturday *blushes*. it”s okay, they left a lot out though. obviously. rnrnyay for christmas time!

  • Irene says:

    I swear woman, you need help. *lmao* You are the LAST person who needs another domain. HEE HEE. Take a deep breath and move on. ;) rnrnLOVE LOVE the new layout! I adore Nicole Kidman, although “The Stepford Wives” was far from my favorite of her movies. The layout looks fabu, as usual.rnrnUGH – GOF. *lol* I haven”t see it yet. I”m in no hurry. why”s everyone in such a hurry to see it? I mean, where is it going to go exactly? Hrm… *lol*rnrnLove ya. :)

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