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I have had a bag of things  been sitting in my room for a while that I wanted to photograph and share. Some of these were given to me and others I brought myself. I wanted to share them because they are so cute. Beware this post may be picture heavy.

Christmas OrnamentsChristmas Ornaments. The middle one was a gift from mum and the others (two owls and cupcakes I brought from Big W).


Hooot. Owl Ornaments from Big W.




Owl mug and ornament (I love these so much) that I purchased from Typo.

An adorable owl friend, mum brought for me.



Adorable owl ornament that mum brought for me. This guy is just all the cute.


Adorable cupcake coin purse I got from Smiggle.



Cloud mail holder I got from Typo.


Felt handbag mum gave me.

IMG_4833Fox sleeping/eye mask from Typo.


Gifts from mum, two pencil cases and novelty erasers.



Bunny coin purse from Typo.


Cute stickers and to do list journal from Big W.


2014 Diary and pen that mum gave me, to start the year a-fresh. :D

Mum and I often buy gifts for each other through out the year. Just because we will often see something that the other might like and really enjoy sharing with each other. I am glad I can do that. Non of these are Christmas gifts, well, maybe some of the ones I brought myself are… >.<

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  • Silver says:

    I spot a running theme! Haha. :3 We have typo and smiggle here too and whenever I see their stuff, it reminds me of you Kya! *snuggles*

    Cute things! I love the owl motif and decorations! Put them on a tree and take a pic for us! :D

  • Kerri says:

    OH MY GOODNESS. I love all of this! Especially the owls! They all look so vintage, it’s awesome!

  • Liz says:


    It’s so difficult to find cute things here that make me melt that aren’t overly expensive and super cheap. :(

    I also love the fox. xDD #sokawaii

    • Kya says:

      That is the hardest part. You want the cute things, but you want a good price. I guess that might be because there is so many cute things from Japan and Korea that is adorable and really cheap. So we kind of expect that too. xD We can buy it from there, but it’s hard with shipping sometimes, or finding sellers you can trust.


  • Jamie says:

    Those are really cute. Maybe a little to cute for me. I do like the diary and pen though. Out of curiosity, when are we supposed to get the email from blogmatter? I thought it was every Monday? I did send you a card. I hope it gets there in time.

    • Kya says:

      I know that type of cute is not for everyone, but I really adore it. :D

      Emails are sent each Monday (normally) but I was a bit slow. xD

      Thanks for the card, I sent you one as well. Hopefully it arrives!

  • Sandy Nene says:

    Aww, all of these are just too cute. I love cute stuff – you take pretty good pictures!

  • Chester says:

    Hello Kya! Those are adorable items. I would totally love to have the owl mug that I can use as a pen holder. That would be my certain favorite but everything is so nice. I think this calls for a give away to your readers. *coughs heavily* Kidding! Happy Holidays Kya! =)

    • Kya says:

      Hahahaha. It’s a good idea. But not the mug that I have. :x I adore it too much. But maybe I could get another one or something, maybe. xD *pondering*

  • Alice says:

    This is some of the most adorable stuff I have seen!

  • Merii-Beth says:

    All of the things you posted are just so cute! I love all of them, especially the diary and pen! I’m such a like hoarder for school supplies but I love collecting like different kinds of stationary and stuff so I guess it’s no surprise that I’d like yours. The owl stuff is so cute as well, especially the white ornament! :D

  • Nicole says:

    You have a very cute and special relationship with your mother. She seems to know you very well too!

    I like that you two sheila each other with gifts throughout the year. ;)

  • Joy says:

    Oh gosh! All of the cuteness!!! I LOVE owls! Omgosh, I love them. My family has bought me so many. If you look at the pictures of my craftroom, you can spot some lol. I have that exact same white owl ornament. My mother bought me it as well!

  • Jess says:

    The range of stuff Typo sells is always just like, amazing. They always come out with the weirdest products, and they’re almost always animal related. But these things are too cute! I can only imagine your Christmas tree!

  • Malik says:

    I don’t know what to comment but, those were really cute. And I love the erasers. Somehow, I could eat those erasers during classes if I’m hungry. Hahaha.

  • Kalliste says:

    Ooh I especially love the fox eye mask, that’s so cool When I was looking for one when I worked night shift I could never find anything I quite liked.

    Also, its neat that you and your Mum do that for each other.

  • claire says:

    The fox mask is cuuute! Not as cute as the ‘wake me up in London’ one you gave me though :P

  • Crystal says:

    Such cute gets! Owls are my second favorite animal, so I understand the obsession! x,D

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