1. Erica   •  

    Those are gorgeous pictures, thank you for sharing. I don’t like many bugs that much, but ladybugs I can deal with. :) But ladybugs, Y U NO LOOK LIKE LADY?

  2. Kim   •  

    Aww, I love ladybugs. When I find lost ones in weird places, I like to gently place them back in a bush or flowers :)

  3. Lisa   •  

    I love pictures and photos of ladybugs but I have to be honest and say that in real life they kind of freak me out! :) I never know what to do with them!

  4. Liz   •  

    Those are beautiful photos! And yes, ladybugs are beautiful little creatures! :}

  5. Kuri   •  

    The first thing I thought when I stumbled upon your website was: wow. I love it, I love the colours, I love your banner and your layout!! I love the way you did your ‘loves’ section with an avatar of each and I really love the read-50-books-in-a-year challenge ahaha… would you mind if I borrowed that??

    Anyways, was so excited to see you had a templates section for visitors cos I would love to see some of the other templates you’ve made given the gorgeous simplicity of your current one… but they’re all gone^^;; any chance you will be uploading any some time soon? :3

    As for ladybugs, I’ve never really liked them haha… but those photos are beautiful indeed :)

    Take care~

  6. Kelsey   •  

    Wow! Amazing pictures! They look marvelous!

  7. Siobhan   •  

    Gorgeous, I took a photograph of a ladybird recently – they’re brilliant to capture – such vibrant colours! x:cupcakestraw:

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