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I would like to introduce to everyone the newest addition to my family a little baby Currawong bird named Bai Bai (I say it like bye bye). Dad found the little bird on the ground after it must have fallen out of it’s nest, poor little thing. So we have it in the spare room with Poodle and they seem to get on pretty well. We have had Poodle for almost a year now, looks like it is turning into a bird paradise. Bai Bai does the cutest thing though, after you feed her she makes this adorable squeaking sound just like a squeeky toy, love it. :k

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  • Sakura says:

    Wow.The bird is cute!

  • Sheeda says:

    Aww…She’s adorable! :D

  • Vashael says:

    She’s really cute, reminds me of a chick I once took care off, then he grew up and became kinda mean xD But I love him

  • Amanda says:

    Aww so adorable!! My best friend raises chickens and they are just the cutest when they’re young! :D

  • Ariel says:

    Aw, how cute!
    On a note, me and my cousins were feeding a stray cat this morning and it had really cute meows x-D

  • Georgina says:

    Oh gosh she’s so cute! :)

    “Bai Bai” is a cute name. :3

  • Cecilie says:

    Aww, she is so cute:) I love her name as well:)

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