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  • Oh my… ! :( What happened? Are you OK?
    i’ve just posted and happy bday message on TFLboard X(

  • I was going to say happy birthday, but It don’t seem like that’s a suitable thing to say. Has anything bad happened? :(

    I hope you’re all right. :)

  • I love you, happy birthday my sweet angel. You don’t have to tell me what happened, but I am always, always here for you.

  • Jen

    It’s still the 11th where I am, so a big Happy Birthday to you my dear! I hope you made some good birthday wishes :D

  • *hugs you* I hope everything is ok my sweetie *is worried*
    Love you :)

  • Oh no! :( I hope everything is okay *squish*

  • :( I hope everythings okay with you, my love. I’m here if you need to talk :) I love you!

  • Happy birthday!!!
    *lots of hugs*
    Bdays are those days that you wait for but then when it’s THE day, everything seems to go terribly wrong.

  • I hope everything is okay. :/

    Hopefully I’ll talk to you soon.

  • You say it like a bomb exploded! I hope everything’s alright!

  • *thwaps phillip*
    Happy birthday sweetheart! *super squishes* I love you lots and I really hope that you are ok. You are surrounded by people who adore and love you so much and you know I’m always here for you for anything you need. *showers you with love and sweeties*I hope you got my text message today, I wasn’t sure if it sent or not :S. It said it sent but then it wasn’t in sent mail?
    Net connection has been pooey these past few days for me but I have something so scan in for you. Really hope I get to speak to you sooon. Miss you.

  • Happy Birthday to youuuuuu! Hope all things gone well for you. :)

  • Happy birthday my lovely Kyaz! *hugs*

    :( oh *hugs*

  • *gasp* OMG, I’m so late! Sorry sorry sorry…
    But Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fun birthday and your dreams will come true :)

  • Birthdays are over-rated. Merry Birthday, however.

    p.s GNR fan? Did I see that correctly?

  • I just want to say Happy Birthday but it seems like something happened? :(

  • Oh dear… *is worried* :( whatever happened to make it sound so awful? *huggles*

  • I’ve missed it. Sorry! Happy belated birthday. And sorry it seems to have been bad.

  • something sounds off… but happy belated birthday nonetheless.

  • HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Your birthday sounded horrible. Care to make a post about it? ….or was it too horrible for us? =P

  • Heya, just letting you know that you’ve been tagged.

  • Hey you! I’m finally back. Click my name to go to my site at a new host!

    By hte way, happy birthday! I hope it’s a great one! :)

  • Happy belated birthday! hope you had a nice time and that you got a lot of love! *hugs*

  • Oh.. that doesnt sound too good… But anyways a happy belated birthday!

  • I would be sad that it was over! However, happy birthday.

  • Happy Belated Birthday! =)

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