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This website kya.nu is currently owned and maintained by Kya. The domain name was was registered with Namecheap on the 13th of May 2006 and currently hosted on a VPS from WiredTree. Blog posts have been imported from Diaryland (2003-2004), as well as previous blogs (magick-me.org 2003-2004 & wishless.org 2004-2006). Older entries are included for nostalgic purposes only, I like to think I have grown (a few brain cells) since the early years.  (:  

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Kya.nu was registered in 2006 and has been used as a personal blog ever since. The blog has been used to share personal details of daily life, creative exploration and various other bits of information. It has been an online home to grow and develop and I hope I can continue to share more as the years roll on.


  • Good luck with the degree!
    In October, I went to Melbourne! I can’t think of much else that stands out :D

    In November I’m getting my wisdom teeth out.. next week (eek!)

    I recently bought a mi band 2 to replace my fitbit flex. It out performs the Flex in every way and was only $35 :P

  • Joy

    Hey Kya! :luv:
    I think the double degree fits you exactly and I hope that you are able to join the course because they are both things you are a superstar at! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I can’t wait to see your next book. I adore your first two books so much. I love your digital art style. All of your colors are so perfectly curated and your stories are just too adorable for words. I would still love a copy of each for any future little ones :blush: .

    Also, I’m super jealous that you got tickets to se pink. Her music is super nostalgic to me, lol. Her first album was the first CD I ever received. My oldest brother bought it for me as a birthday gift. IF you ever want a Fitbit buddy, I’m on there too =)

  • My October was a little less hectic than the previous months, which I wholeheartedly embraced because I needed a much-needed break.

    This November (actually, this weekend), my husband and I are going away for my birthday weekend celebration! It’s been a while since we last traveled out of state, so we’re pretty excited about.

    I used to have a FitBit Charge HR, but since switched to Apple Watch. I first got the Apple Watch Series 2 last year, then I upgraded to the Series 3 with GPS + Cellular almost as soon as Apple released them in store.🙈

  • I keep my fingers crossed for everything you do, you’re so creative! I do have a smart watch, but I’m not very fit, I use it to track my habits, mood, reply to messages quickly.

  • I have a Pebble Smartwatch and love it so much ;) I haven’t listened to Pink since the the 2000s but I am glad that she is making music still. Hope you have fun when it comes and good luck on your children’s book.

  • Sounds like you made a lot of progress in October! With your eye for cute designs, I can totally imagine you building some cute WP themes. Good luck with getting into the Graphic Design/Photography DD!

    I like the idea of your new children’s book! Go you :)

    Congrats on finishing 43rd! Hey, we all gotta start somewhere when it comes to competitions. Have a great November!

  • Sounds like you had a good and very productive month!
    I hope it all goes well with your degree!
    I’m looking forward to read your new children’s book! :pencil: :)

    As for me, in October, I went to Paris for the international art fair…

  • Cat

    Sounds like the Interactive Design for Web class was useful! I still find it odd that you got a lower score because of too much documentation, but I’m glad you got a good score on the second one. Good luck on you application too! I hope you get accepted!

    Aahh, I’m really looking forward to your next children’s book. I loved your previous two, and this one sounds like it’ll be amazing. I really like that it’ll be for inspiring young girls :)

    I loved Stranger Things 2 too! Man, that series is so good and addicting. I especially like what they do with character development. I spent October doing Inktober and preparing for Halloween, and my only major plans for November is US Thanksgiving later on. I have a Fitbit too! It’s the Alta HR. This is me if you want to be friends on Fitbit: https://www.fitbit.com/user/2BMZGT

  • I LOVE that theme for a children’s book! I’m always looking for books that will inspire my kiddos to dream big, and that sounds like exactly the kind of thing I’d buy! I’m too scared to watch the second season of Stranger Things because the first one freaked me out so bad haha. I might give in during fall break though.
    Awesome job on your assignments! Hard work and dedication girl, it pays off!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

  • Amy

    Your children’s book idea sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear more about it. Those are the sorts of books I would have loved to have had as a child!

    I’ve been to see Pink twice and it was absolutely amazing. She puts on the most fantastic shows and it’s just such a wonderful atmosphere. I hope you enjoy it!

    Congrats on doing well on your Interactive Web Design module!

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