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This website kya.nu is currently owned and maintained by Kya. The domain name was was registered with Namecheap on the 13th of May 2006 and currently hosted on a VPS from WiredTree. Blog posts have been imported from Diaryland (2003-2004), as well as previous blogs (magick-me.org 2003-2004 & wishless.org 2004-2006). Older entries are included for nostalgic purposes only, I like to think I have grown (a few brain cells) since the early years.  (:  

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Kya.nu Blog History

Kya.nu was registered in 2006 and has been used as a personal blog ever since. The blog has been used to share personal details of daily life, creative exploration and various other bits of information. It has been an online home to grow and develop and I hope I can continue to share more as the years roll on.


  • Thanks for the patterns, they’re really nice! I’ll be downloading them when I get home. I really like the red/blue/black/white hexagonal patterns, they’re my favourite from the set.

    • Kya

      Thank you! :love:

  • These are nice! It’s sweet of you for making and sharing these :) I don’t use them, but I know there are designers who will appreciate and use them. I really like the hexagon one. That’s not a shape I like, but you did a nice job on that one!

    • Kya

      Thank you! :blush:

  • I love these patterns that you made! The colors look great and I am adoring the shapes you’ve used in the pattern! I always use patterns for my blog post headers. It looks cleaner than using a picture I took. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Kya

      Thanks so much! :love:

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