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I have created a new project called Bloglist Me, which is a free directory for bloggers.

I created Bloglist Me because I wanted to have a blog directory where I could discover new blogs, especially those that have a similar style as mine (personal). Obviously, I thought maybe other people would like to do that as well, so there are multiple categories.

I could have simply incorporated Bloglist Me into Blog Matter, but strangely enough trying to find a WordPress plugin that would display a directory of current member websites was really difficult. There are a number of directory plugins, just not a lot that work properly with BuddyPress. Speaking of BuddyPress, I have found that it does have a number of bugs and isn’t exactly smooth (grr).

If you own a blog, you are very welcome to join and add your blog! I hope this can be another way that we can discover each other and promote ourselves. ^_^

1. Would you consider joining Bloglist Me?
2. Are you a member of Blog Matter?
3. Would you rather add your blog to a directory or be part of a blogging network?

About the author / Kya

I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • Woot! This sounds like an awesome new project, Kya! I’ve joined Bloglist Me, and of course I’m already a Blogmatter member :D I don’t mind doing both, so yay for all the fun ^^

    • Kya

      Wooo! :D

  • This sounds like an awesome project! I’m not yet a member of Blogmatter, but I’m definitely joining Bloglist Me! :)

    • Kya

      Awesome! :D

  • I am now a member! So yes, I would be interested :) I’m also a member of blogmatter and have been members of directories in the past. I hope it goes well! :)

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D

  • I think this sound great! Just added my blog, I hope you accept me as a member :>

    • Kya

      Thanks for joining, of course I accepted you. :D

  • Just joined! I am also a member of BlogMatter. :D

    • Kya

      βœ‹< High Five

  • I really think that both blogging networks and directories are good and important tools for us who own blogs and want to find new blogs to read and bloggers to interact with. Thank you so much for providing these sites!!!

    • Kya

      It is my pleasure. I hope that they can be something that will help bloggers. :D

  • I love how you make every project of yours pretty! I would understand why you would keep the two different; especially if you spent a lot of time trying to make Blog Matter work! Bloglist Me sounds like a real hit!

    I’ll sign up for Bloglist Me after commenting. I’m also a member of Blog Matter, but I don’t see much going on or I’m using the site wrong :P. I like to be part of the blogging network as long as there are a good amount of people in it.

    • Kya

      Thank you. :D Sometimes Blog Matter can be a bit slow, I think it just depends on when/if members have time.

  • Cat

    That’s awesome that you made a blog directory! I just submitted both my personal and cosplay blog to it :) I hope this takes off! I’m excited to discover other blogs through it.

    • Kya

      :D Thanks for submitting your blogs. <3

  • This looks like a lot of fun! I shall be joining. :D

    • Kya

      Awesome. :D :s

  • K

    Like Nancy said I love how every project you do looks so dang adorable!

    I’ll definitely join the directory and I am a member of Blog Matter. I’d rather be apart of a network if I had to choose, I like getting to know people beyond their blogs.

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D

  • Amy

    I’ll definitely be submitting mine – and reading some of the others on there. That’s a great idea!

    • Kya

      That’s great! :D

  • Totally joined :D

    • Kya

      :D Win!

  • Awesome project! I’m joining and promoting it now. :)

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D

  • I will consider joining your directory! I like the idea of finding new blogs similar to ours. At the moment, services that offer that kind of discovery always promote already-well-known blogs, so it’s not that interesting anymore. :/

    I am not sure if I prefer a community or a directory. I know that some people (like me haha) do not really have time to get fully involved into a community.

    • Kya

      Thanks! I thought it would be good to have a directory that was just that, so people that might not have time for a community could just list their site/s.

  • Cool! I’m so adding my blog to the list :)

    • Kya

      Woo! :D

  • Ooo! This is so cool, I’ll definitely be joining in – Kya, you’re awesome as always! Such a great way to find and read new blogs!

    • Kya


  • This new project looks awesome, Kya. :)

    I’ll be signing up right after I post this comment. I’m a member over on Blog Matter too, and I do like what both projects are aiming to achieve. It’ll be fun to be a part of both. :)

    Much as I’ve tried, I seem to be terrible at balancing my time to allow me to participate more in a community setting regularly. I end up curling up on a Sunday getting caught up on everyone’s posts where I can, which often means I’m late to the party. :( I’ll keep at it though!

    • Kya

      Thank you! <3 I hope you can find the time to join us. I know that life can be busy though. *hugs*

  • OMG that is such a nice idea! I loved it as soon as I looked at the website! And I already signed up, of course! :)

    • Kya

      Woo! :D <3

  • I am absolutely loving this! I miss the days of online fan listings and having those cute little buttons plastered all over layouts.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

    • Kya

      Yes, it was so much fun in those days!

  • I DID join BlogMatter but I was really bad updating it and connecting with other bloggers. Of course, for the past few weeks I’ve been more active so maybe I’ll consider joining the directory! It is definitely a great way to discover new blogs that I’ve never heard or seen of before. And it looks like there are a lot of personal blogs on the directory so far and I must be a secret creeper because other lives are so interesting LOL

    • Kya

      Oh you secret creeper! xD <3

  • This is an awesome idea!
    I haven’t joined Bloglist or Blog Matter yet, but I’m thinking of joining Bloglist! I’ll have to check out Blog Matter in a bit. :)
    I love directories and networks, so either works! Directories are super easy to find new blogs, but networks are awesome for making new friends!

    • Kya

      They can be! :D Thank you.

  • Liv

    Oohh it’s like a fanlisting for bloggers, nice! I just joined because I’m trying to get more into the blog scene, and I’m not part of any listings. I think your listing is nice because it’s more personal for you to find similar bloggers instead of a blog listing for every blog out there.

    • Kya

      Haha, yes it is. I hope it can help you find more bloggers out there. :)

  • have i ever told you how much i love how you design the layouts for your projects? i love that they’re simple and organized and most of all, flat design! i love flat design so much; they are very minimal and clean and straight out lovely :)

    i’ve joined and to be honest, it’s so much easier and less confusing than blogmatter – at least for me. maybe i’m just a n00b but sometimes i miss how straightforward blogmatter was, not that i’m against the current one. i like that you’re really active and thoughtful about blogging and bloggers. we need people like you, haha.

    • Kya

      Thank you for the compliment. I can’t take credit for the design on Bloglist Me though, it was purchased as a HTML/CSS design from Creative Market. :D

  • I just saw this on your Twitter! Yay! I miss listings, and finding new blogs!

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