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This is just a quick blog to point out the fact the layout has been changed. I had actually brought a theme, then decided to use a HTML template I had made a little while ago and turn into into a WordPress theme and add some features. It’s simple, but I like it (so far). I might consider offering it for other people, but not sure if anyone would use it? :i

I have a blog post planed, mainly about reflection and what I want to be able to do in life (break free of the fear). The inspiration for it? My birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 24, feels so weird. o_0

I am working on revamping the content. So far I have fixed About me, 50 books, domains and geek. I want to finish off the me section and get into the goodies as well. That is really bad and has a number of dead links. :(

Harvey Specter
Posted at 4:26 pm March 9, 2011

I absolutely love the new layout, Kya! It’s so pretty! ?

Happy birthday in advance! :)

Oh and by the way, I’d just like to let you know that I’ve changed my blog address from to this one. :)

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:35 pm March 9, 2011

Oh, I LIKE THIS. This is so very you, Kya! It’s so neat and pretty but also a bit playful and cute. Perfect!

I hope you have a lovely birthday. I can’t believe I’m (three whole months) older than you. :D

Harvey Specter
Posted at 1:54 am March 10, 2011

@Michi thank you! :D I love the new url, I have updated it. :D

@Jennifer Awe, thank you! :D Can you believe that we have been around for 24 years? Weeeeird. :O

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