I am going to syd tommorow and I don’t have a thing packed I always do stuff like that wait untill the last minute I get it from dad so it’s not my fault right…:”D. I watched the believer again today not good, not good at all I should not watch movies they effect me to much! Now I have this thing were I want to write or create this nazi character, I am saying this from out side my own veiw I hate what hitler did I really do!! But I just want to create this cahracter everyone hates, not me, ok now I have confused myself. anyway…..

I had this really weird dream last night I was in jail. But it was like weekend jail because i was aloud to go out and talk to people but then I had to go back again and I remember I was in jail because someone stole some of my writing and then they accused me of copywriting them and I was sent to jail so I was planning to kill them in jail and I got these group of friends and on my times off I would hang out with them and we would deicide how it would be done. And I remember the jail it was weird bars and then someone got caught in the middle of on and they were really sore. And then i remember I was trying to get into a car and someone was closing the door with my leg outside the door and I kept screaming. jeze i have warped dreams really I do.

Ok well good luck mr Murph for SUNDAY WOOOO. I still haven’t found my mobile that makes me really sad :”(.

I have applied for four fanlistings today, A webmaster fanlisting for Tamanna and Teddy and tv personality one for Nick and Luke so woo. it’s all good :”D.’
Anyway that’s enough from me I don’t want to bore the world, I’m already half asleep.
Long live LOVE. :”D

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  • It must be the time for weird dreams. I have been having them all week

    • Kya

      must be a planet or something going over at the moment maybe.

      • HeeHee I reckon there might be.

        • Kya

          yep yep. So you ready for Murph to win this week end?

          • At least you got the team right *lol*

  • dmy

    Yes. YES. Nazi characters receive Elise’s eternal love.

    • Kya

      :”O :”O :”O :”O YOUR AVVY MAKES ME DANCE!!

  • You know, I think fanlistings are the most fun one can have on the internet. They’re totally addicting and wonderful to run. :)

    In reference to the nazi character thing, I say go for it. Despite the complete destructiveness of that period in history, it is one of the most interesting. To get into the minds of those people and find out what would have motivated people like Hitler or the nazis to actually do what they did. I like the idea of a destestable character, but I think it would be quite interesting to create a character that felt remorse, but only did what he did because of the pressures of society. So many of the soldiers were so young and just victims of Hitler’s brainwashing and propaganda. I don’t think many of them actually knew what it was they were doing.

    I’ll stop now. Thanks for the comment!

    • Kya

      wow you really know what your talking about, thanks very much I’ll have to try to lock into it thanks again for your comment. Do you run any fanlistings?

  • Have a great day on Sunday. I want to be able to hear you cheering for Murph when I watch it on tv :)

    • Kya

      *cries* mwuahahahah maybe I will stand next to the cmaera man and scream :”D :”D MURPH MURPH MURPH.

      • Lol. You won’t see me doing that, I’ll be sitting in the front row trackside waving my flag when Murph crosses the line first come Pukky :)

        • Kya

          yeah I will be somewhere with the people and the screams and the cheers and the love <3 for murph w00.

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