Christmas Layout

I have created a new christmas layout for zee blog. It’s very simple, but I think it celebrates the holiday season and the cuteness that must be shared! I’ll go and fix up some little bits that need correcting. >D



  1. Haley   •  

    Wow. I wish I was as creative as you. Your layouts are always so amazingly cute and squishy. :D

    On thing I am noticing: the comment box goes off the page and I can’t see what I’m typing. O.o

    Anyway, amazing layout!

  2. Hiro   •  

    Aw. That IS adorable. :3
    I just used a heart and then saw the DON’T USE HEARTS. ;w; Boo. lol.

  3. Heather   •  

    This layout makes me so happy. It definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit. :)

  4. Megan   •  

    I love your new layout! :)

  5. Twinkle   •  

    I LOVE IT!!

  6. Gel   •  

    GORGEOUS NEW LAYOUT KYA!!! You should make free premade layouts for your visitors!!! I’ll be sure to grab some of them :)

    I love your theme. It literally made me smile!

  7. Elise   •  

    Aw, it’s so jolly. :D The little presents at the bottom are adorable! I’m kinda curious to know what’s in that big blue one…

  8. Lucy   •  

    I really love the new Christmas layout! It’s very cute and the colors are all nice and flow together. Santa looks a little crazy, though…makes me wonder what kind of presents he’s put under the tree! Hehe.

    Lucy last blogged: Thanksgiving apprehension.

  9. Hannah   •  

    :O OMGZ. I love it. :) It’s not ghetto fab, but it’s sooo squish. :D *loser* I love it. ^__^

  10. Brandy   •  

    Aww. I love this, Kya. Your layouts are always so creative, and make me go, “I would have never thought of this, nor am I this creative.”. You’re truly an inspiration. =)

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season. And, Happy Thanksgiving from America! =)

    Brandy last blogged: Gobble Gobble.

  11. Rachel   •  

    It looks so pretty.

    Rachel last blogged: A La Mode….

  12. Tess   •  

    Oh! I love itttt, Kya-Kya! :D It’s so spiffy (and I love the little…(person? not sure, I don’t want it to be mad at me for calling it what it’s not), it’s so cute)! I might just force you pay you to do something for me one day, I love your designs. *love*

    Tess last blogged: Life, You Are Something.

  13. Jade   •  

    Aww, it’s such a cute little layout. ^^

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