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I have been having alot of computer issues lately and it’s driving me mad. I need more ram because it is just not doing things I want. But, I also want new cd’s. If I buy new cd’s instead and my computer is not working properly, what do I play them on? :P I guess ram and cd’s is just too difficult to decide between, so I get both. :D

I have been doing this and that, mainy things involved with the Network, which is almost finished.

I had a dream the other night, that Michael Hutchence told me to ring a bell on thursday, and today is thursday. Just to please my dream hero, I must ring a bell. Maybe it will stop all the small annoying things that have been going on. ;)

Take care everyone.


I forgot something very important! Australia to win the world cup! :D Mwuahaha.

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  • Shannon says:

    Gah. Everyone I know seems to have a computer that’s not doing that it’s told to do. Or, a dead computer. As someone said, ‘it must be the time of year.’

    And that, it is. My laptop’s acting stupid. I’m (hopefully) going to get a new one. With much more RAM, too. :D

  • Rosie says:

    NO! Not Australia! ENGLAND TO WIN! ;) lmao! I actually want Australia to do well!

    If you have the money to buy both you might as well lol! I wish I did *cries* x

  • Paul says:

    Ah. I’m going to need ram soon. I’m getting this game and its liek 2002033 gb lol. It stinks. I use limewire sshhhhh. Lmao. I have dreams like that of people i like or are my heros. Except we’re making out or talking :P . Bye.

    Love Always,

  • Nicole says:

    Good luck sorting through the computer crap! If it gets too bad, you could always just drop it on the hisspies (;)) heads and do the world a favor? Or maybe you could get the Malfoy men to work on it? Pft, yeah right.


    Hey, you never know! Did you do it? :D

    Dreams are funny, man, A lot of our dreams are so messed up, one might thinkg we were smoking up before bed.

  • Nayana says:

    Haha nice Australia is still in *woot woot* Trinidad got booted out by Paraguay on…Tuesday but that’s okay because we are a proud country ;) Anyways good luck with the computer problems and the CDs

  • Krissy says:

    Oh noes! Poor computer is dying? *whimpers and offers band-aid plum-full of ram* That makes me think of sheep. Baa. *grows wool*

    Yay for the World Cup! I wish Canada didn’t suck :( Like we suck at everything except producing beavers. :P

    I luff ewe! (ooh, sneaky sheep speak!)

  • Sheeda says:

    KYA! :) :) :)

    Haha, weird. I need more ram for my computer also. It’s beena acting really strange lately, and I mean really strange! lol. :)

    Ooh, WORLD CUP, huh? Too bad, my country didn’t even have the change to enter it. Too weak, lol. So I guess I’ll support whoever wins? LMAO.

    Sorry have not been commenting on your entries. I strayed from my personal domain routine for a little while, but now I’m back with a new domain name too! Hee! :)

    The layout looks nice. Simple but lovely. Hell, I wish I could do simply layouts like that and not make it turn ugly! Bwahahaha. :D

  • Sara says:

    LMAO I was going to say, get the ram instead but then I read your last sentance and realised that you were going to get CDs and ram! Bwuahahahh!

    Noooo my Croatia :(
    I hope England doesn’t go against Aussie! (or do I?) *shifty eyes*

  • Silver says:

    I am curious. Did you ring the bell love?

  • Clara says:

    Australia? Naaah…. SWITZERLAND!!!! :D

  • Justin says:

    Get on msn sometime whydontcha?

  • Minna says:

    sorry bout the computer issues, but good you got both! wise decision :P you’re to win the world cup? hmm…well better that than stupid ***** germany :( :( :( I will keep fingers crossed :) Dunno who I want to win now that we’re out :( we so should not be… anyways, did you get to ring a bell? that’s cute hehe :P

  • Svanhild says:

    I hate computer issues. Mostly because I get it too often. I hope you’ll get it fixed soon ;)

    Hmm.. did you ring a bell? :P

  • Phillip says:

    Hahaha, you make me laugh – everyone knows that Germany is going to be victorious in the World Cup (look at their chances, they haven’t lost one game yet… I think :/)!

  • Rose says:

    lol Computer problems strike everyone o__O Thats alright for some for buying both the Ram and Cds hehe, well you support Australia? Its ENGLAND for me lol ;) and I so wish I knew anything about networks *sigh* Take care

  • Patty says:

    No, not Australia! Haha, it’s Germany for me! Computer issues annoy me…alot. Hopefully, it’ll get over soon.

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