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Hi there, if you would like to get in touch, please use the form below, send me an email or mention @up. Always happy to hear from new people. :D

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  1. Chester   •  

    Hi Kya
    Would you want to exchange links on my blogroll? If so, can you notify me on my blog or email?

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  3. Crubbe   •  

    Cun uh gut uh crug? HUHB plus >D O :D

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  5. Crubbe   •  

    Wunt tuh ufulute
    muh uhrel is crubbeusbust.cum

    • Kya   •     Author

      Thanks! ;D

  6. Valerie   •  

    hello, your contact form doesn’t work so I’m writing you here, would you like to exchange links with my blog? Please let me know :)

    • Kya   •     Author

      Thank you for letting me know about the problem. I will email you. :)

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