Eccentric Electricity

Eating: Nothing

Drinking: Nothing at all

Thinking: Many things. One

of these being How bloody exciting it will be that I read that they will be

making a fouth movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means

“HE” will be in it and I will get to, Ohh no words can exspress this.

I was happy yesterday when I read that really happy. I was truley. It was great.

Listerning to: Nothing at

the moment.

Wishing: Wishing that I

didn’t get that Tooth ache last night. Owwy

Excnited about: About what

I was thinking.

Events: My events arnt

anything Like Elise’s.

Dreams: Well Last night I

had a dream that I was at Primary school again but It was all highschool people.

Well the first school was the highschool I went to and we where in this class

doing something in a hall or something and it was weird becase it ad all these

people and we were all sitting on these seat things but you could fall to the

middle of the earth through these crakes. It was weird. And anyway I decided

that I was goign to be a real mugrel and not do anywork and make noises and

pritty much just be exactly like I was at high school :(. it was people of all

years like form 7 to 12. And I was in year 11 like I am. And people were

laughinjg at me becuase I was being so naughty. To I decided to do I dance on

the way out. ANd did this weird thing along the space out of the room. Then I

had to walk through another room to get to the dentions one. It had all these

people in it and I did the weird dance thing again and they were all laughing at

me and I thought it was relaly funny. Then the teacher was at the door saying

” I don’t think you need to do things like this.” So I pushed past her

into the room. There was a few people in the room probably all younger then me.

And they all looked at me and I laughed and sat down and started to talkign to

all of them, they were all male and we were laughing and talkign loud and there

was one person some male sitteing there in frotn of me talking about something.

Then off all people you’le never guess who came through the door. Karl!! Karl

from Highschool. He came in laughing and saying that he had to do what I did as

well just to let people know that us year 11’s have the power as well. He was

saying something like that. So we were talking for a while then we had to make

these strange these and Karl and myself and the guy in front decided to make

some thing that would change the power of something and we could turn things off

but it was in the shape of a ring. that was funny. Then the princible came into

the room and I had to hide the ring thing. He said that we were very bad

students and that we should leaarn to behave ourself, Especially me and Karl

becuase we were the oldest there.

So then we were walking as a huge group and I was with “Fiona” and we

were walking along and I seen this yellow car with these people in it and I

yelled out you D!(k Heads. Then I put my hand in my pocket and I found the ring

that I had forgotten about. Fiona looked at it and I put it back in my pocket.

When we walked up to the gate I could hear Karl at the front of the steps so I

started talkign loud as well to try and outdoo him. After this the dream started

to get silly. I was on childrens play equipment andΒ  I was running around

it with them.

The night before I had a dream as

well, it was mainlgy about people in this house everywhere and happy and they

were all creative people mucisal people and artists and that type of wonderful

people. And this one guy really really liked me. He had hair to his ears

and it wasΒ  loose.Β  It was light brown and he had blue eyes and he had

a guitar. Mum and neat were hear as well and smillling everyone was smilling we

were all so happy. And he wrote me a letter sayign he really liked me and he

wanted to see me again. And he really liked staing here with me and mum the

thoght it was great.

Comments: Mum

and neat came back. They said it was ok but they wished I was hear. This is our

plan for the next couple of mouths

September- Sydney, Tamworth

October- Melbourne

November- Sydney

and December- We were going to go to QLD but we scapped that Idea because it was

goignt o be held on Boxing day.

Ending: Good

night my friends

Love from


~ I just feel like

saying that the idea behind my e-mail Howzat21 came from my obsession with the

cricket! And I thought that shanes number was 21 Ha ha but is 23 or something so

I had the wrong number very funny. I couldn’t bare to let this e-mail go now. It

is apart of me now. Very cute and cuddly. BBF BBF BBF BBF BBF ~

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I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.