Eccentric Kass

Dear Worldly Values,

Well today I shall make sure that I do loose all the things that I write, that is a promise.

Ok let me start by saying that I rang Elise last night I was happy to hear her voice after it had been�. Perhaps a week or longer. She tried to ring the night before but I was at Anita�s. Well to just update you a bit on what has been happening.

I have made a new website as I said before but not really properly. It is called Eccentric Dreams, which I believe is a great name I really love. I believe it sums me up, because I really am eccentric. I thought last night that I would look it up in the dictionary to make sure that I knew the proper meaning. The Macquarie Dictionary states Eccentric as being the following;

1. Differing from recognised or usual character, practice ect; irregular, peculiar.

2. Not having the same centre.

3. Not situated in the centre

4. Someone or something which is unusual, peculiar, odd.

Well there you have it. Sounds like me except I do have the same centre as everyone, but my minds thinks differently.

I am going to be getting another Warning letter in English. I just hate that is very annoying. I should just be getting of my bumhole and doing things, bbb.

Neat came up last night it was really great to see her. It will be good when we can do the thing about the thing with the things on the thing with that thing in the thing J .

When I get older I want to do something wonderful. Heaps of people say that I am really going to do something but I do not know if they are just saying it to be nice or if they really mean it? I feel that I could really do something as well but again I don�t know if everyone feels this? It is interesting to have this feeling inside because it feels like I will achieve something I do not know what but something great. But how could I do anything great. Maybe I just have to understand myself and then I will be able to step forward. But what could you see me as? When you look at me what do you seen me becoming or when you are in my presence what do you see myself becoming. Do I have the ways of a nothing? Do I have the ways of someone who directs people? DO people listen to me? Do I help people? Do I make them feel comfortable and get them to do what they are supposed to? I should probably know the answers to these questions. Or am I destined to write? So many question, that I will have to figure out. I will find the answer one day.

I forgot to mention that early next year SIMS2 is coming out! That will be great it is a bit different and they are better quality you can see their face better and the characters actually have a type of DNA so they have character and if they have a child it will be the different mixed to see what type of person they become and the have teens as well. It looks great and funneration.

Well thank you for my ramblings and I shall again see you on the other side of the moon,

Love kass


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