For several months we have had a visitor. Sometimes the feline friend would be here one night and gone for several more. However in the last three months this visitor has really become apart of the family and now lets me cuddle, pet and pick him up. He does not get along so well with the other members of the family but I have a nice bond with him.

I introduce you to Ernie.


It took me a while to get good photos of him, because he would usually visit after dark.


Thankfully on one lucky day, I noticed him and he did not seem scared of my camera.


So… that might mean I have 9 cats and 1 bird now… but I love them all.

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  • Liz

    People say we adopt cats, but I think it’s the cats that adopt their hoomans. ;)

    • Kya

      Hahhaah. 1000000000%


    • Kya

      Absolutely! ^_^

  • CATS! Ernie looks like such a cutie I wanna pet him :O You have so many pets, danggg

    • Kya

      I don’t have as many since I made this post. :( *sniff*

  • Haha, amazing, you are like Doctor Doolittle or something, with your powers of animal taming.

    • Kya

      Hahaha, yes.

  • What a beautiful cat! :) Yea, I’m biased toward this breed, but still! Also, I laughed so hard when I read Liz’s comment, “People say we adopt cats, but I think it’s the cats that adopt their hoomans.” It’s funny because it’s true. You don’t see that with other animals as often. Nope. Just cats. xD

    • Kya

      Cats have their own special way of making their presence in your life, very known and usually on their own terms. xD

  • KITTY! Ernie is aborable!

    He reminds me of the stray cat I took in when I was a kid. He was a tabby cat so I called him Orange. Ah, I miss him.

    • Kya

      Awww *hugs* What an awesome name as well. Orange. <3

  • Awww! He is perfect! And I love the name :D

    • Kya

      :D <3333333

  • I thought I had a lot of cats in the house, 2 older cats and 6 kittens… but damn, 9? XD That’s amazing! I love Ernie, he’s so adorable!


    • Kya

      6 kittens would be a lot of fun though. They are always so curious and funny. :D

  • He’s so cute!

    I’ve never had a cat before, but I remember having stray cats in our school, and we would play with them. One of them looks exactly like him, a bit thinner though.

    • Kya

      Aw, that is nice you used to play with them. Hopefully they were also being fed by someone. :D

  • Wow, Ernie is a very beautiful cat. We use to have a cat that visited our house, sometimes letting himself in when the door was open in the summer.

    • Kya

      Haha, they don’t mind doing that at all!

  • Aw. ^_^ I miss finding new friends outside. But it seems the older cats have found a their – their dad, who is a stray. He’s scared of people though so I’ve never been able to get close to him.

    • Kya

      Some of them are scared and it can take a loooong time to be able to earn their trust. It took me over a year with one cat, before I could get close to her. Now after three years, she is an inside babe. xD

  • Ernie is beautiful. I love black cats! I love the taboo of them. You know them bringing bad luck XD I once had a black cat named Gato (spanish for cat) and I loved him like no other. Ah, too bad he passed so many years ago but I’ll always remember him. Ernie is perfect and wonderful :) Love the name too!

    • Kya

      That is the magical part about animal friends, you never forget them. :)

  • He’s very beautiful, and I can say it even considering I’m not a big fan of cats. I like to look at them, because they are elegant, and stuff. But I can’t really picture myself owing a cat! LOL Anyway, I’m really happy you found a new friend…or should I say, he found you? :D

    • Kya

      I know cats are not for everyone, but they are cute. ^_^

  • Look at that handsome little man :3 Guess he decided 8 cats wasn’t nearly enough, haha!

    • Kya


  • LOL I agree with Liz in that Cats choose who they want their owners to be. I don’t think that I’ve ever had a kitten that I chose myself, they all chose me. :) Ernie is a very handsome boy. I’m glad that you have a new furry friend. <3

    • Kya

      Thanks! I have only ever really picked one cat, the rest either arrived or became friendly with me and wanted to stay. :D

  • What a cutie! I love his eyes, so expressive. Glad he is letting you cuddle a bit. I have had mine almost 3 years and he does not like to cuddle, a real mister independent. Must be a male thing.

    • Kya

      Some of them like cuddles and some don’t. It doesn’t matter if you try to change that, they never will. xD

  • I find it adorable when cats suddenly appear into your life and seem to belong them all the time. Why hello there gorgeous fella.

    • Kya

      :D <3

    • Kya


  • What a delicate little thing! Thanks for the introduction!

    • Kya

      :D Hopefully he doesn’t mind being shared with the world. xD

  • Boy, that is one handsome cat. I find it so weird yet so cool how cats just seem so selective about the people they like. I could never own one, due to allergies, but I’ll still admire this beaut from afar.

    • Kya


  • He’s way too cute! I’m such a freak for felines. :D

    • Kya

      Because they are awesome. :D

  • OMG, OMG, OMGGG!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
    Fluffy, fluffy, fluffyyy!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
    Cute, cute, super-cuuute!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
    …..It took a while for my brain to come back. :P

    I love cats; mine died last year, she was 18 years old. I wish we could get another, but right it’s impossible. :(

    • Kya

      I am so sorry for the loss of your dear kitty. It is never easy at all. :(

  • Aw he’s so cute! I wish cats liked me for the right reasons – I have birds at my parents house, and they usually only cuddle up to me because I smell of birds/food ;_; x

    • Kya

      Oh the meanies. :”””””(

  • :) He’s cute. Does he get along with the others?

    I don’t know if you remember this, but we have an orange and white cat who came to our house when she was a kitten.. She adopted two families of cats we had and just started nursing from both of the cats.. Took her a long time to even let me touch her and she was still skiddish during that. But recently, she had kittens and now she is living indoors and is one of the sweetest female cats we have had.. She is also very smart and vocal. We ended up naming her Clementine because Billy and I were singing “Oh My Darlin Clementine” and she just rolled on her back in content during the song. Name also matches her colors.. Clearly, it was meant to be.

    • Kya

      Awww, that is so adorable. :’)

  • Emi

    Im a cat lover myself. My dilemma is when we have a cat visitor, it is usually to steal the food of my other cats so they really dont get along well. My hubby told me to shoo the visitor away since i have to protect my own longtime cats. Do you think thats the right thing to do?

    • Kya

      It is kind of a hard situation. Sometimes you might get cats that are just passing through and might leave your house after a few days, other times they are really starving and desperate for food. I can’t see anything go hungry, so I always feed them. xD

  • Ernie has really beautiful eyes. Hope he’ll grow to love the other members and they’ll grow to love him :D

    • Kya

      I hope so! They used to fight all the time, but it is kind of declining. So I hope they might be friends at some point! :D

  • Such lovely photos! :) Hope to see more of Ernie and hope he starts to like the rest of the family too. :3

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D

  • Ernie is a very cute cat! You’re lucky that he came to you on his own! I’m sure he’ll like the rest soon! :D

    • Kya

      :D I hope so!

  • Amy

    ZOMG sho cute! I would love a cat to cuddle and love but my housemate is allergic to them and I think I have a skin allergy to their fur too – not ideal cos it gets all itchy XD

    Hope Ernie will love the rest of the family too ^^

    • Kya

      That is a shame. Maybe you will be able too later. :)

  • I wish I was able to take in strays like that! But I already have a dog of my own and even with all the time I have, I can only afford my time with just one love.

    But you’re absolutely awesome for having such a large family! :)

    • Kya

      I can totally understand that not everyone can take in every animal that wonders through. I am just lucky that I can. I am sure your dog is really happy. :D

  • Ernie is so cute!! Did you name him yourself? Also, all your cats are completely gorgeous and hopefully Ernie gets along with them, haha.

    • Kya

      Yeah I did! :D

  • Totally not a cat person at all, but I think it’s adorable that you’ve befriended a new feline creature haha. Ernie seems to be your adopted cat now! No owners?

    • Kya

      I live in a very small town, and no one has mentioned anything about a lost kitty. I am not sure where he came from. If he wondered a long way or was left here. :S

  • aww he’s beautiful. 9 cats and 1 bird? Ha, I have 8 cats, 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, 1 lizard, 4 fish and about 8 birds… haha

    • Kya

      Wow, that is an amazing number and I am sure you love them all! :D

  • Aw, Ernie is precious! I’m so a cat (animal, really) person and I’m quite envious that you have so many lovelies in your life! Hopefully by now Ernie has gotten used to your family :) if not, maybe he still will!

    • Kya

      Things have quietened down a little between Ernie and the others, but they still have their moments. :P

  • I have two beautiful cats who come visit me. I wish I could keep them, but my place doesn’t allow cats. I also am allergic. :( I love them though, and I think it’s sad that there are so many stray kitties.

    • Kya


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