February 2017

February 2017 was a rather good month. I completed my digital design class, had a little beach holiday and have mostly been relaxing.

Being away from home and experiencing a new environment can be so rewarding.

I completed my fourth class, Digital Design (for a BA of Design: Communication Design). It was an interesting class where I learned about design programs. In the end, I was looking forward to a break. I don’t have my final grade yet, hoping I will next week. :D

I went on a mini beach holiday and it was lovely. I enjoyed being so close to the water and staring out at the vast open space. It was also fun to look in rock pools, but I didn’t see any sea creatures.  ;P

In other news, I relaunched Cup MB, celebrated mums birthday and caught up with some old friends (in person and on the phone thing). I have also been working on a design for a tattoo. It’s taking a while, but I want to make sure I get it right. I have hinted about this for a few posts now, and I am hoping this month to do a full post about it.  :chick:

In March I am turning 30. I think I felt more anxious about turning 29.   :*3

It’s all good.

February 2017 Questions

  1. What did you do in February 2017?
  2. What are your plans for March?
  3. How old were you on your last birthday?

About the author / Kya

I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • Congrats on completing your digital design course!

    I love the beach and I’m pretty lucky to live so close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country . I find them so peaceful.

    Yay for birthdays! I turned 23 on my last birthday. Do you have any plans to celebrate?

    • Kya

      Thank you! :love: I just had a quite day with family. :blush:

  • I didn’t do much in Feb, sadly. Maybe celebrated Valentine’s Day and just waited for March to get here so I could/can have my Nintendo Switch. Congrats on completing your course!

    • Kya


  • That class sounds very interesting, Kya. :D How is the learning curve with Adobe Illustrator? I have to admit I’d love to give it a try sometimes.

    I’m so glad you could relax this month. I miss the sea, hopefully I can afford a mini beach holiday myself this summer.

    Almost-welcome to the thirties! ^-^ It’s a fun age, and we’re still young enough to feel hyper about life, aren’t we?

    Cup MB is more wonderful than ever, Kya!

    – What I did in February 2017: completed 2 huge articles for one of my clients, updated Luana.me after a long time, started writing a small book of thoughts about my love for robots and finished a design for another client. I progressed with my studies a little bit, but less than I hoped due to health issues.

    – What my plans for March are: complete 3-4 articles for my clients (maybe even 5, if health allows), get active with personal blogging again, finish a couple of Robocity World short stories and… well, get back to doing art (I missed my muse, and I still have a couple of commissions to complete).

    – How old I was on my last birthday: 31

    • Kya

      I really love using Adobe Illustrator. There are so many things you can create. I hope you are able to have a beach holiday soon! :D

  • Kim

    February was fairly quiet. I spent 3 weeks with a cough and felt really run down. March is set to be a lot busier – comedy shows, comic con and mother’s day.

    I was 28 on my last birthday and turning 29 in May.

    • Kya

      I hope you are feeling a lot better!

  • Congrats on completing your Digital Design course!

    February has been a busy month for me and I think March will be even more hectic for me. :(

    • Kya

      Poo. :( I hope you get some time to relax. :flower:

  • I was 25 on my last birthday. I’m 26 this year, eeep. It terrifies me. I feel old. But what am I saying, you are a bit older, haha.

    I hope you get your final grade soon, I am sure you will do really well!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your tattoo 🙃

    • Kya

      Hahahahah nice. :'(

      Thank you. I was quite happy with the final result.

      I had hoped I would get it done in the holidays, but ran out of time. #n#

  • Can’t believe you’ll be 30 in March. Welcome to the 30 club! It’s a bit apprehensive, but it’s been all right for me so far, so it will be the same for you :)

    Huzzah for completing another class. Though you didn’t get your grade yet, I know you passed ^_^ You worked too hard to not pass.

    Thank you for sharing your beach trip photos! It looks like a wonderful getaway, minus the lodging issue, but a getaway of any kind can be rejuvenating!

    You have a fabulous March :)

    • Kya


  • I’m always so proud when I hear how well you’re doing with your classes at University. You go, girl! I wish I was as creative as you. Your work ethic drives me! <3

    It's always nice to get away and to a new environment. I'm excited to go abroad later on this month to have a nice break away from my hometown and work!

    Have a great month ahead!

    • Kya

      Awww, thank you so much. You are a true inspiration to me and everything YOU are doing. :love:

  • Well done on your completing your digital design class! A beach holiday definitely sounds relaxing. I love rock pools! I want to go on a beach holiday now.

    I’m really excited to get stuck into Cup MB! As you probably know, haha, I’ve already signed up but I’ve been so busy to properly look around the site. Don’t worry, you’ll soon see me pop up!

    February was great because I ate SO MUCH food, haha. It was pretty relaxing and in terms of goals, I manage to achieve a few :) March is looking to be quite a busy month of events and plays which I’m excited for.

    I was 24, so I’ll be 25 this August :D

    • Kya

      Maybe you can have a beach holiday soon? :D Thanks for joining cup. :D

  • Glad to see that you treated yourself to a mini beach holiday! It’s great to take your mind away from a stressful environment and relax :). I’m glad to see CupMB up again! Hope more people join and keep it alive! I’m looking forward to seeing your new tattoo design. I turned 22 on my last birthday :).

    Have a great month!

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D

  • Cat

    I’m glad February was a good month! That’s great that you completed your digital design class and also had a beach holiday :) I hope you’ll get a good grade! I’m also excited to hear about your tattoo later. I’ve thought about getting one for a long time, so I’m always interested in seeing what people decide for theirs.

    I was mostly busy with work in February, but I did get some time to be productive with my hobbies. My birthday is in March too! My only plans so far are to celebrate it and to also take a quick trip for a bridal shower. I hope March will be a good month for you!

    • Kya

      Thank you. I hope you have/had a great birthday! :D

  • Congratulations on completing your digital design class! I hope you get a good grade. That beach holiday was a well-deserved time off! :)

    February was spent mostly lazing around because I was savoring the last few weeks of winter vacation! Lol! March is expected to become more busy as homework starts to pour in. Eeeep!

    I turned 23 on my last birthday… OMG I don’t feel like an adult yet, not at all!

    • Kya

      Hopefully, March hasn’t been too intense. In my early twenties, I didn’t feel like an adult. Sometimes I still don’t. owo

  • Lovely! I went to the beach too last month! But the thing is, I didn’t expected that the resort we’ve been to was below the ratings others gave. Though a bit disappointed, it is still good for I had time with my bf’s parents. :D

    And also, I got sick last month. But good thing, I am here now, recovering from cold. :D

    Anyways, I am a new visitor. I love your blog :D It is pretty! :love:

    • Kya

      Thank you! :love: I hope that you are feeling a lot better now!

  • Congratulations on completing your digital design class! And enjoy your break, you deserve it. I’m kind of looking forward to completing my Intro to Graphic Design class.

    February was a bit hectic for me. My loadwork for college was more than I expected and I feel like I am always doing a catch up with my deadlines especially relating to my online classes.

    • Kya

      Thank you! :love: I hope you enjoy your Intro to Graphic Design. There is so many interesting parts of it. :D

  • All sounds good. Are you happy with your final grade?
    Ah cupmb, nice forum but I never spend time there hardly anymore :(

    My little one turns two on April 1st so I should use the month to plan what I want to do on his birthday. I’ve been sick again the last week, so annoying but oh well.

    My birthday was in January and I turned 35. I don’t feel so old haha ;)

    • Kya

      Whoa! I can’t believe it has been two years already. That is absolutely amazing!

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