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I am really happy, I finally found a movie I have been wanting for a long time. United States of Leland, it has my lover boy Ryan Gosling in it, and boy it has been on my wishlist, for a few years running now. I was so happy to find it, after so long looking in video stores and online ones, they had 0, so I went with ebay, not always that comfortable shopping there, but they had a good user rating and all that. :) Just have to wait for it in the mail. *wiggles*

Thanks for all the comments on my layout, I really appreciate them. Speaking of new layouts, I also have a new one on my collective which I recently opened as well: dazzle.nu. I am totally in love with the name. :D

I also made a number of new Icons, if anyone is interested they can be seen at spookish.net. I have some more on my computer, but will add them a bit later. :)

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  • Honey says:

    YAY that’s fantastic you could get it! :D
    And I won’t get tired of saying dazzle.nu looks awesome, plus the domain name is beautiful!

  • Michi says:

    I’m so happy for you to have found it at last, Kya! *squishes* That’s just wonderful news. Also, I’ve added you as an affiliate for dazzle.nu. Thank you so much for adding me. *HUGS* Your domain names are always so pretty. :D Hmmm…I saw your lovely comment posted on my blog so I was wondering why you said it didn’t work. I can’t seem to find anything wrong though. Still, I’m wondering what seems to be the problem on your part. *thinks* But thank you so much for the wonderfully long comment, dear. *squishes you again*

  • Jenny says:

    YAY, congrats on your movie. It must be pretty interesting since you wanted to see it so much XD. What’s the movie about? Just being curious…lol.Your new domain looks really pretty, and yup, the name is pretty too.

  • veronica says:

    congrats on finally getting your movie ^^ I really like your layout, plain and simple (: checking those other pages to

  • Sandra says:

    The film critics here said that Ryan Gosling is an awesome actor. Too bad I can’t see him, because his latest movie was M18 =O
    That’s good that you found the film (and from what you say, I think it’s good).
    Your collective’s layout is awesome! You’ve inspired to make a new layout, haha~
    And the new icons are gorgeous XD

  • Sleeper says:

    I remember Ryan Gosling from “Murder by Numbers”, and of course few other movies :)

  • Casey says:

    Wow you have a lot of .nu names! I love them and they layout looks good. I saw your icons, they are really great. I may use a few sometime, with credit of course! Great job.

    Congrats on finding the movie :)

  • Jordan says:

    Hello :) well done on finding the movie, i always i get nervouse with using ebay i love your newsite name haha it great Peacee!x

  • Mel says:

    w00t! That’s awesome.

    And your new layouts rock, BTW. xD

    xxoo mel

  • mariska says:

    That domainname sounds nice! Didn’t know you had more! :) The layout at dazzle is also cute! :) Thanks for your comment BTW :)
    Don’t know the loverguy where you talk about :P

  • Nicole says:

    Wow, I’m glad you finally were able to find the DVD! :D Hopefully it arrives soon!

    I love both these layouts very much. You’re always improving. :)

    You call 1259 a collective? HA! … heh heh :( I will never get over how many you have.

  • Susan says:

    RYAN is sooo hott! xD
    hahaha wow. he makes my heart melt.
    oh, i love your new site dazzle!
    it’s really cute!

  • christina says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say your site is wonderful and i love ryan gosling. Well, not love, but i think he’s an extremely good actor. And i remember him from murder by numbers too…he looked so young then…^-^ lol

  • leaf says:

    dazzle.nu is so cute! I really like what you did with the picture on the top.

    You are pretty good at naming sites and you have so many of them too. I am so slow with these things. it took me a few weeks just to figure out a name fo my site. How do you keep up with all of this?

  • Phillip says:

    I think I like your collective. It is very well put together, the name is charming, and the layout is beautiful. As well, I love your icon collection too!

  • Yimin says:

    *giggles* dazzle.nu is sooo sweet!! I love it. And Im glad you managed to find the movie you’ve been wanting. Thats fantastic!
    By the way my dear I had some problems with amazon.com. Not sure why, there was just this dumb error which wouldn’t let me follow a purchase through so I contacted them about it and no reply so far o.O
    *squishie* love you.

  • Amanda says:

    Haha, I googled “Ryan Gosling” in images and thought “so THAT’S what he’s called!!”.

    well its great that you finally got the dvd! And mmm… i like the sound of dazzle.nu. Dazzle is well.. an interesting word (definitions aside).

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