Floating Elephant Fella


A few weeks ago I received a wonderful gift in the mail from the very talented Jess Racklyeft of Jesses Mess. It was so kind of Jess to send me a print of a very adorable floating Elephant, card and bookmark. :3


Jess also has a store on Society6 (Jesses Mess) that has so many adorable designs that fit so perfectly on pillows, clothes and many other things. Even though I am trying to save, I still want to buy some adorable items and support a talented artist.




Thank you so much Jess! <3
1. What have you gotten in the mail recently?
2. Are there any artists on Society6 you like or support?
3. Would you (or do you) sell designs on Society6 or a similar site?

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I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • Aww that elephant is the cutest!

    Reminds me of giraffe graffiti I saw once:

    Now that I look at both, all they have in common is an animal and balloons :P

    I don’t have a store on any site like that but I do love buying things from Redbubble (I found it to have more options and better quality than society 6) and if I ever did get into arty things I’d probably get a store (you should! :D)

    • Kya

      You completely made me make one. xD <3

      Aww. That giraffe graffiti is awesome though. :D Wee.

  • So pretty! :) I always love getting mail! I’ve been addicted to online shopping so most of them have been my recent purchases.

    • Kya

      That is cool. It’s always a lot of fun to get packages in the mail. :D

  • It’s always the best feeling to get stuff in the mail, especially when they aren’t bills! Haha.
    Great artwork though!

    Recently in the mail, I’ve mainly been getting things from my school; newsletters and such. I haven’t actually been on Society6 so I don’t have any to like or support however judging by Jess’ work, I would definitely support her! If I had more time to design, and maybe if I were more artistic, I would definitely sell some of my work haha.

    • Kya

      Blah. Bills in the mail are no fun at all. xD

  • That is so cute.

    I have never heard of Society6. When I have time I’m going to spend some time looking around on there.

    I ordered myself a band t-shirt last week..and a new wig…oh and glasses. I’m looking forward to everything except the glasses. haha.

    • Kya

      That is so cool about the wig. I have always wanted to get one, but have never been sure about the right place to get one. xD

  • Your gift looks so cute! I’m going to refer to you as the queen of cutesy things XD. As for me, I’ve gotten shoes, ram, and a some clothes from the mail recently.. Because sales are all over the place!!!

    I haven’t been on Society6 before. But if I was, I’d support the ones who can make watercolor posters!!

    • Kya

      Mmmmmmm sales. Such a tasty word. xD

  • UGH! It’s official, I need to stop blog-hopping…as I always end up finding cute things that I absolutely love, or another site that I need to visit. It’s horrible, because it takes me forever to do anything – blast being easily distracted. Anyhow, your gift is very cute! I haven’t had the money to buy anything online, and as for receiving things in the mail – that usually doesn’t happen, or I hardly ever receive anything worth writing about. It’s usually things that I or anyone else for that matter wouldn’t want. :(

    Hm…maybe I need to start a penpal exchange or something like that. Great…something else to add to my To Do list. Okay, I’m going to go get some sleep and go off the Internet before I come up with a bazillion other things to add to that list.

    • Kya

      Oh noes. That is not good. :x

  • That’s so pretty! I didn’t even know this site existed until now.

    • Kya

      I can’t even remember when I stumbled onto it or where that was. It has some really cool things from so many talented artists.

  • How adorable! Jess seems like a very talented artist. :)

    I got a few magazines and bills in the post recently, but nothing exciting. I’ve never actually heard of Society6 before!

    • Kya

      She is! :D

  • Those are so beautiful! <3
    What I recently got into the mail was the last figure I ordered, which is pretty much everything I get into the mail since last year! LOL I totally missed Society6 honestly, but I guess that I could support every artist making watercolor drawings beautiful like this one!

    • Kya

      Figures can be really expensive (totally worth it) though. :D

  • That is so cute!!

    I mostly order off Amazon. We have Amazon Prime for six months so we’re making the most of it. :D I’ll have to check out Society6!

    • Kya

      That would be such an awesome thing to have. I wish they had it available in Australian. :x

  • Bea

    They are so adorable! Those who makes this are so talented. I wonder how they do it and sell it. Great.

    My latest mail won’t be stuffs like yours but eye glasses from my home country. I hope that counts. Lol.

    • Kya

      Of course it does. It also reminds me I need to try and get some new glasses soon. xD

  • AAAAH! Watercolor work! I love watercolor work! it’s so adorable (o///o) I always collect pins on watercolor artwork on pinterest and they’re just superbly amazing. artists who know how to move their brush for watercolor are amazing. my friends told me that I know how to work my way with watercolor too but I was never confident with my artwork so I don’t really show anyone my watercolor work haha i’m so lame :))

    nobody ever sent me mails *cries* ….okay, one friend from Philippines did but that’s about it. once, i wanted to write mails for my online friends but the shipping fee is too expensive i wasn’t prohibited to, also because it’s my parents who’re paying, not me. *poor student’s first world problem* so yeah, I’ve never exchanged mails and have pen pals and stuff. how sad haha

    on another note, I don’t really check society6 but i know there are so many good artists there. sometimes i wish i’m good at something too, good enough to sell and make profit on society6 or etsy. i envy people who can do DIY stuff and paint or make prints – they’re really talented. i don’t have the confident to even share what i draw! haha xD i want to sell my photography prints but again, no confident. i still think i’m not good enough ^^;;

    • Kya

      That is so great that you can create artworks with watercolours. I need a lot more practice. I think you should share what you make *poke poke*. But if you do feel a but shy about it, that is okay. :)

  • Very nice!

    On another note, every time I see some gifts exchanges, I am reminded of how I need to send you your presents some day. In all siriusness, I should have some extra cash by the beginning of next month.

    I have never heard of the Society6 site before. I probably would not sell prints because I am not too much into creating art (I used to be, though).

    You should do it.

    • Kya

      I still haven’t sent yours. Plus I sometimes end up buying more things. So I am making a big collection… I should just send it yo. :D Send send.

      Need an owl for the owl post. :(((((((((

      • I keep tracking the package to see if it has made any progress. My owl is slow.. Maybe it is Errol?

  • That is so pretty and cute! I love elephants and I love balloons, the combination is so cute. I have seen Jess’s stuff on her website before, her designs are really great!

    The only thing I got in the mail lately was McDonalds coupons and a copy of my fiance agreement for my new laptop. I have never heard of society6 before and I can not draw worth crap, so no lol.

    • Kya

      That is cool you have seen her work before. :D

  • Joy

    Wow, this is really adorable. I’ll have to take a look!

    • Kya

      You should. It might be another place that you could also sell your artworks. :D

  • The cards and elephant is really cute! If it’s all handcrafted, I totally would get some to mail out!

  • That is sweet! I’ve never heard of Society6. I’ll have to check it out. The last thing I got was a wonderful package from my friend in the Netherlands, stuffed with Dutch sweets. I sent her a Southwest box. Snail mail is so fun!

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