…..Elise updated her Blog and it looks really freddo.

……Mum went to town today she is goign to get the three cd’s Yay

*****Matchbox 20*******



……..Me and mum spend over 5 hours yesterday watching the whole first season of the Osbournes. Gotta love us.

……..Evil budda is outside now and much happier if I must say.

……..There is nearly 100 people at the Hogwarts website. it has been visted over 600 times. how strange is that. I must have refreshed it to many times.

…..I love having a creative mind, Except sometimes I go into realities. I have always dreamed things, day dreaming, but I have never really saud to myself before that is what was doing. When i was at highschool I used to lay in bed for hours when i got home imganinning running along doing huge karote summersaults and ko’ing someone. I imagine things all the time. I get the image in my head and it’s there and I have to do something about it. It’s like this thing with the Ministry of Magic it’s in my head but it will be harder to put forward. but I can do it.

…….Music love it and live it

…….Australian Idol. yes watched it again while singing away at my own song and singing over the top of them :S. Anyway everyone I liked so far has not made it in. Except for Peter. I thought he was good. Let’s hope guy and the little one, Sorry I can’t remember her name.

…….FRICKEY CHICKEN. that was what I came out with when i read the e-mail that Elise sent to me. Lets just say Aderlaid here we come in January I don’t care about anything else!!!!!!!!

……I’m listerning to Savage garden

……..I love lip gloss, lip balm. I keep smelling it. But I don’t want any of Elise’s Bloody hell.

……..Thank you lem for calling me Crazy, and saying that crazy people call themselves Eccentric…….NICe one

…….I feel hungry………

……..Hello world……….

……..This is me………..


……Right well I think it’s winding down now.

…..I woke up the smornign thinking about this video clip that I had in my head. it had the start of the song with one person on the beach and the other in this dark sell with rusty old bars and it was like a dungeon really old, and the person on the beach had Gryffindor uniform on and the one in the dungeon jail thing had Slytherin, and they were singign the dungion person and they kept there face in the dark and it looked scary. And the person on the beach was lauing and smilling. See these are the things that I get sometimes…They just come into my head.

……Dammit the fire, I have forgoten it bugger must run, Love to you all


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