This will be a quick blog, because me and dad are going to play cricket! (I will beat him again, I won yesterday :D ) I went shopping the other day and sent all my cards and brought lots of Harry Potter things they kept jumping out at me.

I have to go and meet one of my teachers tommorow, it”s the last week of school and she wants to make sure I have at least something complete. Fun ;D

I got my poem plaque and the pen and everything, the book with my poem will be here next week and the “Honoured Writer” certificate. That will be groovey, I am giving one of the books to my Nanna and Poppy :) I said it will be short, comments when I get back (:



  1. Jai   •  

    Ohhhh is it hot in Australia at the moment then? It’s cute as anything here, summer seems ao far away :(

    Have fun playing cricket.

  2. Laarni   •  

    hehey timmy timmy lol. hey kya, lets exchange links pls. woot woot i dont know how to play cricket. its that like soccer? im lost haha. anyway, have fun and have a merrrrry christmas. byers.

  3. Miriam   •  

    Harry Potter stuff

  4. Miriam   •  

    Harry Potter stuff..
    Ah.. I can’t help it, I keep thinking about all the HP things I wish I’d get for x-mas that I wont get because they don’t sell them in Norway… :S

    I hope you’ll have fun with your dad. Cricket is just one of those sports I kind of SUCK in… :S :P

    *wanna read your poems* :D

    Once again, I hope you’ll have a very beautiful (and snowy) Christmas!
    And thanks for the lovely comment, I really appreciate it! :D

    *still drawling over colin* *and draco*

  5. Minna   •  

    Peom plaque? Did I miss something here? Please tell me :D

    Hope you win the cricket XD

    I wish my mom was more like your family, for a change. there’s no one on this planet that keeps her money more to herself than my mom :D I’ll email you a taco next time ;) hehe

    take care!

  6. vanessa   •  

    hope u win in cricket! =]

  7. Mariah   •  

    Yay for shopping! I hope you win in Cricket too! :D xoxo

  8. Silver   •  

    I must have missed something. Writer plaque? Oooh hun. =loves= Books? One day you must send your books my way.
    Shopping is fun. ( How was cricket? ) I haven’t seen you for so long babe! I am missing you! tsh. I know christmas time is always busy busy busy. =hugs= Take care hun. Love love love you.

  9. Katie   •  

    i love having a friendly against my dad, or watching him and my boyfriend play. its tres fun!

  10. Nayana   •  

    I hope you had fun playing Cricket. Cricket is such a fun game :D

  11. Toya   •  

    Merry christmas to you! and i hope you win in the game, i never saw anybody play that before..

  12. Nicole   •  

    Hello, Harry. :O

    I am not stalking you. :D

    • Kya   •     Author


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