About Kya

My name is Kya. I am a 27 year old Australian female who lives in a rural country town in New South Wales, Australia. I have a passion for design, art, reading, writing, photography, crafting and cute things.

I am an introverted, creative person who cares about family, animals and friends. My dreams for the future are to write and illustrate children’s books, create a successful design business and online store selling cute/unique and handmade items.

I have operated the websites; Tehlove.org, Fanmagic.org, Bubble.nu and Klue.com.au in the past as well as been active in The Fanlistings Network from 2004 – 2010.



  1. xiaobo xu   •  

    Hi, Kya

  2. xiaobo xu   •  

    Hi, Kya

  3. Kya   •  

    hello..i was browsing through and seen that we have the same name.But i am only 14 years old and i am American.It would be nice if you could contact me back at my email.Thank You!

  4. Kya   •  

    my name is Kya too!! except thats my real name. I’m a Pisces also =P woo!

    • kya :)   •  

      lol , hahaha my name’ss kyaa except
      iim a scorpio :) ii thiinks thatts howw
      youu spell iit :L x

  5. kya   •  

    my name is Kya toooooo!!! =D
    i’m a gemini but i dnt believe in that stuff

  6. Heather   •  

    I found this very intriguing and almost… calming.
    You seem like a very beautiful person.
    I admire your spirituality and share your love for writing. :)

    And animals rock!

  7. Yvette   •  

    Aww. No pictures? lol. I’m quite curious of what you look like. :)

  8. Kate   •  

    My daughters name is Kya and I cant pick a middle name what are some of yours?

  9. Shadow   •  


    This is very random I just wanted to say I am so impressed with bubble.nu! It’s so nice to see someone doing something good for the web community. I wish I had found such a site when I first started out on the internet. Keep up the good work and kudos to you :) Also if there’s any way I can donate or help out please let me know ^__^


  10. Rylie   •  

    Where did you get your social networking icons? I love them and they even have one for Gaia! :D

  11. hmcahyo   •  

    hi… just drop in :)

  12. kya fusch   •  

    hi i just wanted to say hi… its hard trying to find someone with the same name that is actually spelled the same way

  13. Nikky   •  

    Hello Kya,

    I’am Nikky and I am from holland. Ik was googeling the name Kya and found your site.
    My daughters name is also Kya, thats what i wanted to tell you!

    Greetings from holland!

  14. Cappy   •  

    You have good intentions, Kya, I can see you making a change in the world. :)

  15. Rebecca   •  

    Aren’t you glad that they don’t use guns for noses anymore–well I guess no “reputable” piercer ever did…but back in the day some people really did. Talk about scary, they can’t even clean the guns properly. I got my septum pierced in 1995 (not with a gun of course hehe) and couldn’t imagine being without it.

  16. roma   •  

    admire your spirituality.
    God bless

  17. kya britten   •  

    hey i just wanted to say that my name is also kya! thats so cool! you can delete thiis post of you want to but i just wanted to let you know! :0 4_4 :) :D

  18. Ali   •  

    …once I have learnt and absorbed more of life…


  19. Charlie   •  

    I googled searched Kya because I was thinking about naming my daughter it and it brought me to your site! Thought that was kinda cool.

  20. Shellz   •  

    your site is so cute! <3

  21. Ian   •  

    Love this site, not my thing but very nice none the less.

  22. Kya   •  

    Hi, my name is Nicole, but I wanted to fit in with all the Kyas here. All the Kyas in the house say HEY!!

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