30 Before 30

30 Before 30 is a list of thirty goals that I am to complete before turning thirty (on the 11th of March 2017). This was inspired by a post that Jem wrote on her blog. My aim is to inspire myself to do much more of the things I want to do. Updates about my progress is tagged and links included on completed items.  :love:

13 out of 30 complete

  1. Solid mental health plan
    Making sure I have a good mental health plan is important. If you struggle with mental illness you will understand how complicated it can be. The mental health plan should be an actual document and have goals, people to contact, ways to get help and make sure I have continual support.
  2. Plan a future
    See a future for myself and decide what I am going to do there. Maybe study, work on my business, work for someone else? Decide and move forward.
  3. Work or Study
    Once I have decided on my future plans, I should be working or studying towards some goals. I might update this once I know what I am doing, yay.
    – Complete
  4. Save $100 each month
    If I can save a minimum of $100 each month I will be able to slowly build savings.
  5. Write/Illustrate a children’s book
    I have wanted to do this for at least 15 years and haven’t yet. I need to write, illustrate and publish my own book for the kiddies.
  6. Pink Hair
    I must have pink hair again at least once before I turn 30. If I could have it consistently pink that would be awesome (but I don’t think the hair could handle the constant bleaching…. )
  7. Write lost letters
    Write a letter to each person that I have lost and tell them everything I wanted to say since they have passed. This would be a really good healing experience, but I have been scared to do it.
  8. See Nicole & Claire
    If I do not see Nicole and Claire in person again before I am 30, I fail at life, forever.
  9. Own under 10 personal domains
    To curb my domain addiction (oops) I should try and own under 10 domains for personal use (not including projects).
  10. Be food conscious
    I am not a big fan of eating meet, but if I do, I should make sure that it is produced in environments that are approved by animal agencies (RSPCA, ETC). Eating only fish or seafood (Pescetarian) would be ideal.
  11. 10 photo shoots
    Take 10 photography shoots that each have 10 high quality images. These must all be planned, have a purpose and creative incentive. They can not be 10 random images of things I have brought.
  12. Create writing every month
    Write a creative piece every month (poetry, fiction, short-story, fan-fiction)
  13. Appreciation List
    Create an appreciation list of all the things that I have to be thankful for.
  14. Travel Overseas
    It can include via plane or boat, but must be another country.
  15. Travel to Tasmania
    Because it looks so amazing.
  16. Create 10 traditional artworks
    I have softly stepped into traditional art and I should expand on this and be fearless in my approach to creative expression though artistic mediums. Creating 10 traditional works that I am proud of would be awesome.
  17. Learn current web standards
    I am pretty much out of the loop with current web standards, so I need to relearn responsive design and everything to try and make some new designs.
  18. Make my own blog layout
    Once I have caught up on current web standards, I should then make my own layout/theme for my blog!Complete
  19. Stop smoking
    Because this would be healthy.
  20. Volunteer
    I should volunteer my time for a charity that really needs it, and help them in any way they need. Preferably not just a one time thing!! One idea I would love to do, is make cute designs that could somehow be used for them. Maybe?
  21. Thirty day creative challenge
    Create something significantly creative everyday for 30 days. For instance, a small little five minute vector does not count, it has to have had more effort put in or a forfeit.
  22. Create stationery set
    I have always wanted to make my own memo pads, journals, pens, stickers, cards and more and I should!
  23. Stop drinking soda/pop
    I know how bad this stuff is for me, yet I seem to have a big problem with letting it go. If I can, I know I will feel a lot better too.
  24. Fix blog categories
    Waaaah. Why did I have to put this here… – Complete.
  25. Keep a daily journal/diary
    I am really good at starting diaries, but then failing to keep them. I know how important they are to express all the feels and also a clear record of emotions and events that pass.
  26. Read 20 books each year
    I love to read and I should be continually doing this. Reading at least 20 books each year (hopefully more).
  27. Healthy Weight
    Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight would be fantastic and very important.
  28. Blog Matter
    Have Blog Matter running properly and able to connect bloggers to each other. It can happen. Properly means, running with a cool script that makes things awesome.
  29. Drive more
    I am not a confident driver, so I am not going expect myself to have a full license by 30, but to have at least been trying to drive more often and become more familiar with it.Complete
  30. Accept 30 is not the end of the world
    Because it isn’t!

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