Here is a list of my current and expired domain names. I registered my very first domain in 2003 for a personal blog. In the years after I have enjoyed registered domains for many different projects.

Current Domains
Past Domains


  • Hi. If you don’t mind, can I run one of the closed domains?! :D

    • Kya

      I am sorry, but I no longer have access to any domains that have expired.

  • I’m just curious, you don’t have to answer. But… where do you get all the money for these domains?! o.o I mean… wow! Lol

    • Emi

      I am going to ask the same thing. And dot nu is not cheap. But you have a wonderful blog! Though i tried to visit some domains and they just redirect back to

      I didnt know you’re the owner of blogmatter. I just contacted you thru that website, haha!

      • Kya

        I don’t really spend money on a lot of ‘normal things’ so I guess I can afford to save some money to buy them. xD

  • These are all my domains. WTF? STEALER STALKER STEALKER!

    • Kya

      :O I am so sorry. I didn’t realise. :'(

  • That’s an impressive list! Do you ever spend time thinking about how to use these domains? Did you ever regret letting any of them go?

    • Kya

      Sometimes I do think about what to do with them, of if I want to make a new website I will check the list and see if there is a name that could work.

      Yes, there are a number of domain names that I regret letting go of. Probably why I don’t let as many expire now. xD

      • Aren’t u gonna answer to Emi, Jennifer & Jea Marie above? Cuz i wanna know too! :O

        • Kya

          Ooops. I forgot that I never answered them. :P

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