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  2. Kim   •  

    I’d been looking for some cute cloud emoticons for my blog – yours are just what I need. :)

    • Kya   •     Author

      :) I am really glad they were what you wanted. :)

  3. Liza   •  

    I’m taking the cows for now. :) If you ever happen to have birds, let me know? <3

    • Kya   •  

      :D That you very much for the suggestion. Birds would be a really fun addition to have. :wub:

      • Liza   •  

        :D I am now using the owls!

        • Kya   •     Author


  4. Jessica   •  

    All of your emoticons are super cute, and I am definitely going to use a set as soon as I decide which set is the cutest. It might be an impossible task…or I could just create a site for all of my favorites. Hm…

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