Hair dying day

Dear starving universe,

Well today shall be known as the hari dying day. Well it shall when we start dying our hair. Mum brought me another hair dye. It is the same bright red which I love. Neat has got a rinse a really nice sortoff strawberry blone, the colour does look nice. Neat reacons I look like paige of charmed or that I remind her of that character and the colour of my hair really makes me like her more, and I even remind myself of her.

Mum and neat are going to Sydney soon and dad is comming home so that if I have to go to meet that man I can.

I don’t know if I said before but dad is going back to working how he used to so he will get more money again so we will be able to get the things done on the house mum will be happy about that. Then she will be able to start makign her lampshades.

Neat was reading a book about rising signs and moon signs and you twelze house signs and I have a risging leo and a leo moon. Alot of leo and she said that in hers she has sortof the opposite and hers mean that this time she want have fame she will not want this life. BUt she said in this life I may have exsperience it. But I don’t think that I would be out in a position that people would think that I was in anyway better or even looked upon as doign anything great. I coudn’t really see that happerning. All I can really do Is write poems. But poems have a great value. Unless I find somethines that I can do in the Entertainment thing, maybe I could become a director maybe somethign else we never know untill we are fronted with that option and we see the true talents of ourself. Perhaps when I can be confident with myself I will be able to choose what I truley want to do and not turn away from that.

Neat didn’t leave untill about 3am thissmorning I went to bed at 11:45pm. I was really tied.

We had a storm last night and it is raning again now.

Kell has been e-mailing me which is good. I have been e-mailing back as well. I stil miss Elise it’s strange becuase sometimes she didn’t even come online for this long of time. Maybe it’s becuase I know she is mooving and I can’t say hey b*tch get online.

Dad is going to by me Paint Shop pro. He said I have to wait a month becuase mum is going to syd on monday and then he has to pay a few other things, But I don’t care if I have to wait I’ll wait until christmass. I said to him I would be able to design better looking patches for him. Well I probably could. I would love to have that. Then I could try to be freddo. :S

I haven’t had anything to eat yet so I feel hungry I think I will go and get something. I just came online to update this and tell myself how I really feel. bbf. I nearly used the old one we don’t speak of.

I finally got the older entries or archves working. I know it uses the template supplied by diaryland but I actually like it. I think it lovves “groovey baby yeah” bbf, Well I shall see you later look after yourslef and eahh other bbf

Love always Kasstah

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