Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

Happy Fathers Day to my Daddy and my Poppy. I will be going to have dinner with my grandparents today to celebrate so that will be very nice. I wasn’t able to buy anything myself for Dad or Poppy but I have promised to make up for it later.

What are the comments doing now? Still being psychotic, but I may have tracked down something to fix them. One can only hope this nightmare will be over soon. It’s not a major thing, but just one of those small irritations that keep snapping away at your heels, while other people probably thinking you are imagining the whole thing …

I have been working on my portfolio, it has taken me quite some time to create a layout I am confortable with and one that reflects what I am about, and what I do. Something simple and easy to navigate, while being creative and free at the same time. I need to revamp much of the content and write write write more short stories and poems to fill it’s empty tummy. I also told a friend I would give her a preview of the childrens book I am putting together for her, so I shall also do that. But only a teaser, I want it to be a suprise. :)

Also, don’t forget you can win a free domain. ;)

Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:28 am September 8, 2008

I haven’t been here in aaages. But! Happy father’s day to Kya’s Daddy (and Poppy – that sounds extremely cute) I hope you have a really nice time altogether and get to celebrate the day in happy family style, baby. :D

I hope this comments thing gets sorted out for you. Maybe I’m being stupid and writing all this out for no reason because it will turn up blank. :O Anyway, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on! (mad)

Ooh oh portfolio, this must be soo exciting. And your portfolio will be so beautiful and shiny full of colours. I hope it’s all getting to the “nearly finished” stages now! How is the children’s book going, too? :)

Love you lotsy. xxx

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Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:28 am September 8, 2008

Happy Fathers Day to the guys. I hope you have a lovely dinner with your grandparents and everyone else. :-)

Hopefully soon the problem with the comments will be resolved. I know how annoying it is.

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Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:56 am September 8, 2008

Those little things are so annoying! I’ve had my share of them lol!

Portfolio? That’s exciting! I really want to open another site, just a little project but I have no idea what that can be lol!

Good luck with everything and hopefully you and family had a happy Fathers day :)

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:29 pm September 11, 2008

Belated Happy Father’s day to your Daddy and Poppy. :) How was the dinner. Did it went well?

I can see the comments now working. Heh. This is actually good.

And good luck to your portfolio. I know it would be AWESOME. I like your style with layouts. You actually give me idea of what to make for my next layout. lol.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:30 pm September 11, 2008

I ADORE this layout. Really, I’m not just saying it, I absolutely love it! So I can’t wait to see that portfolio of yours :)

And happy Father’s day to your dad and your poppy!

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