Monday I was almost bitten by a brown snake, that freaked me out a lot and I hope to never encounter a snake again any time soon! *shivers* I was walking out of the driveway to help my grandfather when he came home from dialysis when I almost walked on a big brown snake. I froze (thankfully) the snake started to go down a whole that was right near it, then came up again and started twisting it’s head, going to strike me (arrrrrh :0 ) I started to back away very slowly, while my heart was beating 200 times a minute. The snake began to move, but not towards me (oh boy) and slithered the other way, the sound of it moving and seeing how long it was made me feel sick, especially knowing how close I came to being bitten. I rushed inside and began shaking, I just couldn’t stop I was so traumatized by the whole event. I eventually felt calmer after probably four hours and was thankful it didn’t end badly!

Tuesday the man called (a man to do with making sure I can baby sit for the little girl I am going to, I have to have a police check, etc) to say he would be out the next day. So, it was MAD cleaning time, because obviously everything has to be child proofed and you don’t want them to think your house is a complete mess all the time. It took me and Mum around ten hours to clean the whole house and it is spotless. By 6am I was pretty much out of it. :x_x

Wednesday, he arrived and we talked and sign the papers. He is really nice and explained various things to us. I am actually looking forward to looking after this gorgeous little girl, and that could be some time next week once I have passed all the checks, because I have nothing to hide. My school work also arrived and I am excited to get into this, I have decided that I will begin the work on Monday and spend the remainder of this week getting finished all the online responsibilities I have (a few things on Bubble, fanlistings and a theme for Cupkate 3_3 ).

Lastly, I feel the need to own a Devil Tail on Gaia. 35 million? wow, if I sell some things I may just have enough. *fingers crossed* Although, I don’t think I can get rid of any prized items like the OMG, Horns, AFK and those because I was so absolutely thrilled to have them. If I am patient I will get there eventually. *nod*

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:30 pm February 3, 2010

Evil snake. D: I don’t know about a “rape alarm”, but Kya my darling you need a SNAKE alarm! :x

I think what you’re doing is incredible admirable, as I said in my email. :) You have amazing parents to take so much on board! ♥ (And ouch, we had visitors the other day and I literally was scrubbing the house at 7am! Well and truly KNACKERED. The things we do. ;) )

Lots and lots of good luck with your school work and Gaia goal(s)! :D *squish* ♥ (These smilies are simply declisous. x:cupcakestraw:)

Harvey Specter
Posted at 2:12 am February 5, 2010

OH I hate snakes!! :x_x

WOW that is a lot of cleaning. I personally hate to clean but hate when stuff is a mess. ;) I am special like that!

Have fun with school and baby sitting! 4_4

Oh and if I don’t get a chance later happy valentines day! 3_3

Harvey Specter
Posted at 8:52 pm February 8, 2010

Gosh..snake? I can’t stand snakes at all. I’m soo scared of them. I would probably die if I were you.
Baby sitting? That’s the most difficult job ever. It’s really a big responsibility to take care of someone else’s child. You also need patience to stand children, sometimes they can be really annoying…:)
Good luck with that!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:23 am February 9, 2010

OMG! Brown snakes are like super venomous, aren’t they? :O Good thing you’re all right, it must have been so scary!

Good luck with the baby sitting and everything!

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