I raise my hand but to find, this hand has turned this clock of mine

Dear World and it’s inhabitants,

Well I am still sick I slept most of yesterday and got up at 4am today. I feel so hungry and it’s very annoying. But mum said it could just be my stomach shrinking. I still eat!! I had somethign yeseterday rice I think so I’m still good.

Well I don’t want to say to much but I could see Elise sooner than next year!!!!!!! Amazing I think so.

It is very cold at the moment and and it is rainging.

I made a pact with Elise that I would not do any roleplaying untill she was back online and I do intend to stick by it.

Mum fhinished the book. She said that Sirius shoudn’t have laughed at Bellatrix. (however it’s spelt)

I re-read a bit of a chapter today. But you would never be able to tell

“Hand it over potter” Don’t you just love that section of the book. I do very much so.

Watched Australian Idole last night well when i got up for that short time and The one I liked was in it well I like a few of them but she has a really really deep voice. I think she sounds good becuase she sounds different from the others. Lela has been watching Australian Idole I don’t know who she likes though oh well never mind.

I hate you Elise running away from me you naughty girl :( Ohh well you will be back you “teminator” lol that’s what dad says gotta love him. WEll bye now.

Love kass (C)–does that look like a flower well it was supposed to. Good bye now.

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