Lets have a par’tay

Don”t worry about the title, my song was saying it. No parties here! ;) Well I went shopping yesterday, I have a real chair now! Yes a real one that is all comfy and supportive. I love desmond. :D I also brought a few pressie”s for people and sent a birthday present to darling Mel, who shares the same date as meh mummy. I brought her a present as well. I hope she likes it!

Lee”s new cd was in store! I almost died. It wasn”t supposed to come out untill today. There is was looking all puppy eyed at me. I love it! It even gave me the motivation to re-vamp the site. :D

Been-a-domain-buying. I can”t help it. I will have the money for four more, what to buy what to buy! :O *thinks* Love you guys, thanks for zee comments! *heart*

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  • Let”s have a partyrn Everybodyrn Throw your hands up in the airrn Let”s have a party”rnrnYay for the new chair, what colour is it?rnrnCD puppy eyes ^^rnrnDomains. Domains. Domains. Domains. What type?

  • oh wow… you really have a LOT of domains, are you addicted? haha i wish i could buy a domain! *lol* but i”m happy here :) very happy!

  • Hey hun! I wish I had more of a comfortable chair whenever I”m online, lmao I get back aches and stuff. XD More domains?!?!? You have so much! XD xoxo

  • Yays for your new chair. Comfy chairs rock. What colour is it? Is it patterned? rnrnI love it when they put the new cd’s out early. How many times have you listened to it already? I love the new layout on the Lee site too. Very trippy. rnrnOoooooooh, another four domains! I can’t wait to see what they’ll turn out to be. How do you manage to keep them all online?

  • kya-loves-domains.com :P I went shopping today too…supposed to buy AL OT of things…came home with earring…great hehe that”s nice of you to buy pressies for everyone :) I must do that too haha :P love you girl xoxoxoxo

  • Domains are addictive aren”t they? I can”t stop buying them either! rnrnP.s – Thank you for commenting on my site

  • A chair… *dreamy*rnrnDomain. How about that… rnShopping can be fun. rnrnBoy.. do I know how to throw a good comment…

  • yay for supportive chairs and new cd”s!rni really must go cd shopping soon

  • oh wow. a real chair. you mean there”s such a thing as fake chairs? lol. ooh.. lee harding. the australian idol right? =)) he”s pretty cool i guess. never really listened to him before.. hmm.. all your talk about domain buying is making me envious. you must have a gazillion domains by now..

  • *points and screams* DOMAIN WHORE!! xD Ooh shopping, yes I did some of that on Saturday and got myself THE most awesomest top everrrrrr I can”t wait for summer to roll around and me to flaunt it woot!

  • Kya :D Hi :DrnrnYay for the new chair! Oh how I need one too, but i doubt a nice comphy … comfy even lol one would fit behind my desk. so onward with the plasic for me. But it swivels so its still fun :D:D ;)rnrnHappy birthday to mel and your mummy :D may all their wishes come true :DrnrnYAY for Lee!!! I cant wait till he comes over here to release some stuff! hopefully its soon :Drnrn:O Domains :D yay wowza 4!! what to buy indeed. If i get a fanlisting I may buy a domain for it :D rnrnI”ve thoought of the perfect domain name :D kyaisbeautiful.com :D

  • iskandar

    Coolio! Happy for you.rnIronically, I cannot buy domains. rnEnvy you so much. Wow, you are on a domain spree. rnI will die domainless.rnrnSome suggestions:rnmorbid-romance.orgrnvintage-rose.orgrnblack-roses.orgrnrnDang, I can only fantasize domain names. LOL

  • Ah, I”ve been such a horrible hostee, I”m sorry I haven”t commented here in the longest time. I hope your life”s been going spectacularly.rnrnAnother domain Kya? It”s like an addition for you, when will you stop? :D Congrats though, I”ll be looking forward to seeing them up.rnWow, a chair. How exciting. No really, the chair in my room is this crappy uncomfortable fold-up one, and I”m in desperate need of a more comfortable place to do my homework. :P rnrnTake care!

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