Below are links to admired blogs and affiliates. If you want to affiliate with my blog please contact me and it can be arranged. :D

Admired Blogs

Name Website
Alice Of Books
Alyssa Lyss
Angela Geeky Angie
Angela Whimsical
Cappippuni Cappippuni
Cialina Sectumsempra!
Claire Maybe Fog
Deborah Muggle Rubbish
Denise So Many Kittens
Diana Caffeine & THC
Dismey Bloody Brilliant
Emily Celesae
Evelyn New Romantic
Gel Hoshi Girl
Georgie Hey Georgie
Hannah Project Simplify Life
Hazel Here Is Hazel
Isa Viva La Isa
Jem Jemjabella
Kalliste Oh So Lazily
Karin Rock Witch
Kate Cup Kate
Kerri Always, Kerri
Kim Faded Out
Kitty Nekonette
Krissy k.
Kristine Kristology
Liz 6birds
Nicole Nicky
Sara Girl with a Duck Jumper
Sarai Chiklita
Silver Supermegafoxyawesomehot
Siobhan Cute Spell
Sunny Flying Ox
Tracy The Zipper Files
Veronica Artsie


Name Website
AnneMarie AnneMarie Ladlad
Bhairavi The Dramatic Soul
Chester Mystery Cloud
Hiro AisuCafé
Jennifer Sugar Baby
Krystle Sparkly Iceglow
Sayli Euphoria


Name Website
Alice Alice Xue
Alice Of Books
Amanda Paper-Cranes
Angela Geeky Angie
Annabelle Annabelle Gralton
Becca Jovers
Christa Stupid Eyed
Cialina Sectumsempra!
Claire Maybe Fog
Cozza Jellyfishing
Daphne Urban Geisha
Dismey Bloody Brilliant
Emily Celesae
Emily Emilism
Evelyn New Romantic
Georgie Hey Georgie
Isa Viva La Isa
Juliana Juliana Wong
Kate Cup Kate
Kim Faded Out
Kula Silver Moon
Leigh Ann Precious Memories
Luana Eve Bubble
Miia Flutterbies
Rachel Rachel
Raine Revolution Blues
Sara Specks Of Dawn
Sara Via Purifico
Sarah Leap.Fly.Soar.
Seb A Lonely September
Shur Voltage Box
Shuuichi Open Wings
Silver Supermegafoxyawesomehot
Teresa Teresa Pham
Thea Theailona
Tiffany Tiffany Cheng
Tracy The Zipper Files



  1. Rachel   •  

    Hi, Kya I was wondering would you like to affiliate?

  2. Sterling   •  

    Hello Kya,

    I stumbled upon your lovely site from I used to own it back in the day! I’m so glad it’s got a good owner :] . Anyway, I was wondering if you’d like to be affiliates with my new domain?

  3. Hannah   •  

    Awe. You added me as a daily. :) That makes me feel pretty freaking special. *squish* :D

  4. Tawni   •  

    Would you like to be affiliates? I promise no more bluntness! Hahah :)

  5. celest   •  

    hey kya! Wanna be affialtes?

  6. Nedo   •  

    live, love affies

  7. Sorahana   •  

    I’d like to affiliate/link exchange :D !

  8. Erin   •  

    Can you please change my link to instead of


  9. Ilona   •  

    Kyabean! Mind if I put a link here on my blog? x:cupcakestraw:

  10. Mike   •  

    Want to be affiliates? I would love to! Just drop me a line at my email if you accept!

  11. Irene   •  

    Hi Kya.. Can you please change my link to instead of and change my name into Irene instead of Zirene. Thank’s! ^_^

  12. Kya   •     Author

    @Irene: I have done that for you. :’D *squish*

  13. Deborah   •  

    Hey love, could you please update my old link ( to Thanks! :)

    • Kya   •     Author

      @Deborah, No problem I have done that for you. Sorry it took so long! *hug*

  14. Marin   •  

    Hey Kya!

    I would like to be affiliates, if you’re interest. Let me know, please. :)

  15. Haley   •  

    Psssst. Can you change my link to (and possibly change my name from Hayley to Haley)? :D TEE HEE. THX. ;)

    • Kya   •     Author

      @Haley, really sorry about that. I have updated the link now and changed your name to the CORRECT spelling!

  16. Erin   •  

    Hey you don’t have links up right now but I wanted to let you know that is closing. So please remove me from your list. Sorry.

  17. Kitty   •  

    Hello Kya, I’m wondering if you’d like to be affiliated with me? :D Let me know of you do. :)

  18. Chester   •  

    Hi Kya
    Would you want to exchange links on my blogroll? If so, can you notify me on my blog or email?

    • Kya   •     Author

      Sure. I’ll email you to confirm. :D

  19. Sunny   •  

    Hi Kya, I was wondering if you’d be interested to exchange links for blogroll? I’d love it if we could become blog friends! :D

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