Lock it in.

Cherie told me I should update, so that is what I am doing! This is just going to be bits of random. I am starting to have an unhealthy obsession with Panic! At the Disco, they are just the love. I also have a vox, if you have one add me. I do not have any invites at the moment, if I do later I could give them away to those that want them. :)

I am thinking about maybe running another domain comp, however this time I think I need to advertise it in a better way. I had people say to me after the other one. “I didn’t know you were running one.” However, I don’t want people to think it’s some time of scam, I guess that happens with free stuff sometimes? :/

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I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • MY NAME!! :D :D :D My friend loves P!ATD too. I have no idea what so good about them though. Should go and try listening to their music. :)

  • I’ve yet to hear Panic at te disco-lol feel like i may bethe only person on earth that hasnt.ohh domain comp?sounds liek fun good luck ^^

  • It’s true that people sometimes think free things are scams, but if they know you then they’ll know you’re legit.

  • Yeah well, sometimes things are just too good to be true :P

    Was the winner announced? ??

    Well then glad you updated!

  • ash

    donttt worry bout the unhealthy habit.
    i have one too …. hehe
    love the site … uberly cute

  • we could plug your competition for you! :) who won? (if it finished) :P

  • I know. ^^ Minna!!! Minbinwinkin!!! Great idea. I could advertise it on my domain as well!

  • good luck with the domain comp. I like your layout.

  • I have added you back Kya! Thanks for adding me *snuggles*. Vox is pretty addictive too. Haven’t I said that already? Lol!

    I will help you ‘promote’ your competition if you want! I don’t think it’s your fault for the “I didn’t know you were running one”…people have to be more active on the net ;)

  • Daaaarling. Sweeet theeeme. I think you’re such a doll for offering to host and buy domains for people who are not really related to you in a way. Oo You’re such a gem. I’ll help ya advertise too though it’s only a small part I can do. And to answer a previous previous post, YES! I would buy from you hosting space if it’s reasonable. xD And there’s always us people to add testimonials for ehm this is not a scam thing… anyway if people do have doubts about it…simply don’t join la. xD Have a lovely week dearie…:)

  • Well, to be honest, after I read about the domain and lj comp I thought it was a fake.
    I just couldn’t get it in my head why someone would want to pay for my things. ^^

  • If you start a new one, am I able to participate again? ^_^ :P

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