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I am currently studying intimacy and dating on the internet. While my University work requires that I think about this topic critically, I wanted to post on my blog a creative response to this via poetry!

Meet me on the Internet Cafe
Look at us out there existing
two souls tangled
between virtual woe
can we converse, trust
backup the tale we have sold

Will our true personality
become a placement
for more intimate feelings to devolve

Are we absent again
in this man made universe
evolving, reshaping
updating, refacing
everything we have owned

Is there a time limit on reflections
archived, rewritten or saved
does my digital shadow follow me
or like Peter Pan’s become displaced

Distance is no enemy
compressed to 1s and 0s
everything a cell
living, breathing, alone

Can we commute again
with confidence and decorum
will my status be updated
to lease or for hire

will I be again walking
on this expanding

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  • Jessi says:

    That is such a cool poem, Kya! You did write it, correct? I don’t want to assume. I honestly have never read anything like it. (:

    By the way, do you think once my sites are switched, I could affiliate with you on Patch My Heart? I would love to very much! :D

    • Kya says:

      @Jessi, Thank you! I did write the poem. Would it be possible to email me about it? Sorry I am so lame. I will no doubt forget unless it is emailed. XD

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