Mothers Day

[edit] New layout, made by my darling hosteeee silver :) she rocks liike whoa *dances* [/edit]

Well today is mothers today, it is special to me in one way and then in another it is just a day. You may think how can a day that is of huge importance as mothers day just another one, well it’s simply because I love her and I hope I show the appreciation and love she deserves everyday.

My Mum is one of the best people I know and I’m not saying that just because she is my mum. She is funny, caring, smart and beautiful and so special. She has tought me so many wonderful things and branded lessons and respect into my brain. She is just someone I love with all my heart;

So for all those who are blessed to have a mother they can love and a mother who loves and cares for them may this day like every other be used to show that love and give something back :)

Blessings <3

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  • My mother is such an inspiration to me. Without her, i’d truly be nothing. Every male & female must always remember their mothers, for they are the ones who bore them life on Earth. :) Love you lots. xo ♥

  • I’m not too sure what to do for Mother’s Day. I’m deadly sick with the damned flu! Well, there is nothing wrong with loving your mother and thinking of Mother’s Day as an important day.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to you my love. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day here. We are taking her out and today we bought her presents :D She is great indeed. I don’t know how life would be without our lovely mothers!

  • heck yes. Mothers day rocks, but in the same instance, I feel the same way. That I hope that I show the appreciation and love that she deserves everyday. So once agian, this is just one of those days.

    Loves lotsas:D

  • :O you’re making me miss my own mother…


  • Happy Mothers Day!

    Yes, I love my mum as well. I got her flowers and we went out for lunch!

    Have a good day!

  • Your mother sounds so nice. :) I hope you had a nice day with her.

  • I think your mum is lucky too. She has a great daughter like you! :)

  • Gem

    Happy Mother’s Day. I can’t really do anything for my mom this year, because she left for the Lake Disctrict for a course this morning. Your mom sounds lovely. :heart:

  • HAWT LAYOUT! as much as i dont like blakc &white, THIS IS PRETTY! (: i love mom’s day!hehe.. my mom rocks too! yay.. mommys rock our world! whee

  • I love the new layout:)

  • Go silverrrr go silverrrr *dances* :D mwuauaahh a great job she did!
    i luff what you have between you and your mother. Happy mothers day deary*hugs* love you xoxo

  • Luuuuuv the layout!

  • Wow. This layout roicks. :) All go the new layout. :)

  • That’s such a nice thing to say about your mom. :) I love mine too, but she does things at times that i’m not too thrilled about. Can’t let that hold it against me tho.

  • I feel luffed. xD
    Love the way you did the layout…
    Go mothers! We’re lucky to have good mothers ;)

  • I really like this layout, she did a great job… Such nice tones! I know how much you love him too. :P It?s pretty obvious it was a good choice! I really love the fact that you two are so close, I am very happy that you have such a good relationship. I believe that you should show the ones you love love/respect/appreciation every day, which is what you do. :) You guys are lucky to have each other. She sounds like a very important and special person to you, and that is great. :D

  • Hey darling! Love this layout *bows to silver* it really suits you *hugs* Have you mother’s day now? Hmm, we (here in cold sweden) don’t have it until the 28 th of May, then I’ll celebrate my mom ^^ Hope you celebrate your mom really much, since if it weren’t for our mother’s, who would have given birth to us? (though my mom says I was the biggest pain she ever had, when she gave birth to me ^^;;) *love you sweetcake*

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