my attempt at avartors :/

I do feel slightly better thanks to mel :) your a darl. And you rock!
so on my road to dear recovery I felt the need to make some avartors some I couldn’t be bothered putting a border around :”( I’m sorry I’m a lazy bum but oh well :’) here goes.

Ok I know they all suc :P some of them are in the name of humour I think you may be able to guess which ones ;) and I’m not telling you what abs means, I will let you use your own imagination :D.

If for some odd reason you want to use my weird things I have made you can :/ not that they are any good but oh well :).
Love always kass.

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I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • lol those avatars are great :D I love the ‘go on cry’ one lol
    abs…*thinks* what could it be?… all birds snore? any broken shit? arriving before sunset? anybody blows smoke? a bear sniffs? lol

    • Kya

      oh<3333333 how cute

      • ABS IS EBIL. -brandishes stick- RBS, TBS and SBS are muchos better. Oh. And MBS…rwoar. XD

        A CLUE: middle word begins with B ends with G rhymes with HONKING. XP

        • Kya

          :D :D :D :D :D

  • Oh, Kass, they’re lovely. The Rick ones speshly XD <3

    But ABS IS EBIL KASS. VEREH VEREH EBIL. -threatens with a stick-

    • Kya

      :D :D :D *runs to the hills*

      • -evol laugh-

  • haha i LOVE that pic of ambrose… i laughed so hard when i saw it in AA.. XD

    heehee yeah go Rickler he rules

    • Kya


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