My christmas designs, printed :D


My Christmas designs arrived and I am really happy with the result. I decided on the four final designs from all of your help, and what I liked too. Plus, I decided to have a notepad and stickers made. Even though the notepad is not really ‘Christmas related‘ it has to make an appearance. I don’t intend to sell them, just to share cards with friends/family and maybe include some stickers and a note with them. :D If you are interested in exchanging cards, let me know.


It might be a bit hard to tell, but the cards are also glossy and feel nice to touch.


Yay, giraffe Santa!


All the stars! :D


This photo kind of went a bit noodley and made the quality look eh. It looks better in ‘real life’. xD


Your friendly Christmas tree.


A fun little notepad I designed. I made the contrast of the design lighter, so you could see what you are writing haha. I also realised it’s a bit crooked. But, cute giraffe!


Loveable star stickers. I really love this and think they are my favourite thing (I do have a sticker collecting problem).


I am happy with how all of the designs turned out and can’t wait to post them off. I had all of my cards/designs printed with Vistaprint, price was good and they shipped really really fast! Might be a cool option for anyone in Australia looking to have designs printed. The only bummer is, when you upload a design, you can’t see a quality preview, they make you pay for that. But if you upload high quality files (for my designs I usually use the .ai, illustrator file) there is no problem.

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I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • sooo cute! the stickers are awesome xD

    • Kya

      :D Must remember to send things to you, before Christmas 2020! :D (That does not apply to you sending ME things, you can take as long as you want!)

  • So this is completely serious… you should actually sell these designs properly – you could become a stationary designer these are gorgeous! :)

    • Kya

      Aw, that is so sweet of you to say. I don’t know if I am at that level with my skills yet, but it’s something that would be fun to do. Even if I just designed it for myself or friends. xD

  • For the non-Australians reading this post, Vistaprint has a site in many countries! :D

    I will have to take advantage of this at some point. Thanks for telling us all about this, Kya!

    • Kya

      Whoops, I probably should have made that clear. Thanks for pointing it out. :D

  • CUTE! I just love how these turned out! I wish I had your talent when it came to designing! :DDD

    Vistaprint is amazing! <3
    Thanks so much! I love it, too! You and Melissa are both amazing when it comes to designing stuff! <3 <3 <3 <3

    I can't wait to see your project! I just hope for my sake, it doesn't compete with any of mine. :P I'd probably lose that battle due to my track record. :( But I am working to change that! All in due time.

    Yeah, I didn't do as well as I would have hoped but I have 3Bs and 1A so far in my classes…unless a miracle happens in this one last class (she hasn't graded much of anything in that class) I won't have higher than a B but that is OK cause at least I didn't legitimately fail any of my classes though it feels like it knowing my GPA is lower than 3.5 now. & now that I am transferring schools to move down to Jacksonville, FL that will hurt me rather than help me. :/

    • Kya

      Thank you. :D

      I don’t think having different projects should be about competing. Whatever you are making is surely going to be another option for people out there, so it can only be a good thing. I don’t run sites to try and beat anyone, just because I am really fond of an idea. :D

  • They look awesome. I especially love the giraffe notepad and star stickers

    • Kya

      :D Thank you so much!

  • I’ve died from all the cuteness in this post. ;w;

    • Kya

      Oh noes! :O

  • Oh my Kya. They are gorgeous. NOOOOOOOOOOOO I WANT THEM ALL NOW. I totally want to exchange cards. DID I MENTION I LOVE THEM ALL. I would totally buy them off you if you ever sold them. But you love me so I am expecting a xmas card on its way to Singapore. XD THEY ARE SO FAB. SHINY. AND PRETTY. (I may also have not enough sleep.)

    • Kya

      OF COURSE YOU GET A CARD. :DDDD I just have to decide which one. :'(

  • They came out looking so great! The notepad is super cute, as is everything else. I’m going to have to check out vistaprint, it’s such a great idea!

    • Kya

      Thank you so much. I was really pleased with how it turned out. Sometimes you don’t know until you get it. I was thankful that I did have a good idea because I had ordered designs before. But I hadn’t ordered a notepad so I wasn’t sure how it would look, but it worked. :D

  • So cute and creative!

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D

  • Oh my goodness! These are really cute! I’m so envious at your illustrations! I couldn’t draw to save my life! I totally have a sticker collecting problem, too. haha!

    • Kya

      I am not really that talented at drawing, I can only do simple things. So I do what I can and try and learn new ways to create and explore.

  • Joy

    Oh gosh! Everything looks so cute!

    • Kya

      Thank you so much!

  • omgggg. These are literally the cutest things ever. You have real talent!

    • Kya

      Aww, thank you so much! :D

  • Ahhhh, they all came out so wonderful, Kya! Especially the little notepad. My goodness, that’s just plain adorable.

    So you used Vistaprint? I’ve used them in the past and they constantly sent me emails about their products, it got really frustrating. Did you check out other places first? I’m not sure what the fees in Australia are for Zazzle but they also do printing.

    • Kya

      Thank you so much. :D

      They do send a lot of emails which is annoying, unless you want to have something printed, then the discounts are very handy. I guess it just depends on those random times that you do haha.

      I had looked around at a few other places, but I was impressed with how quickly Vista does print and send the items and I haven’t had any issues with them. :D

  • Mei

    Really cute! I’ll be in so much joy if I get to receive these Christmas cards, especially that I know hat this is made with such effort and love. :)

    • Kya

      Thank you. I do hope that the people I send them to will like them. :D

  • Seee! They look good on design, they look even better on paper! I like it. I hope to see more designs from you Kya! Totes loving it!

    • Kya

      Thank you so much! :D

  • Birgit

    These are all gorgeous, Kya! I’d buy some if you decided to set up a store! I love the owls and the stars in particular – they would be equally awesome without the Christmas theme. (This is me nydging you to go ahead and design more, for sale.. ;) )

    I also wanted to say thank you for the massive fave’ing over @ flickr. <3

    • Kya

      Aw, thank you so very much for your support that really means a lot to me. I got lost in your Flickr profile and it was hard to stop faving all of the photos because they are beautiful! :D

  • Those are super cute! I really love the star and the owl ones the best!

    I am loving these websites you and Georgie; both are finding!

    I’m glad you’ve changed your domain back into a blog! I was waiting for the day it would be back, but I got busy over the last few months to check.

    I would love to exchange Christmas cards with you.

    • Kya

      Thank you so much. :D Awesome, I’ll send you an email!

  • These prints look amazing! Your selection is completely adorable, and I’m sure everyone you send a card to will be delighted!

    • Kya

      Thank you so much! :D

  • Liz

    That looks amazing! Vistaprint’s also available here in the US, and they don’t look really expensive, so maybe I can do my own cards next year. xD Do they sent envelopes with them?

    They look nice. Especially the stickers. (And the owls). xDD

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D Yep, you get free white envelopes with each card, so that works out well. :D

  • Cuteness overload! I didn’t know you could do all that with Vistaprint. They look fantastic!

    • Kya

      :D Thank you!

  • Oh my goodness they look amazing. :D I think I am mostly surprised because I had my business cards done with Vistaprint and I thought the size was a bit too small. And I also did not pay more for gloss, so it was a bit blah. I think the quality was super-good though. Now that I want to re-do my branding and stuff, I have four hundred business cards I have no idea how to get rid of. xD I was also a bit miffed by the crappy preview on the website hahaha.

    The cards look amazing though, so bright and colourful! I love the idea of creating a notepad for myself. I am so picky with designs that I may as well make my own.

    I used to have an obsession with stickers. Somewhere down the track I realised I wasnโ€™t using them and had no idea where to stick them so I stopped collecting them. :P

    • Kya

      Thank you so much. That is a shame that you had problems with the design you had printed. I had business cards printed and I had no problem with them, so it’s a bummer that you did. That is also annoying that you have so many cards with no purpose. Maybe you could reuse them for something…

      I don’t collect stickers as much as I used too, because there is a point where you have to be realistic about how much space they are taking up as well.. :P

  • Just here to tell you that my forum is open if you want to join it! (:

    Still love those designs! hahahaha

    • Kya

      :D Thanks for letting me know!

  • I really admire your designs, they are really cute! I have to say the Christmas tree is one of my favorites. Your quite talented (your webdesign too)! I wish I had the patients to learn to do stuff like that. I’ve tried some tutorials in illustratorand photo shop but never get much beyond what the tutorial entails. Your stuffs awesome though!

    • Kya

      Aw, thank you so very much. I think it just takes time, patience and a bit of exploration of different styles and techniques. If you also really like making various designs it helps too. :D

  • You make such cute designs, it’s amazing! Love the little stickers too <3

    • Kya

      Thank you so much! :D

  • I love this!! You are incredibly talented, my dear.

    • Kya

      Thank you so much! :”)

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