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Hiya I changed the look of this, I think it looks ok, I was trying to make it friends only but my brain was being like Jelly and it didn’t want to do what I asked so I guess I wont be doing that then, nevermind. Um…what was I going to say how annoying I can never remember what I am going to say god knows how I can live each day as I do. Oh well better be off to do nothing that could be something <3 3 Love always. kassmaster.

Posted by on April 22nd, 2004 in Category: Design and Tags: , .

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  • blackxlilies says:

    :D I really love your new journal look :) *hugs* off to school I go… *steals agent smith on the way*

  • Oh, i like the new layout Kass (can i call you that? lol)! Off to school! =D

  • dmy says:

    *thumbs up*
    Spiffy, yes?

  • vandafreak says:

    This is very muchos purdy XD Me likes it. <3

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