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Hey everyone thank you very much for the lovely Christmas wishes it is good to hear that most people had a good day. :) It’s so weird to think there is only about 6 hours left of 2005! But that is not a bad thing I will be happy when this year finally ends it has really been doo doo, not just for me but a lot of people.

I think 2006 will be a lot better. I’m not doing anything for New Years, I never do. I’m not much of a go out and drink type of person so I stay at home and watch the fire works :D the ones from Sydney Harbour are amazing. I have watched them since I was little, hehe.

This year I have managed to do things I previously didn’t: get lots of domains, new people I have met and adored, grown up in many ways, lost weight, gained weight then lost it again, Grown closer to my family, had more poetry published, Became a Trouble Checker, Not lost touch with many of my dear friends, became more intuitive and aware of the world around me and hopefully not changed much.

For the year ahead I just hope I can not change and continue to do whatever I was meant to do. Finish school and look for something that calls me and I enjoy and most importantly value everything I have and the people around me.

I changed the layout, it has Dom again, he is very lovable, don’t ya just love him :D

Happy New Year to everyone I hope if you do celebrate it that you have a really good night. *snuggle*

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  • Fena says:

    loving the new layout.. great work as always.. :)

    happy new year *hugz*

  • Minna says:

    ah…dom…hehe..I liked him better as a hobbit than as charlie I must admit…

    I think 2006 will be a better year too :) I always say that but..it usually gets better if you believe it :)

    I bet the fireworks in sydney harbour are amazing I would love to see them! I have always watched the fireworks over the water between sweden and denmark, maybe I will tis year aswell…we’ll see :)

    take care kya and HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SWEDEN!!!

  • Yimin says:

    Hello love. a HUGE Happy new year to you!!:D Your 2005 is now over.. but mine is 5 hours away xP. I hope the fireworks were is pretty as they ever were :P
    i adore your new layout! Its so you:D

  • Nayana says:

    Ohh I hope your new years is going to be a great one. yea 2006..how exciting huh? Well I hope that this new year bring lots of joy and what not you to. I know you’ve kinda had a rough year this year but I hope everything betters for 2006. Love the new layout as usual :)

  • Amy says:

    Happy new year, Kya! I never really do anything for new years either. It’s always a family thing. lol

  • Jennifer says:

    It is wierd to think there is only 6 hours left of this year. Actualy there is only 3 hours left, that is even more wierd! I feel as if I should do something special, like completely tidy my room or something, rather than go to sleep and wake up in 2006.

  • mia says:

    Happy New Year! ^.~ Nice Layout! ^^, Take care always ^_^

  • Shannon says:

    :O! I love your new layout! How to you do these things!

    Happy New Year! 2005’s not over for me yet, but it will be soon. Woo!

  • Raine says:

    SWEEEETIE! Happy new year! *big squish* I saw the fireworks in Sydney and instantly thought of you… I should be going off now to watch a film with my bro and sis to celebrate, but I just wanted to pop by and wish you a wonderful time, and I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT! (And you. xD xxxxxxxxx)

  • Julie says:

    I do nothing for the new years eve cept for stay at home x]

  • Sheeda says:

    Hey Kya! *gasp* Dom!

  • Tania says:

    The new layout is pretty!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Adi says:

    happy new year :) may all your wishes come true ;)

    *dom is hot!*

  • Kate says:

    Your new layout is rocking!! I think it’s your best so far. :)

    Good luck for the new year!

    I watched the Sydney fireworks on tv. Very trippy as always. :)

  • Paul says:

    I like the layout alot. Happy New years. The entry was sweet. lol. ttyl.


  • mireillie says:

    very pretty new layout. =) )
    hmm.. i don’t do much on new years either. guess i’m like you. heh. wish i could’ve done all those things you did in 2005. heh. anyway, happy new year. =) ) wish you have a spectacular 2006.

  • Shannie says:

    Wow! Pweeety new layout for the new year! (: Haha. Best wishes to ya in the coming year yeah?


  • Silver says:

    Love the layout. Have a great year ahead. ^^

  • Charlie says:

    hey i *heart* the layout! i can’t believe i haven’t left you a comment in the longest time! the last time i was on the computer was months ago! well, i just wanted to wish you a happy new year and hope that ’06 is better than ’05! mucho amor, charlie

  • Yimin says:


  • Yimin says:

    postage whorage *dies* i dont know what your on about *looks innocent* SLOSHINGSTHS TO YOU AND YOUR HAMMER

  • Yimin says:

    oohooohooh!ohh! PARTAY!:D lemme join you pwease..? I have um.. I have A SPANNER!

  • Yimin says:

    with my spanner i can bash heads and zoom out SLOSHings *nods*. Would be a lot of fun at our wonderful nartriliam party non?

  • Yimin says:

    *giggles* a spanner goes SNAPERN o.O SNAPPERSNAPPERsloshSNAPPERSSLosH. Wow noisy party! oh and it also goes ‘ding’ at the end of a big ass sloshing. so SLOSHHH’ding’in unison with your BANG BANG THUD THUD
    :D heeeee!

  • Yimin says:

    LOL :O our precious hammer and spanner will be heros :O::O:

    *sings* ‘When theres something strange in your neighbourhood who ya gonna call HAMMER… AND SPANNERRRRR!’ *BANG BANG THUD THUD BANG THUD BANG BANG THUD THUD. SPENNER SNAPERN SNAPPERSNAPPERsloshSNAPPERSSLosH DING in the background* ;)

    Got quite a lovely jingle there eh?:D

  • Rosie says:

    My New Years Eve was boooooooring! I hope 2006 is a great year for you =D x

  • Shelby says:

    Lovely new layout! it looks like you achieved alot in 05 from what I can tell. I bet 06 will be better too. :). Once again the layout is gorgeous. I really like the colors

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