Nominate a friend to win a domain!

Bubble is currently running a competition where you can nominate a friend to win a free domain (and the winner chooses a friend to also win a domain). All you have to do is head over to the competitions page and enter the name and website of the person you would like to nominate (you can nominate up to three people – but you can not nominate yourself). Please do not nominate me as I can’t win in my own competition haha.

I also made a batch of 55 new icons, yay!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:00 am November 17, 2009

Your icons are as amazing as ever, Kya ! I particularly like the Lily Allen ones. :) She’s a great singer, in my opinion. : D

I wish I could nominate you for your own competition !

Psttt, you know you would win ! (:

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