The Month That Was: May 2016

In May 2016 my blog turned 10, I continued study and mostly finished the kitchen.

For some random reason May is my favourite month in the year. I guess because its¬†starting to cool down and we get a lot of rain and can get snuggly near the fire.¬† :love: ¬†This month I was able to celebrate my blog turning ten and ran¬†a competition. I have also mostly finished the kitchen. I say mostly, because I do have it functioning as a kitchen again, but there are some things I am just not happy with. Once I fix them, then I will take photos and declare it finally ‘done’.¬† n’D

Blog Birthday & Giveaway

Today my blog turns 10 and to celebrate I am holding a stationery giveaway!  :cake:

Ten years ago on the 13th of May 2006, a 19 year old me registered the domain In my first blog post, I wrote that it had been a wishlist domain for a while. I think the greatest thing about looking at that first entry is the people who commented, a number of them are still good friends with me today!

Throughout those ten years, there has been tremendous change. I lost loved ones, helped family battle illness, struggled with my own mental health, made friendships, lost friendships, started university, wrote a book and finally within the last few years found positive influences that enabled me to finally see a future for myself. I feel optimistic about what lies ahead and look forward to sharing that journey on my blog.

The Giveaway

Kya's Blog Birthday Giveaway

Kya’s Blog Birthday Giveaway

The Month That Was: April 2016

In April 2016, I continued study with my second class at Uni, practiced website design and have still not finished the kitchen.

I didn’t finish the kitchen renovation,¬†it has taken waaaaaay longer than planned (how is it three months already??) I am confident that I WILL finish it in May.¬† n’D

Life Updates

  • Continued study with my second class, Concepts and Narratives
  • Got a 82, in my first assessment, it’s a¬†High Distinction (HD), but hoping to do better next¬†time
  • Practiced website design again and really enjoyed it
  • Have not finished the kitchen… ¬†I just have ONE MORE coat of gloss and I am done, now the weather has been getting cooler…¬† #n#
  • Purchased some cute quilt covers
  • No soda, 30% towards my starting goal weight¬† :love:

100 Cats on my bed

I have styled my bedroom with an adorable new kitty quilt cover.  :love:

I recently purchased three new quilt covers from Target. I am a sucker for a good/cute design, and couldn’t¬†resist the Kitty, Fox & Friends and Ice Cream (Sprinkles). A lot of the time the adorable designs are only available in smaller sizes for kids, so I was pleasantly surprised to find designs I liked in double & queen.¬† :***: