Twenty Nine

Today I turned 29 and while it is a weird age to consider that your 20s are almost over, I think I am mostly okay with that.

I have never been one to let age define who I am, and that is probably why turning 29 is not that big of a deal. I think sometimes when the number begins to grow larger you start to contemplate all the things you wanted to do by a certain point in time, or the expectations that you have for yourself.

I am happy that I am finally doing the things that I want to do. Studying at University, devoting time to creative pursuits (like digital art, and finishing my first book last year) as well as focussing on my health, both mental and psychical. I feel positive about the future, and that is something I have not been able to say for a long time.

The Month That Was: February 2016

In February 2016 I completed my first class at Uni and began renovating our kitchen.

During my break from Uni (between terms) I have been very busy with the kitchen renovation. Sanding all of the cupboards, skirting and around a bench has been taking some time, but I am hoping I can have it finished in the coming week. ou3uo My hands have been getting sore and I keep forgetting to wear gloves, so my fingers are rough and sore from the sandpaper. n’D

Kitchen Renovation

My mum has her birthday on the 25th of February and I wanted to give her a gift that she could really enjoy. I decided to renovate the kitchen for her. :cake:

Inspired by renovating my bedroom, I thought that giving the kitchen a fresh new look would be a really great present (mum thinks so too). Our kitchen was looking a bit sad and sorry with; linoleum removed from the floor and bare cork style flooring, dark cupboards and slightly orange walls, it was really screaming for a redo.

First class complete

I have completed my first class or unit for University and although I don’t have my total grade yet, I am pretty sure I passed. :love:

My first class was about 20th Century Design and I enjoyed learning about the events, movements and styles that shaped design, during the 20th century. For instance the industrial revolution that kickstarted mass production, the need for a commercial designer and the creation of the consumer market. I found particularly interesting how design was used to create cultural myth and identity (Australia from the pastoral colonial landscape to entice immigration to the modern world we live in today).

The only issue that I had with the class, was there was a lot of information to try and absorb in just 12 weeks. I am pretty confident that I have passed the class. The first two assignments I submitted I got High Distinctions n’D and if I get at least pass or credit for the others, all is¬†well.¬† ;D

My Daily Apps

This is a list of applications that I use everyday. Some of them are websites, available with cross-platform apps.

Each day I use a range of applications (or apps), each with a useful purpose, such as; tracking health, recording thoughts, storing information, communicating and primarily keeping me organised in many different areas of life. I have been using a number of apps for a long time and it has become a completely normal process and part of daily routine to have them open or to login and track progress. I thought it would be interesting to share the apps that I currently use and compare them in the future (plus, I am also interested to know what apps you use).  :sun: