My Daily Apps

This is a list of applications that I use everyday. Some of them are websites, available with cross-platform apps.

Each day I use a range of applications (or apps), each with a useful purpose, such as; tracking health, recording thoughts, storing information, communicating and primarily keeping me organised in many different areas of life. I have been using a number of apps for a long time and it has become a completely normal process and part of daily routine to have them open or to login and track progress. I thought it would be interesting to share the apps that I currently use and compare them in the future (plus, I am also interested to know what apps you use).  :sun:

The Month That Was: January 2016

In January 2016, I stopped hosting, stopped drinking soda and dealt with my iMac crash. :o

This month wasn’t as exciting as previous months, with most of my time focussed on Uni and completing assessments. I did make the healthy decision to stop drinking Soda and largely reduce my sugar intake and I have already been loosing weight. ¬†I also decided to focus on saving money and downgraded my hosting to a VPS, instead of a dedicated server. It meant that I had to ask many people to leave and that was¬†not easy. I am hoping that everyone I was hosting could find another online home.¬† :hug:

Next month I would like to make sure that I keep up with creative projects. It was a bit hard this month with my iMac crash and not trusting my old laptop to handle Illustrator, so hopefully February I can make all the things.  ;P I also need to catch up to so many blogs and apologise for not visiting and commenting!  *n*

Social Websites Wishlist

This post is a wishlist of social media websites that I would like to see.

Personally, I find certain social media sites to be an interesting concept. Especially those that focus on a specific community that is able to share an interest (such as books on Goodreads and movies on Letterboxd). I prefer those that are less involved with marketing the user (we know who) and that can create¬†the atmosphere to enjoy the experience of sharing/collecting/exploring and growing. Because I have a background of playing in website design, I also like a site that is easy to navigate and has a ‘clean’ design.¬† n’D

My iMac crashed

Last week my 7 month old iMac crashed and I had to take it in for repairs.

I have no idea what happened. It was left on, I came back and it was not working. I tried different outlets, a different power cord, still nothing. When I tried to turn it on, it was making a noise like it was trying to initiate the startup, but couldn’t do it. I am hoping that I will be able to get it back next week. In the mean time, I have been using my old MacBook that is almost 6 years old. It doesn’t handle a lot of programs at once, but at least it works! n’D

So long, soda

On January 5, 2016 I made the decision to finally stop drinking soda.   <3 :***:

I had been thinking about this for a long time (it is on my¬†30 before 30) and was finally inspired to stop consuming the fizzy sweetness¬†after watching the documentary That Sugar Film. Not only have I decided to stop drinking soda, but to also be much more conscious¬†of the sugar that is in the foods I am eating and it is in A LOT of things. So many processed foods have large amounts of sugar and its¬†often used as a marketing technique by companies¬†when they mislead the public into saying something is ‘fat free’ when sugar has just been included (in large amounts) to make it taste appealing. I am not a dietitian or an expert in the field, but decreasing my sugar intake is something that I am pleased to be doing.