Happy Birthday To Me

Today I am 26 years old. It feels strange to be this age some part of me feels like I am a lot younger and another part feels like I am a lot older, maybe that means my age is meeting at the right place. I would also like to wish anyone else born on this day a happy birthday and to all fellow pisceans. :wub:

Christmas Card Design 2012

Each year I love to design my own christmas cards and have them printed. This year I designed a card featuring three giraffes. It is a lot of fun to create your own cards and see them printed, I think it makes the whole process of sending them even more special. The christmas card was designed with Illustrator, however I have still not had them printed (I better hurry I know). Hopefully in the next few days I will.

What do you do for christmas?
Send cards, presents or something else?  :)


Hello world!

Hello there! It has been a while since I have had an active blog, and I am excited to be up and running again with one.  :D I was a bit lazy and didn’t create my own theme, but found that this one created by Caroline Moore was too awesome to ignore. There are a few things I have been up too.

  • I have my own business called Klue. Which is all about the design and hosting.   :B
  • I am working on a hobby shop that is intended to open on December 1st, called Cute Magic.  :wub:
  • I am still enjoying taking photographs and looking at pretty things.  ^.^
  • I don’t tweet as much as I used too, but hopefully I can change that.  :p

How are you, what have you been doing?

Five on Friday: Habits

For this Five on Friday I want to talk about five habits that I have that are predominant in my life at the moment.

  1. Smoking. Not a very good habit and one that I want to change.
  2. Getting distracted. I may start with the best intentions of doing something but I get very easily distracted. Focus, focus, focus!
  3. Sleeping. I love to sleep. I dream so many weird and usual things. Although it may be nice, it doesn’t help to accomplish tasks and is not healthy (to sleep a really loooong time).
  4. Journal writing & daily photography. This is a new habit and one that I am glad I am sticking too. I have been keeping a daily journal (old school writing with a pen) and making sure to take photographs everyday and uploading them to my 365 project profile and on flickr. I don’t always have the best photographs to share at the moment because some days I run out of time (see habit number 2 and 3, also trying to finish designs).
  5. Communication. One bad habit I have is that I am not always good at either communicating with people or keeping in constant communication. It’s not something that I mean to do, and it really annoys me that I loose track of time and suddenly it has been a month since I called a friend or emailed them. Must not let time sleep so easily away.

I also missed blogging yesterday, so I will try and make next weeks post on Geek Thursday an interesting one. *fingers crossed*

Thinking Tuesday: Life as it ages

Life is a complicated journey. Before I cared for my grandparents I didn’t understand or think about it the same way as I do now. I was happy skimming through life, hoping that things would come my way and that everything would just work out fine, bad things wouldn’t happen, everything would end up roses and sunshine. There were of course times before caring for them that I battled hard with depression and sometimes would just lie in bed all day, sulking in my own demons.

When I started to care for my grandparents I was diagnosed with depression and given medication to treat it. It made a big difference to me and balanced out the chemicals that sent me to dark places. But even if I was being treated, I believe that the real lessons of life came from looking after the two soles I had grown up with, my Nanna and Poppy. There were moments of great joy and times when I felt so sick with worry my whole body would shake. Even through those hard times it showed how solid the bond I had for my family, to treat the special moments as precious as they are, how wonderful my true friends are and how strong the human spirit can be.

I watched my Nanna go from a beautiful comical person who would often make two sided jokes to someone who was serious, angry and did not know her own home and some of her family. I watched her leave this earth and felt her spirit in the next. I watched my grandfather go from a strong man helping me learn to drive into someone fragile and ill. It makes me sad that he has to be in a nursing home at the moment because I love him so dearly, and his mind is still very sharp, his body is just slowly letting him down, as age does to all.

Something that has been hard to watch as my grandfather gets older is how many friends and relatives he has lost in the last two years (even within the last month it has been a lot). Imagine watching the people who you are close to now dying, no longer being there to have a chat with, send an email to or call. It would be such a horrible thing to go through, especially when you felt ill yourself. Even though it is a morbid thought, it also makes you appreciate the people around you, or it does for me.

I know the time will eventually come when my Poppy will leave this world too. It is very scary because he has been such a huge part of my life, but I am so lucky to have known him, to have been their to help him when he needed my care and as a reminder that we have to appreciate the living energy around us. I am lucky to have a close relationship with my mum who is a constant rock, and is so understanding that we help each other in so many ways, sometimes just being in the same room is enough to sooth the unsaid.

There will be dark moments in the future and there will be vibrant tones of joy. I will grow and understand more, but I will carry my lessons of age with me, and approach life with a different understanding and appreciation.

Animal Monday: Kinky


This animal monday I would like to dedicate to my adopted dog Kinky (named so for a kink in her tail). She is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She is an older dog and first lived with my grandparents. It was sad to see her alone, so now that I am living in my grandparents house, Kinky and I keep each other company. She loves pats and cuddles and likes to wake me up by nudging her nose on the side of the bed (she does this often, but how can you get angry with such a cute face). She cares about people and has such expressive eyes, you can almost see what she is thinking. She also love Schmackos (which we call her ‘lollies’) and will sometimes wake me up at 3am wanting one.

Writing Sunday: Give your sins a name

The following short story is recommended for a mature audience only.

I sat in the strange little box and waited. This was my parents idea because I was not the ideal child they had always dreamed me to be, the perfect reflection of themselves, gleaming with awards and trophies, stepping towards my career as a doctor or lawyer. Instead, to them I was in the gutter, slinking towards a future at McDonald’s if I was lucky.
“What are your troubles my child” a voice said through a thatched divider in another small box. I was not religious and the fact that I was being forced into confession seemed highly contradictory. It seemed so cliché that the youth in trouble is thrust towards the religious saviour, that God or a divine light is going to fix all the problems, and possibly take away my hormones.
“Well, I guess to put it very plainly, I had sex.”
I could hear the voice contemplating what was the right thing to say, and I was trying very hard to hold back growls of laughter, realising this would be more embarrassing for him, really.
“Go on” he finally said in a wavering tone.
“I guess it wasn’t just the fact that I had sex, it was due to the fact that it was at school and someone caught us and filmed it. Then after the whole school had seen it, so did the staff, the principle and then it was reported to my parents, which I really hope they didn’t watch.”
I wasn’t sure at the reaction I would get, but he gasped, literally. Maybe he had a photographic memory and it was the mental image that scared him the most. It wasn’t something that I was proud of, who wants to have their private moments broadcast to everyone you know, I guess if you have a career in the pornography industry that is different. It could have been my ticket into that world, but I did not want to, and although I wasn’t wishing I could take back what happened I was still embarrassed. Maybe it was the constant yelling of my mother telling me I was filthy and unclean and was going to burn in hell.

I sat in silence in the small little box. Not sure what I was supposed to say, and if he was still even there or had died of shock.
“Why?” was all he said.
“Because I wanted too. Haven’t you ever felt a desire, okay maybe a bad example. Haven’t you ever really wanted to or felt compelled to do something?”
“Young lady, there are things in life that God grants us, and there are those gifts that we should wait for and savour.”
I thought about this for a while. If I did not believe in God then how could the normal rules apply. Especially when I looked at the human race as beings in a constant search for pleasure and fun. I guess I should just get this over with quickly and drop the big bomb.
“I was pregnant as well, and had to have an abortion. My parents don’t know that part, but I guess they fear something like that could have happened and want me to be cleaned, cleansed and sins forgiven, do you think that could be done, at least just for their peace of mind?”
I heard the door to the little box open, I was sitting alone in my own little world. Just me and God, no middle man to receive the transmission.