My iMac crashed

Last week my 7 month old iMac crashed and I had to take it in for repairs.

I have no idea what happened. It was left on, I came back and it was not working. I tried different outlets, a different power cord, still nothing. When I tried to turn it on, it was making a noise like it was trying to initiate the startup, but couldn’t do it. I am hoping that I will be able to get it back next week. In the mean time, I have been using my old MacBook that is almost 6 years old. It doesn’t handle a lot of programs at once, but at least it works! n’D

So long, soda

On January 5, 2016 I made the decision to finally stop drinking soda.   <3 :***:

I had been thinking about this for a long time (it is on my¬†30 before 30) and was finally inspired to stop consuming the fizzy sweetness¬†after watching the documentary That Sugar Film. Not only have I decided to stop drinking soda, but to also be much more conscious¬†of the sugar that is in the foods I am eating and it is in A LOT of things. So many processed foods have large amounts of sugar and its¬†often used as a marketing technique by companies¬†when they mislead the public into saying something is ‘fat free’ when sugar has just been included (in large amounts) to make it taste appealing. I am not a dietitian or an expert in the field, but decreasing my sugar intake is something that I am pleased to be doing.

The Year That Was 2015

As 2015 is drawing to a close, I thought I would continue my tradition of recapping my year that was with a blog post.

 I like to think of 2015 as a year when, I was able to find stability,¬†motivation and courage. I returned to University,¬†completed¬†my first children’s book, renovated my bedroom, designed a stationery set and turned 28. I felt a reconnection to blogging and the blogger community through such cool active bloggers and friends; Alice, Cat, Georgie, Joy, Kaela,¬†Karin, Raisa,¬†Sarah,¬†Tara,¬†and many many more. I retired some websites I had been running (Giraffe Host & Blog Matter) and continued to maintain my active ones; Bloglist Me, Cute Magic, Moon & Cup mb.

What I hope to see in 2016

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to everyone around the world. I hope you had/have a great day. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you still have great holidays and an awesome 2016!

My Christmas was spent with my mum and dad. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot (a typical Australian Christmas is usually icky heat and trying to stay cool). I was lucky to receive a new drawing tablet and some awesome gifts from friends that did the christmas gift exchange with me. Included below is a lot of images of gifts and what was included in the cards that I sent this year (all photos are from my phone, because I was feeling a bit lazy ahha).