47 Domains for sale

I have decided to cut costs, and sell some domains that I have been hanging onto for some time. These were less popular domains used for hosting on Bubble, I think they are still pretty awesome though. If you are interested in any, send me an email to kya@love.com with the domain you are interested in and an offer. Most I would be willing to sell for $5 or less, so don’t be afraid to send an offer. Payment should be made via PayPal! :3

  • squire.me (namecheap.com) – 1 Jan 2012
  • remus.me (namecheap.com)  – 1 Jan 2012
  • muffins.me (namecheap.com) – 9 Jan 2012
  • bookwormy.net (namecheap.com) – 18 Jan 2012
  • luffle.com (namecheap.com)
  • ohsopretty.org (namecheap.com) – 17 Feb 2012
  • magically.me (namecheap.com)
  • smartie.me (namecheap.com) – 27 Feb 2012
  • vampy.info (namecheap.com) – 27 Feb 2012
  • iscute.org (namecheap.com)
  • vampish.net (namecheap.com) – 17 May 2012
  • hoshi.me (namecheap.com) FREE, will need renewal
  • scarhead.org (namecheap.com) FREE, will need renewal
  • cookied.org (namecheap.com) FREE, will need renewal
  • muggle.me (name.com)
  • queeny.me (name.com) FREE, will need renewal – 18 July 2011
  • balloon.im (name.com) FREE, will need renewal – 19 July 2011
  • duck.im (name.com)
  • catchling.com (name.com) FREE, will need renewal – 28 July 2011
  • stupefy.org (name.com) FREE, will need renewal – 28 July 2011
  • kitty.im (name.com)
  • noodley.net (namecheap.com) FREE, will need renewal
  • omgz.info (namecheap.com) FREE, will need renewal – 13 July 2011
  • hufflepuff.me (name.com) – 16 Aug 2011
  • starswirl.net (namecheap.com)
  • ohemgee.org (namecheap.com)
  • littleoctopus.net (namecheap.com) – 21 Aug 2011
  • cupcaked.org (namecheap.com)
  • innocently.me (name.com)
  • darker-side.org (namecheap.com) – 9 Sep 2011
  • cuteies.org (namecheap.com) – 9 Sep 2011
  • her-mask.org (namecheap.com) – 10 Sep 2011
  • easycake.net (namecheap.com) – 14 Sep 2011
  • meoow.org (namecheap.org)
  • eyecry.info (namecheap.com) – 15 Sep 2011
  • tragicaffair.com (namecheap.com) – 17 Sep 2011
  • divah.net (namecheap.com) – 24 Sep 2011
  • lollie.info (namecheap.com) – 24 Sep 2011
  • moowie.org (namecheap.com) – 24 Sep 2011
  • solost.net (namecheap.com) – 24 Sep 2011
  • kisstherain.info (namecheap.com) – 12 Nov 2011
  • catmilk.net (namecheap.com)
  • fanify.org (namecheap.com)
  • pixely.info (namecheap.com) – 4 Dec 2011
  • sillystring.org (namecheap.com)
  • dotties.org (namecheap.com)


Help Japan

In an effort to do my part and raise some money to help Japan during this terrible tragedy (please read here if you are unfamiliar with the events that have unfolded) I have decided to try and do my part. I will be making WordPress themes with all money raised going to the American Red Cross. I will try my best to make them quickly.

$5 – Basic WordPress theme (no image)
$15 – Standard Theme (you pick the design and a style of image and I will try my best to make it)!

Please send money via PayPal to kassers@gmail.com and please make sure to include a contact email as well as details about what you would like. I hope I can help. Along with the money raised from helping with themes I will also add $50 of my own funds.


24 Today *gasp*

Today I am 24, very strange. I had originally planned to write a post on reflections and what I plan to do in the next year before turning 25 (mainly to do with pushing myself to do the things I have always wanted) but I don’t feel like it right now. Next update I’ll see how I go.

I was having a good day, received so many messages (amazing, thank you ALL!) but found out in the afternoon that Dad was in hospital and had been since 7am. *sigh* So that has made things a bit blah. I hope he will be okay. :(

I do have cupcakes! Everything is okay with cupcakes. x:cupcakestraw: x:cupcakechoc:


Brief Blogeo

This is just a quick blog to point out the fact the layout has been changed. I had actually brought a theme, then decided to use a HTML template I had made a little while ago and turn into into a WordPress theme and add some features. It’s simple, but I like it (so far). I might consider offering it for other people, but not sure if anyone would use it? :i

I have a blog post planed, mainly about reflection and what I want to be able to do in life (break free of the fear). The inspiration for it? My birthday is tomorrow and I am turning 24, feels so weird. o_0

I am working on revamping the content. So far I have fixed About me, 50 books, domains and geek. I want to finish off the me section and get into the goodies as well. That is really bad and has a number of dead links. :(



Congratulations self, I managed to not make one post during the whole 28 days of February. :0

Reflections on my todo list for February I.. well I didn’t really do much of anything besides Uni. I finished my first two units and I am currently starting my next two this week (or they did start on Monday.. shh). I am happy with the results I have been getting and the fact I am doing something I never thought I could and under all the moaning and groaning I really do love it. I think something else I find really great is the fact I am meeting many great new people that I probably would never have met otherwise, people with the same interest in the interwebs or web related work interests! *high fives*

I have been sick for a few weeks, blaaah. Finally starting to feel better again. I think too many really late night study marathons have not been that wonderful for my health or my brainz. You live, you learn (or something like that).

I have discovered the magic of Tumblr. I have to blame an assignment I had to do, which I decided to use Tumblr for. Since then I have become addicted and keep blogging and re-blogging. Heh! If you have an account, let me know and I will consider following you! :3


February todos


Can you believe it is February already? :0 Time is going so fast, I need to lift my game if I want to fill this year with a lot of ticks on my life list. So, I will try and make a list of what I want to do this month and hopefully by the end I can say that I have been successful. :B

  • Finish first two units for Uni (PASS THEM)
  • Begin next two units for Uni
  • Continue caring for Poppy full time when he comes home
  • Get my head out of my bum and work on Bubble
  • Adopt out some fanlistings
  • Revamp my Blog
  • Revamp portfolio
  • Create first draft for childrens book (have story basics, plus sketches)

A busy month, but lets hope a productive one. ;)


INXS Rocked the Train


Train Train

I had an absolutely amazing, wonderful, exciting, BRILLIANT time at the Day On The Green on the 25th January! INXS and Train are two bands that I really love, and to be able to see them both live in the one day and so close was absolutely breathtaking. I was in the second row for Train before someone switched seats with me for INXS and I was right at the front, directly facing them. I could not have been any closer (well, unless I was on stage with them). Because I could go on and on, I’ll keep it simple in point form.

- Heat was so intense sweat was poring off everyone, they even had a ‘mist tent’ set up so people could walk through and cool down.
- A band called The Baby Animals played first, I had not heard of them before and I thought they were good, very energetic and had a strong stage presence.
- Train came out and absolutely rocked my world. Lead singer Pat Monahan has a beautiful voice, strong stage presence and is very funny. He was doing some funky dance movies, making faces and cracking jokes.
- Train singer Pat Monahan jumped off the stage and walked around the crowd, he came past the front and he reached over for a high five so I of course took that opportunity!
- INXS came out in suits (I don’t know how they could handle it, it was so warm)
- They played a lot of classic songs and some of the Switch album. They did play a few mixed versions of old songs, but off the new album (remixed Orgional Sin) I was not pleased with this album but hearing the songs live and being caught in the moment made things seem different haha.
- They had a break, came back dressed in costumes. J.D Fortune was wearing a bull hat with horns, it looked funny but strangely cool at the same time (you had to be there)
- They played an absolutely moving version of Don’t Change which did make me quite emotional, and I could tell moved the crowd and even them while they preformed it.
- J.D throw Vodka over those of us in the front, it was refreshing hahh!

Night was amazing. :O

You can view some photos and videos from the links below, yay. ;p

Train Album, INXS Album, Youtube Profile (videos are slowly being uploaded)


Brain Slime

Study Sleeping

The past week (all my life) my brain has been anywhere but in my body, especially my head (refer to the #mybrainhasmeltedoutofmyear tweet). I wish it would not choose the moments where I have to focus to run away on me, without even leaving a note. :0 I can’t blame it for everything I know, at least 30% of the problems for it not being there are my fault. Giving it to much to think about, not giving it enough, not feeding it, not letting it sleep for long enough, letting it sleep for too long. I am a bad brain owner. I am sorry brain… most of the time, but in the end if I am not sorry I pay for it, don’t I?

I currently have to focus on:

  • Assignment 2 for NET102, Due Monday 24 Jan
  • Assignment 2 for WEB101, Due Friday 28 Jan
  • Renovating my room, now have a major mess and no bed – so soon as possible
  • Work on Bubble (some major stuff, shh), Soon as possible
  • Preparation for Poppy coming home, 5 or 10 Feb-ish
  • INXS/Train Concert, Tuesday 25 Jan

There seems a million more things when what I actually have to do and I am trying very hard to focus and put everything into perspective and ORDER. The assignments are my main issue right now and it is my fault I left them too long. It was one of those ‘hey I have a week, I have so much time, yay’ that turned into ‘OMG WHAT A FEW DAYS WHY YOU DO THIS’ situations. o_0 I did get my results from assignment one in both net102 and web101. Heh, I am not exactly pleased with my result, but at least from the comments I can work on improving. 60% for net102 and 53% for web101. Not so great. :x_x

So I am wasting more time blogging instead of working on my thesis statement for the essay? :l

Also, happy birthday Kate and you can also socially stalk me via up.nu!


Assignment 1 [TICK]

Somehow through the craziness that was creeping into my brain (see twitter post) I finished assignment one for both topics (NET102 & WEB101) I was working on. Mind you I was working until 5:30am and I can’t say the quality maintained the same level. It is my fault though and I am willing to accept the consequences for leaving it to the last minute, I am going to make sure I actually manage my time a lot better from here on out (that is the idea anyway, only future blog posts will determine the real outcome ahha).

I am finally going to see Poppy tomorrow. I felt so bad that I couldn’t see him, I thought I would have finished my work in time, but I completely misinterpreted how much I had to do. At least now I might give myself two days to feel a bit human (today counted).

Server bill is paid, haazaa. Now I have no money left. :0 Also, my room is a complete mess I can literally not walk on the floor. Eh. It started with an idea of having a good clean, that has just contributed to making everything HELLO.


In the midnight hour, more more more

I am kind of bummed. I didn’t end up seeing Poppy today and I really wanted to. I spent 98% of the day working on the tasks I had to and I still haven’t finished. I don’t have a lot of time left (about 9 hours) but I should be able to get this finished with time to sleep and escape zombisim. :0 I set a time limit for myself on each topic, but I find myself getting so lost in them even when I don’t think I will and it takes me literally hours over the time I had set, grr.

Once I do have this finished I promise I will finish doing everything I need to on Bubble.

*runs back*


(Not exactly an interesting topic to share, but at least I am regularly sharing useless information this year, yay!)