Because I am not able to go to INXS and this hurts me so *sob sob* I am going to get a PSP2 instead. It will warm the little places in my heart, and me and Mel are going to be gamers now lO!l11.

I am going to enroll at TAFE on Wednesday. That will be fun, then I can start doing the Web Design course and feel like I am doing something with my time. I want to do a small buisness course after that, just so it can give me more direction in the field. :)

We got our new lounge and table and everything. The whole house looks 100 times better! So pretty now. We have the TV in a new unit and it looks crappy, so we decided we need a new TV. :D WILD.

Mum also told me I can have my lap top before my birthday, that is lovely she rocks. <3 I must make a mental note to buy Lora her birthday present! (even if its late, sorry love!)


INXS are coming back to Australia. They will be here in March, tickets go on sale, on tuesday. Well the pre-sale ones for the members, I am a member but I won’t be able to go. *sigh* Mum said it would be too hard for me to get there, and I have no one to go with. *growls* I really want to go, but I will just have to hope they come back again later. :(

Har har, I was being a bit tricksie with my Birthday. It is not in the near future, its not untill March. Hey, I can only try, right? :P

Ooooh Flowers!

New theme, still have some kinks to fix up but shall hopefully have them sorted very soon. :) I have made a few changes around the site, nothing major, besides the different look. I updated my Harry Potter collection, with some new items I have. :) I also updated my wishlist (my birthday is coming up, did you know this? ;) ) and my CD collection.

Not much else to add really, other then there is a frog on my window and he has really cute little hands or flippers… paws.. things that frogs have to eat their yummies. Heh, I sound retarted now. :) Winnar!111lol11

Christmas & New Year

Christmas 2006

Above is a picture of some lovely shoes I recieved for Christmas, and a bag that my gifts arrived in. The bag is so adorable, it has a grumpy face, but you just want to poke it. I had a really nice day, with just family. Nothing big or over the top, but a slow, peaceful day. More of them like that would be very welcome. :)

New years is not long away, only a couple of days. It is quite hard to believe really. I can remember last year, thinking to myself, about how stressed I would be now, with having finished school and wondering what to do, how wrong I was. I am starting to feel quite comfortable about the future, I know it has many great things just waiting, I only have to reach out to them, and they will be mine.

So, since the new year is drawing, why not continue that yearly must of making a list of things you will probably never keep. ;) Heh. Maybe I could *try*.

  • Save Money
  • Start Working
  • Loose Weight
  • Resist the erge to impolse buy
  • Slow down on the domain whoring
  • See my great friend Nicole, in person, in Australia
  • Make sure Nicole has a good time in Australia
  • See more live music
  • Get my license
  • Get a car

I think that will do for now, maybe I could add to it later or something. I can’t even remember if I kept one last year or not.. woops. That reminds me, mine and my dads Cricket comp is coming up soon. It happens every year, last day of the year and has been running for about seven years. I have to say, dad has been winning a few years in a row, but all good things must come to an end, mwuaha. :D

Also, I up’ed the plans at Teh Love, you now get heaps more space. Because I upgraded my reseller and now can do it. :) So if you want hosting have a look, the Holiday special is still running as well.

I hope everyone has a really lovely new year, may all the delights of life, bless you all!