Counting down

In less then 10 mins Pop stars live will be on for TWO hours I can’t wait because I love all the ones on it at the moment they are all fantastic, they also had a spechial on at 4 that went for like an hour or more and went over the whole show and made you rememebr who the finalists actually are I thought that was really great. Well I’m just talking to teddy and watching american Idol. If anyone wants to read my really weird story about, Jason Isaacs, Orlando Bloom, Hugo weaving, Bradd pitt, and so many others you can go here I mainly made it for Elise and Teddy but still it’s weird.

Um what else UH OH it’s 6:30 betta get ready for it. putting it on the right channel is a start :’B.

Love always.

I talked with rob today and she said i should do drama classes because she thinks I would be good at that. But I don’t think acting is my place I’m just to ugly for it and I don’t think i have an actor living in me, and I’m too scared to go to acting classes because I don’t want to make a fool myself pretending to act and it looking like that. But she said I was great when i was little on stage but that was then, I haven’t done it for ages I have no idea how I would go, and it’s a bit hard to be in that position…oh well I’ll see what happens, but it was wonderful talk to her again she is an amazing person I love her to bits.

I forgot to mention last time that dmy made me the beautiful avartor it is soo wonderful and she has been spoling me giving me such beautiful gifts on gaia aww *hugs* you diserve stuff like that but you already ahve everything :”(. I could give you peasant clothes :”(.

Also want to give a huge thanks to teddy for hosting my Murph fanlisting and my lindsee fanlisting because yes my domain is closing down, I might get another one I might not I don’t really know we’ll see what happens, it’s a shame really because I have met some beautiful people from it, Lindsee, teddy Tamanna they are amazing people and I am so greatful to be able to talk to them and I call them friends because they help me feel better and I can talk to them and be myself. they are amazing.

Well next week I will be in syd geting ready for the, no I would be sleeping getting ready for tommorow the big race day.

Oh I just remembered something funny, Neat was up the other night and she was talking about her brother and her cousin and she started thinking of ideas of how she can set me up with her cousin because he is english and he has the type of english accent I like and he’s 20. They will be over in a year and neat said we will have to invite them to my 18th next year I said year that will be the only men probably at the part him and paul, unless Elise you have to bring kevin ok great. I think i could no more guys buy then, damn I better :”(.

I had a really weird dream last night it had the really huge creatures that were like wails and they were in this ocean thing but the water drained away and they were dying. I kept looking at them because they were a creature I had never seen before and then the watter came back and i turned into one of them and I was a baby one swimming along with a mummy one and then nemo was their :”S that was silly but cute :’S/.

I think I covered everyting i needed to say oh opps no I didn’t. Teddy has this amazing site you all need to go to now. very kewl site I submited one fan fic it’s not that good and I love teddies writing it’s really great. :’D

Love always.

Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy warty Hogwarts

If you love Hogwarts as much as I do you would love to have a place here :’D I can see a place with your name on it come on you wonderful people we know you want to join. :’).

In other news I am truly going to the v8’s at eastern creek this makes me so happy, but should I be saying this what about stalking people? NO I don’t have to worry about that when I have them then I know i’m someone and should love them, haha just kidding…I hope I am. So that will be fun going their I can’t wait it will be bloddy awesome.

If you want to talk to me at gaia I usually hang out here alot of the time and well my posts don’t really make sence and I may quote Ryan saying he loves me all the time but I will try and help people.
I love gaia it’s so cute, thanks to Leasy she kept trying to get me obsessed for ages but I just kept saying oh yeah…..but my old computer did not handel it well, this one does it heaps better.

well I think that is all I have to update on….I have no brain I cannot remember.

Just a quick update

Hello all you wonderful people,
Just a quick update because always greener is on in a few minutes so I better be quick. I found the best Ryan fansite ever it updates all the time and has loads of everything it’s terrific brilliance.

I wtached Popstars live last night I love that show and all the ones I wanted got into the top 10 except for the two guys who ended up getting a song on the cd when it comes out so they will be brilliant and they realy are but it was great to see the ones I wanted getting up their.

Opps time is up I have to go have a great day everyone.
Love always.


Hello everyone,
I have a new live Journal now, I wanted a new one because the other one seemed really depressing for some reason and now I feel refreshed starting new again. I hope everyone is doing well. I am actually getting a bit of school work done which is good because I thought it would not happen. Neat thinkes we have a huge chance of going to the v8’s next week end and jen really wants to go so we have too, I said that if we see Murph I have to film him, but I only have a smal memory card so we can only film the important stuff, so not me singing the national anthem :'( .

Well I best be off and talk to darling edhelbornaand get more Gold on Gaia.
Love always.

Wednesday 4th Feb 2004

Neat got her car and I love it! It’s a beauty and I can’t wait until we have to go somewhere it’s really snazzy, Jen said it looked posh it does it looks really nice.

Watched a movie with mum tonight we laughed most of the way through it it’s called the Dream team I think it’s al old one but a classic none the less.

Watched the Simpsons and they had a bit of it about Harry Potter, I’m liking that.

My last poem I wrote I actually had people say they connected with it and could understand it, that is weird people have never told me that before, that is great if it did that to people and they could relate to it that is just the best thing. Mum is learning to organise writing for publication and she said it shows you how to submit poems for publication to a publicist she said she will be able to do it for me I said mum don’t be silly but she wasn’t, that made me feel happy, man I’m so self centred :( .

Well I can’t really think of much else to say. And thanks again Dan for that poem :) .

Keep Dreaming and Writing.



I’m tied at the moment and to prevent ham being sent to Leasy I am writing in this, good idea I think so. Now I spent hours making the thing, Layout for my website and I will be very happy when I have y password and can put it on their becuase it is rather snazzo, well for one of my creations it is. It has MASTER on it *dies and drolls in the one commotion* oh it’s the 19th that’s good then.

Um what else….something..I have been making little grafic things with paint shop pro 8. It does kewl things and I love it. *hugs it* Oscar is making funny noises and pocket went for pee oee. haha pee oee how cute.

Ok my brain is slowing down now. Can you tell? what..can you tell what? HELLO ANSWER ME :( ok now I’m just being stupid. I need my domain to be working again. Why the hell do I have to write something every fecking day anyway? Oh well one does have to…grow chickens.

merry poppins. JASE JASE YOU ALL HATE HIM, no SHIT if you hate him then I will be angry you hate him but if you love him then I will be upset that you love him. ok you all LIKE him but not in THAT WAY ….not that I like him in anyway..oh shit I think I will shut up now becuase I blow my cover..opps now I gave away more..waa waa


Back from the dead. aww :)

Howdy ho,

Its been a long while since I have written in here, but since I do have the internet back on and I cann’t update my actual blog on my domain I thought I may as well update this becuase I always yearn for that need to you know write heaps of things. Maybe it is my metal disability maybe it is my ying to the yang or maybe I am just very tied, either way or anyway I am doing so now.

I have a brand new computer. Well it is a twin as am I. Miss Darling Elise…NONONONON Miss Elise yes thats better. I can’t believe I said that. haha haha anyway back to the train of thought. It is really great and it moves fast, faster then any other compyter I have had. All up it was $3005.00 so that is good but I have to pay dad back, when I can..maybe when I sell my fist book…..hmmm.

Yes well I will say that Oscar blew my old computer uo becuase she was fidling with the insides and pluged the wrong thing into the mother board so yeah…that naughty oscar…we’ll just say it was hers, afterall why would III want to do antything like that….lala..

I have been a bit sick lately and it was very boring for the 3 weeks I did not have a computer, how great my life is. But what was terrible was not being able to talk to Leasy. We talked on the phone that was great but it’s a ton of fun just being able to talk to her whenever. How dare I I mean oscar take that away. But not to worry it’s all back now so it’s all kewl in the world of that.

I should have my domina back by monday..well I mean I what did I spell haha I meant Domain. domina hah that’s it’s name awww. anyway I get sidtraked so easily. It took me bloody a full day before I did anything to try and fix my e-mail i’m such a terner. I turn it into shit.

Ok merry easter and happy halloween.


Wednesday 24th December 2003, 5:45am

I am so very tied at the moment. I have not been to sleep. :S. I was in a conversation called “the party” for over an hour it was funny, Chris and Pinky are so funny, we I just walk about nothing really and go on with nothing all the time. haha but still it was very funny, we kept adding people in and saying welcome to our party. Well again I changed the layout this time it has draco. awww. It seemed fare that I only do that seeing as though he is, on my desktop, msn display pic and now here I think he is taking over my life. arr that doesn’t sound good, oh wait I haven’t had sleep I am allowed to not sound normal, :) all is well that ends well. Or not if you are a bitter end. haha that worked well. :)
Um I added my creations page and something else have forgotten oh well.
The Writer has written

Tuesday 23rd December 2003, 5:55Pm

I got to sleep at about 4am so that is a bit better then before, but I woke up with a blink you know how sometimes you are asleep and you just open your eyes and you are awake, I took the tv into my room and left it on all night and I looked over and it said 6:57 and i thought it was in the afternoon I don’t know why just stupidity I think and I said to myself oh well never mind and went back to sleep. I decided to get up after waking up again and it was 3pm I think good enough time to rise. And neat was here that was good and trace was still here, and neat got a movie from in town and we watched it.

The hours is a great movie I really will have to buy it because it brings so much with it on so many different levels. It shows you the world in a different light and makes you think about the hours that you have in your life. It way be depressing in a way but has so much truth to it. How woman sometimes live the lives they never wish to lead, it is wonderful how it shows us the different periods in time and the cap shots of how they are still in some way mingled if you will into our modern life. It also opens my mind and makes me think that as a writer myself that you have to picture you life and use what you have to truly find what it is that you have, and how much you are worth it, you have to know that your life is how you want it, and if it is not you have to make it the one you want. I give this movie ten out of ten, it does truly sit next to The Joy Luck Club although it does not take it’s pedestal.
The Writer has written.