Hard Act To Follow

I am not going to blog about Gaia Online this time, swear on it.

Witchypoo my cat has still not been home. This makes it 20 days now. I have been dreaming about her every night and some of the dreams have been disturbing, I just want to be able to cuddle her again. It drives me insane. She is such a beautiful girl, and has always been one I connected with the most (besides Oscar). She would get on my bed almost every night, and always loved cuddles, even if she was a Diva I loved and LOVE that about her. Come home you little bitch. *gonk*

I have been keeping myself busy. I am working on a big change to Tehlove and it’s going to be awesome. But I won’t say anymore. One thing in the hosting world that has annoyed me. Namecheap is going to raise the price of their domains. I will still get a discount, but it sucks because I will have to raise mine as well. Never a fun thing to do.

I also have my writing collective up now. I think its alright. If you would like to view some of my writing you can head over to Crucio.nu, yep another .nu domain! Not that much on it at the moment, but I am sure that will change! :)

i r nugget heasd.

Let it be known firstly, that yes I am lame and a nerd to the max. I was really good at quitting Gaia, I couldn’t leave. I guess I was also really happy when I found my very first account ever. It was called earth_mother (Haha, don’t ask.) and I renamed it to Spookish. So if you want to friend me, you are welcome to do so. I did have a sudden rush of wanting to restore my former glory so brought a bunch of collectables and sold them on the market place, but here is what I hope to get to eventually.

Total Value: 2,768,927 Gold

Item List:
Baby Seal Slippers
Horns of the Demon
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Dark Halo
Mythrill Halo
Ballerinas Circlet
Bouncy Antennae
Marshmallow Snowman
Western Zodiac
Oculus Magica
Scar of Hero
Doll Ears
Red MehTRO T with Cross
KiKi Kitty Plushie
Fairy Wand
Pink Tiger Pants
Stylish Charcoal Winter Skirt
Demonic Anklets
Egyptian Gold Bracelet
Egyptian Gold Bracelet
Fairy Wings
Dead Sexy Midnight Coat
Ska Rainbow Belt
Purple-Red Winter Scarf
Superior Form

I only have to get; Baby Seal Slippers, Horns of the Demon, Steel-plated Ninja Band, Mythrill Halo, Marshmallow Snowman, Western Zodiac, Scar of Hero, KiKi Kitty Plushie, Cloud, Demonic Anklet. So I will get there eventually!

Besides all this talk of gaia, that everyone finds so interesting, I made a christmas wishlist. Basically just for those that I swop gifts with over this Holiday. Might make it easier and Kara kept bugging me untill I made one, evil. But I luff her 4 ever LOl11 FTW.

I have also been pretty stressed out this last week. One of my cats hasn’t been home for five days. She has done it before, the longest was 2 months and I thought I would never see her again. I just feel so worried that I feel sick. I don’t know if I will ever see her again and it just is hard to not think about it every second of the day. Tehlove and Gaia have been good to take my mind away from it, thankfully. Hopefully she will be back again soon, I don’t want to leave my Witchypoo, I love her so much.


Gah, I am so angry and upset at the moment. After my new found excitement for Gaia, my account has been banned. Botted gold :/. Not me botting, someone else, and given to me in exchange for items or hosting, either which I have no idea. I have contacted Gaia, but I doubt they will unlock my account again, not from stories I heard about other people who fell in the same boat. I guess I will have to just get over it and move on from the site, just upsetting after all the time and money spent on monthly collectables and cash for items in the store. I thought maybe I can go back and create a new account, but I just lost the heart for it, dead and gone. Afterall its just a forum with a cute virtual character that is not real, and adoreable items. :gonk: I’ll just take gonk with me and be gone.

Besides that, I made a new layout on my fanlisting collective and created a new domain, a clique about Hogwarts. You join and select a house and can link it on your site if you like. Show your love for Hogwarts and your house. :) I had fun making the layout, I always wanted to make something like that but could never do it, so am a little proud!

Happy (wtf I wrote Harry at first) Birthday to Elise for the other day, I hope you had a lovely day, now you are all old and stinky. :P

And that will do for today!

Love you Daddy.

The last entry, I felt I needed to post I don’t mind if people leave comments on it or not, but I had to get it out of my soul, and I still feel like crying but the tears are different this time.

Yesterday was Fathers Day, and while Dad was not here, I rang him up and he will be home tomorrow. I planed with him to buy something on Ebay, he has never done that before so he is excited. My guess it won’t be badges from my favourite shop though. :(

I did have a nice day anyone though. My grandparents and my uncle came to visit for lunch. I have always celebrated the love for my grandparents on specials days like Mothers and Fathers day, so it was wonderful to see them. I have not brought my Poppy a present yet, but I have plans next week, as well as buying dad some drill he wants. But hey he deserves it, he puts up with a lot from me and mum. :P

An added bonus to the day was watching the football, and I don’t mean the American kind or even soccer. Us Aussies got inventive and came up with something called AFL or Australian Football league. You have two teams, they run around with a ball, but in this it involves a look of kicking and the ball flying all over the place, I adore it greatly and my team won, by 72 points which is a lot. The Sydney Swans (my team) has made the last two grand finals and in 2005 we won the whole thing, which was very lucky because that was the year I got into it. I like to think of myself as the one who made it happen, but some might argue with that.

I have become totally obsessed with Gaia Online again. You go through stages, you whore your time there, then take a break, then back to the whoring again. I did go a bit crazy though, I have always wanted an OMG hat, from my early days in 2004 and now I finally have one. I sold some hosting for gold (which is legal) and sold a whole bunch of items, and brought some other things back. I am very happy and think little Winter Ice looks adorable. *squish* You can join me on this thread if you like, its random but that happens. :P

Someone sent me a PM wanting to buy my slippers for 1000 Gold, WTF mate?