Burn my brains into fire.

I haven’t been bloging here as much as I probably should, mainly due to the fact I have been posting in my Live Journal all the time. If you have one, I don’t mind adding new friends. My username is Koopey. Leave a comment here or on my journal to say you added me and I shall return the favour. :)

I have been working on some sites; The Physical Fanlistings Network is back on it’s feet once again. Not everyone has been happy with the changes, but hey we do our best. I also revamped Spookish and added a bunch of icons I had on my site (this post has the newly added).

I also updated my movie collection. We have 962 now, and that is just crazy. I am sure we will get 1000 this year! :D

I am going to do some writing later tonight, probably inspired by an image. No doubt I will post it on my Live Journal. ;D But I need to do it. I have been trying to work on my novel and I am just getting annoyed at the moment, so I need some free writing about anything that can just spark my creative side a little.

Also, Happy Birthday to Sara! :)

In different worlds.

I have been having a lot of strange dreams lately and more so then is normal. I have found if you go to bed in the afternoon and wake up between 3 – 5 AM it seems to really make them absorb into the brainz. I found this one to be very interesting, like a life at a certain time from different angels, and can’t remember having one like this so clearly below.

In all sections of the dream a few facts are present in all of them. 1, I look like myself and possibly around 16 – 18 years old. 2, they all take place in or around a school area. 3, At least one of my cousins is present in all three sections.

A Star Has Fallen.

The loss of a young star is always so very saddening. Not only for all the dreams and aspirations they had yet to live but the family and loved ones they leave behind. I am still so shocked and upset by the sudden death of actor Heath Ledger, I sit here now still shaking my head and wondering how and why.

I have noticed that a great deal of people who feel the loss relate it to someone else. For me it was Michael Hutchence another friend Jeff Buckley and numerous posts and news reports about River Phoenix, Brandon Lee and even Marilyn Monroe. They all cast a shadow across this world, leaving it to early but will always be immortalised, displaying their talents in a time capsule of creativity and beauty. But you can’t help but wonder and have a miss guided hope that they are not gone, they are going to be with us again, acting or singing or transforming the world. But they won’t be able to. Only the legacy and memories they have left behind can ever be restored.

Heath was not my favourite actor in the whole world, but I did have respect for his work and am proud to support any Australian talent making it big in the world. It just upsets me so very much because I didn’t see it coming, like so many others. I can not begin to imagine how I would feel if it was my favourite actor: Gary, Ryan or Zach. But for some people Heath was their Gary and for his family their everything. I can only hope the moments they shared in life were the happiest they could ever dream for and that they always shared a special bond.

Heath will be forever missed.

Oh My Shovelling Shoes.

My Nanna was taken to Hospital on Thursday night, she has problems with her bowel and while that is getting resolved her dementia has flared up like it does when she has gone into hospital before. It’s very upsetting trying to calm someone down who doesn’t understand what is happening around them. She has been getting a lot worse lately and sadly she may not come home. I can understand the logic behind that, we don’t want her to hurt herself, it’s just the idea seems so alien and upsetting. I want to sit down and cry and stamp my feet and make it not happen, but nothing I do can change the clock turning of life, I can only appreciate what I have right now. However hard it is to see.

I had a dream Mum and I were making a path but we were burying a lot of old shoes under it. Firstly I seen one and thought it was bodies but lifted a tarp up to see it was shoes and started laughing. Once we were happy with our efforts we returned inside and it was a bit of an X-men deal going on with a touch of Heroes class. I had an ‘ice’ power and it was starting to go off uncontrollably (!) and someone was in the house who had a fire one (!) so they showed me some heat and I was all better, while Professor Charles Xavier stood behind me and smiled (What happened to the chair, maybe it was all ‘mental’?). Then I happened to notice this giant medieval contraption hanging on the wall, it was all made out of metal so perhaps Magneto had something to do with the whole thing. Anyway, it was beginning to fall down or try to kill us and I somehow managed to be hanging on a ledge and it was about to crush me. Jean Grey appears and has this hook rope, runs at me slams it with all the force she can muster into the ledge, it gets stuck and we hang on for dear life as this thing hurdles past us. It was so very impressive and just like a scene from the movies. Those familiar with my blog or me know I dream in great detail and this was no exception, I just don’t feel like describing everything.

I have been spending a lot of time on Gaia again. But honestly I have been feeling terdelated and on most occasions it makes me happy. Yes, pixels make me happy. I managed to get a great deal of the items I wanted and this time I didn’t take any chances or do anything the ‘wrong way’.

I have also been missing Witchypoo like crazy. Gary Oldman is god and Zachary Quinto is adorable. Let us not forget Ryan Gosling, I watched Fracture last night cool movie. It was hard to take notice with my constant thoughts of ‘Ry I love you’. But I managed to follow most of the story. :)

So, what’s your I.Q?

I have always felt so very strongly that people should not be organised with a number and told how good they are while being valued by a score. I.Q tests in there current form, really annoy me. It is no secret that I am not academically minded, my maths is something to be ashamed of and that I have over the years struggled to learn things the ‘normal way’ but the thing is, sometimes you find people that think, act and are in general, just different.

I watched this very interesting show and how a few ‘rouge’ professors and in my opinion the future brains of our world want to radically change the way I.Q tests are constructed. They understand that people can have intelligence in different forms and there is not one set structure. It is true that some people may have a mind that covers a wide variety of fields and this makes them incredibly developed. You might have a creative intelligence, an emotional or intuitive intelligence as well as an array of others and I think this should certainly be nurtured. I couldn’t imagine how many people have taken an I.Q test, got a low or average score suspected they are dumb when they are not and wasted what could have been a prosperous life.

I am certainly not saying I believe I am a genius. I would be the first to admit I am not the smartest, but I don’t believe I am stupid. I feel like I understand things in a way that is complex and hard to explain. Like life is this ball spinning in circles and I am standing far a way watching and observing it and able to place my hand and withdraw knowledge from its core and it will flow freely into my being.

For people who are similar to me, it can be a rough journey trying to figure out what you can do because you have a system that does not have faith in you, doesn’t understand or appreciate the level of intelligence you do hold. I hate to see any creative energy wasted and I hope the future will allow us to understand people and not be so judgemental on them when they have a chance and most of all see people as they are; a living and breathing soul with ability to make a divine mark.