LOL crage?

This will be my last blog before Nicole gets here, and I am so excited. We leave tommorow to go to Sydney because the plane flys in very early and it would be silly to drive down on Thursday. I feel so happy, like the feeling you have before christmas when you know you will see all the wonderful gifts and be able to share so many happy moments together. When you have a friend you adore and are meeting them for the first time, its amazing, I can’t wait. Its going to be hard to sleep, I can tell you that.

I have been going a bit crazy on Ebay once again. What have I brought, you may ask? Well lets start the list; Cherry, Love heart and donut earings; Heart, Rainbow and Lollipop earings/Necklaces; 30 Seconds to Mars Badges; Wolfmother Badge (shh); Sex Pistols Badge; My Chemical Romance Badges; Marilyn Manson Badges; Fall Out Boy Badges; Cute 80s Character Badges; AC/DC Badges. Yes I am completely nuts. :)

I am uploading just about all of my CDs onto my computer, so they can fill my iPod and I won’t be bored on the trip. I have strict orders from Nicole, that I must stay up for as long as she has to travel, 22 hours or so. :P We are going to totally be in the crack zone, poor mum and dad they won’t know what hit them.

Who knows, we might have a blog together next time, with our crazy adventures. ;)

Kara is brilliant! :D

The following is a friend dedication for my dear friend Kara. Please note it was early when I wrote this and my own spelling mistakes are so not my fault. ;) P.s: Kara is awesome and I love her. :D

You know you have a dear friend when they stay by your side with the good and the bad, can talk to them about anything, can laugh and cry and not be afraid to show your true self, without any worry or fear of how they may view you. Can say your opinions and hear theirs and even if they are different you have so much respect for each other that you take them in and understand from a different perspective.

Kara is all of the above and so much more. We have shared so many moments that remain deep in my heart. Crazy conversations on the phone, to the deep thoughts of the other world and the wonderful world of music, rawk!

We have shared new years and Christmas for many years together and we have developed a bond that I do so greatly treasure. You make each day brighter when I am able to talk to you, and I am sure that we shall be able to meet one day.

There is a small group of people in the online world that really feel like family and you Kara are one of them. Thank you for putting up with my crazy ways and for being as beautiful as you are, I wish you only the best for everything in life, you are awesome. *snuggle the nuggets*

P.P.S Tom wishes to include; I’m hot touch my body …. Thanks Tom. :P

Staple your mouse pad and show him whose boss!

I had this weird dream last week that I had dreadlocks and I woke up trying to decide if I wanted them or not, and while I don’t think about it all the time, I sometimes randomly find myself thinking about it. I once had them, when I was in high school and they could be annoying, mainly when I was trying to wash my hair. I also find that I do sometimes enjoy being able to ‘style’ my hair at the moment, so it probably won’t be anything I decide to do in the near future.

I have been naughty with shopping lately, my biggest blow out, a Lucius Malfoy replica cane. But man, it’s so hot and LUCIUS! I also brought some jewelry a CD and some domains, not all that bad, but the cane took a huge wad of my cash, but so worth it!

I got my Bob Dylan tickets! I am very excited about that. I was supposed to go with Dad, but he won a trip to another part of Australia when the concert is on, so now I have to drag mum along, poor family!

I think that will do, the next entry I hope to write a friend dedication I have not written one for some time, and believe I should, because I have people who are very special to me and deserve the love. :D

Gum gum, dum dum.

Bob Dylan Firstly, I am very pleased to say I am going to see Bob Dylan in August. My good friend Raine pointed it out to me the other day that he was coming here (to Australia), and I knew I had to go, something like this might never happen again, so you have to take the moment and run with it. Raine may have used her superpowers to make me see Dylan, but it was my own heart that realised he is very awesome, just like Bowie, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, they are all kings or maybe even gods? ;)

I was approved to run a fanlisting that is a major wishlister for me, and that is for a Mr. Jason Isaacs. Join if you like, more members are always welcome. I was also approved for another big wishlister, but this is on the low down at the moment. You can check my collective to keep up with it. :)

We have a new TV now, it’s awesome. So much bigger and clearer and we can pick up all the digital channels now. It’s an LG Plasma, and it ain’t no superfreak.

I am getting very excited, July is almost here and soon Nicole will be sitting here, chatting away. We have so much planned, or have many ideas in our mind so it won’t be just sitting around doing nothing. I will give a few hints, not to many because I know a miss Nicole reads this blog. Gold panning, going to the zoo, a bit of shopping, Harry Potter madness, walkies, Movies. That will do for now, mwuahaha.

I haven’t written anything for a long time, as in something really worthwhile like a story or a poem. I should, because I miss it, and you always have this nagging part in your brain that won’t shut up about it. But, if you shut that out, you risk loosing it forever and I never want to do that, so I must pay it some attention.

Take care, ya’ll.

You are not my boss

I had heaps of fun yesterday, mum and I went shopping and had a look around and it was really nice. I mainly went mental on buying books and was excited when I got home to find heaps of items I had brought on Ebay and a signed picture of Peter Stormare that was sent to me. (He is an awesome actor, that was on Prison Break) Below is an image of some of the goodies. :)


We also made sure of something that I am very excited about, and yes I am being vauge on purpose. All I can say, is I can’t wait untill a few months roll on by, eeeee. Its going to be amazing, and we have been making more plans and ideas every day.

Some people may have noticed Tehlove has had big changes? New Layout, improved plans, SSL for secure order form. I am quite proud at what has been going on with my little precious. It is slowly growing in size with clients as well, its always very nice to see new faces, and I am upgrading my reseller plan again. They don’t have any bigger plans, so I know I will have to think about dedicated in the future. /end geek talk.