Monday 22nd December 2003, 4:25am

Ok I really am not happy at the moment. It’s bloody 4:30 or whatever and I’m awake, instead of sitting down in bed doing nothing as I have for the last three night I decided to do something constructive or rather just not sit their bored. I actually finished the first story with the new, well I had written it before but I jazzed it up alot more and worded it alot better. I also made some new codes well yesterday click here to see them. I think some of them are ok, I mainly just wanted to have them because they reflect me in a way, yes I am a pencil and I am Jases’ nose but hey that’s they way the world turns. I have been “forcing” people to look at my website. Well my idea of forcing them is “do you want to look at my website” ha, I only like to pretend I’m a Slytherin, :( I think I would probably really go into Hufflepuff if I was really at that school because i’m not smart, not that brave, not really nasty and well I’m dumb. So I think I would be in Hufflepuff because they don’t really do much do they? It kind of sounds like me in a way. :( Oh well I can just write my dear old evil self that isn’t really me just is really in the whole thing to make things interesting and create a response for other people and it’s just fun writing about villains as in my view I love it when things that are not in reality that are “evol” win. However in the “real world” I don’t like the “evols” of the world to win. So I think I’m just one of those writers that live in that dream world. That’s me for ya.
The Writer has written.
p.s I was soo annoyed yesterday when I found out that PETER PAN IS ALREADY OUT!!!!. I read somewhere that it wasn’t comming out until december 26 the same day as LOTR. @EKRHJKDHSAKLDJBNSABDSDBj :( I HAVE BEEN MISSING JASE FOR HOW MANY DAYS NOW!! ALL THIS TIME I COULD HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE SCREEN AND DROOLING. :( damnit I think my obsession is fighting it’s way back to me again. Damn Jase why does he have to be cute in his cute way. :( I think I just need to go and look at Ryan or some other “blonde” guy. OH Gawd why do I like blonde guys, please help me, i’m falling apart. ok I’ll go and do bits of nothing. :7.

Listerning to: Dido, Stonned. (i’m listerning to the song stoned by dido, not stoned listerning to it haha)
I didn’t get to sleep until about 8am and I got up about 20 minutes ago, I hate this it’s really annoying me mum said it could be the coke I have been drinking and it could be so I wont drink any today and see if I can sleep or not. Anyway I got up and looked down on the ground and couldn’t stop laughing, I’m still laughing about it.

That my dears is the “tree” dad decided we would have. Haha it’s soo small that’s so funny. I feel bad that I sort off just said ok lets not have xmas because he likes to and he is catholic even though me and mum are not, which is strange. So anyway I will let him have this little “tree” I think I have way to much say with what goes on, I shouldn’t be so nasty. I’m still not happy about the peter pan thing. Oh yeah and I finished my fic HERE. There could be spelling mistakes because I was very tied I’ll have to check again. OK well i’ll be going now, love to all.
The Writer has written.

Sunday 21st December 2003, 3:55pm

Why does it have to be so hard to sleep at night their seems to be some type of blanket that just stretches out and decides that you will not be sleeping tonight and that you will have to wait until the sun starts to come up. That is not a very fare thing, at all. So while I am in this state of not sleeping I have the urge to write, I wrote for hours last night 7 pages. It’s just a fan fisc so nothing extraordinary. But 7 pages must be a record and it’s still not finished. But the problem is once I finish writing I have all these words go through my head and I roll over and I get these poetry lines and then I can’t go to sleep more because these ideas run through my brain and scan words in my mind and events happening and it can be really annoying because it happens for ages. I was looking at the starts out of my window and then bang I had this idea fly into my head for this really short children’s story and I had to write it down because the idea kept pounding my brain. Mum and dad are going to town some time soon, and mum said I have to let dad buy me something, but that isn’t fare he could spent the money on himself. Sometime’s parents are so naughty. Anyway I have money and I’m going to get some cd’s The John Farnham new one one voice and the so fresh hits of summer. And if dad really must get me something then I’ll tell him he can get me a DVD drive thing for my computer then I can watch them and drool, oh no then I would have to by remember the titans on dvd :( oh well it’s all good. :) . OK I think that’s enough from me,
The Writer has written.

No Title

Well I’ve made a new layout, I wasn’t happy with the old one in the way that it was organised and I’m happy with this one at the moment so that is a start. So it will be much better if I actually have something organised. I didn’t really do anything today it was rather boring. I am affiliated with my first site with people I don’t know, and it looks really nice it’s called Eccentricated have a look. The button to link to mine on that site is awesome I wish I could make them that good. Happy Birthday to Paul hope you have a great weekend. Um I had something I was going to say but dad asked me to get him a drink and it’s just disappeared from my head. :( bugger. Oh that’s right. I was watching a movie tonight and the ADD FOR PETER PAN CAME ON AND I TURNED IT UP REALLY LOUD. I got so excited I have to see peter pan and LOTR in the same day!!! If I don’t I will die. Ok well that’s enough from me better go and do some more work to my layout.
Love Kass.

Thursday 18th December 2003, 4:55pm

Hi, Um I added a tag board please show your love :) I also will be adding a page with affimations soon enough so that will be great and we have leasy to thank for that.

Right well I did do some school work today, well i read about two pages. Anyway I had this really big urge to look at the schools website and I did and it had a link to this writing wesbite, which had a link to this writing competition so that’s what I did I decided to enter into that, probably wont even get it published but I still tried that’s the first step, well you have to write the poem first of course, but it’s like the 10 step to enter it into things.

There was this movie the other day on tv with Sean Austin I think that’s right, the one who plays Sam in LoTR he is great. I didn’t even know he was in that movie that was on tv. It also had Brendon Frasier. (spelling) and this other guy who is funny.

Ok well I will go now. toddles.
Love Kass

i’m in slytherin!
^^ How cute is that I love it *cuddles*

Wednesday 17th December 2003, 8:15pm

Now that I am updating this I can see what day it is, I spent ages of today totally lost in not knowing what day it was, mum didn’t either so we just left it at not knowing. Well we watched terminator last night, it wasn’t as good as I thought, still good but not topping the list, I was ready for everything to happen and bam it’s the end of the movie, so it must have been good then if the time went fast.

I didn’t do much today but I started the website that was closed then opened then closed then opened. Ok hope you are confused. Other then that I sang, that was fun and played the guitar my finger are really sore now and they are getting those hard bits on the end becuase the strings really dig in they kill the bumholes.

I played with Draco today he would run over and forget I was there then run away when he seen me, and Crabbe was eating leaves, he’s so weird. But gotta love them as well.

Um ok I think that’s all I have to say. Oh lease talk in the message board becuase it’s sad and lonely and it loves to have people to talk to :D plwease I’ll give you a free kitten. well maybe not but you could pretend you had a free kitten. ok I go now.
Love Kass
P.S Does everyone love the amount of spelling mistakes that I make constantly. But as Elise said why should we have to follow that language it is stupid. But then I wont know what i’m saying. Maybe I can talk backwards. You are how hello? :) Ok I go now REaLLY I do.

Tuesday 16th December 2003, 1:30pm

Opps it’s nanna’s Birthday I will ring her then continue.
right well that is great she was really happy I rang she is 78 now and I was happy I rang. We have so many birthdays at the end of the year it’s really confussing.

I have now added a message board and something else I can’t remember :( oh well. I can’t think of much to say at the moment. Oh well I guess I will leave it at that then, oh wait I remember now.

Mum was getting ready this smorning and she went down to get the bird but it was dead. It was fine last night eating and drinking and then it was just dead. Maybe it was shock, but it was weird the pore little bugger. :( I loved whinston. *runs away crying*
Love Kass

Monday 15th December 2003, 9:22Pm

Omfg hello internet world w0000, Ok I was so excited I nearly fell off my chair I was just openening the browser to look at what I don’t know and boom their it was and I was so shocked I covered my mouth and jumped up and down in my seat. It was totally unexspected and weird. anyway…

“We got him”
yes it’s true they finally caught Sadam I was so I don’t know so happy that they did, it was a weird emotion it was one of yes he is finally going to pay.

I got the nicest present in the world today in the mail from darling leasy it’s the nicest thing, it’s a Magnetic Poetry kit and I love it so much, thank you x a million and it’s sitting in front of me now.

Well I’m so excited I don’t know what to do now. haha bloody hell know I’m just a ball of don’t know what to do. Oh well I’m sure I had things I wanted to say but now I have forgotten :( . haha oh well who care w00000
Love Kass
p.s Dad is home for hoildays now, mum is taking the bird to the vet tommorow and um, we have to ring bec soon becuase she wasn’t home last night. ok bye.

Sunday 14th December 2003, 2:20am

I just realised from looking at the date then that I missed my cousins birthday yesterday how horrible of me :( pore mee my. However it’s my other cousin becs birthday today so one out of two ain’t bad. No I will ring Maree today as well and say sorry that I missed it. Well I think I said something about changing my layout well I’m not know, well I changed some things around..but you will never know these things, but I do and I feel better now about it. I am so bored at the moment there is nothing to do really I think most people are bored. Well I actually finished the layout for my Guy Fansite and uploaded it and my murph fanlisting but of course I have to wait untill my domain is working then it will be visable. I am that bored I think I will label all the cd’s that I have in my collection, well in my room at the moment so if you don’t care then don’t read below. :)

Dido – Life for rent
Guy Sebastian – Just as I am
The Androids – The Androids
Delta Goodrem – Innocent eyes
Matchbox 20 – More then you think you are
Christina Aguilera – Stripped
Australian Idol – Final 12
100% Hits 23
Hit Machine 22
100% hits 28
Aqua – Aquarium
Kasey Chambers – Barricades and Brickwalls
Dawson’s Creek soundtrack – season 1
Jumping Jack Flash – Songs from the 80’s
The best of the Corrs
Shania Twain – Come on Over
John Farnham – Anthology 2
John Farnham – Anthology 1
John Farnham – Whispering Jack
Spice Girls – Spice
The offspring – Consipracey of one
Guy Sebastian – Angels brought me here
Killing Heidi – Reflector
The replacements – soundtrack
BoyzIImen – Evolition
New woman Party started
5ive – 5ive
B*witched – b*witched
Bryan Adams – 18 til i die
The Corrs – Forgiven not forgotten
Shakira – Whenever Whereever
The best ever Eighties
TLC – Fanmail
Savage Garden – Affimation
All saints – All Saints
Various Artists – A very spechial Christmas
Savage Garden – Savage Garden
Hanson – Middle of Nowhere
Madonna – Music

Ok that’s about it I listen to alot of these and like most of them that is why they are in my room those that I don’t like that much go out in the lougeroom for um other people to listen too or steal, haha. Ok well that took up some time that’s always good. Oh yeah I can’t believe Marinela met Levi again and Paulini that is so great I am so happy for her and I can’t wait for her to meat bec as well that is soo kewl :D . Ok I think I will go now.
Love Kass
P.s I feel to tied to spell check :( oh well :D

Whoa I had no idea it was this time I thought it could have been around 4pm but I didn’t know it was six. Shows how good I am. Ok well I wrote a story, yes actually one of my own, it probably does seem very hogwartish but I mean I just wrote my frist short story and I have been writing fan fics for a while so it ahs to carry some things over but maybe after a while it wont. It has swearing so that is funny. I don’t really know where this idea came from possibly from just life and past high school times. hmm lets not talk about that.

We were going to ring Maree tonight but she rang us today, she was looking for her mum and dad and she has burnt her hand really bad and she has to go to sydney to see a sergion. She burnt it last week while she was melting wax in the microwav and it fell all over her arm just as it came out so it would have been still cooking and her skin has split. I feel so sorry for her the pore bugger. Well I hope bec is having a good day and we shall be ringing her tonight :) . Ok off I go again.

Love me.

Ok this is a record three times in one day but I just had to update because we now have a new addition in the family well not a real one but just a temporary visitor for a while. I heard heaps of birds carrying on outside so I ran to see and heaps of birds were swooping and tigger was there. Then I seen a bird trying to fly away but it’s wing was not to good. So we chucked tigger inside and also the other cats and I got mum a towel and she followed it to try and catch it, but it didn’t stay still it wondered away, like into the other property and mum had to walk through the bush to try and catch it, but she caught it and it’s in dad’s room and it will hopefully get better so it can fly away again, and it’s a baby, tigger got a smack in the head.

Saturday 13th December 2003, 3:15pm

Heydy ho. Well I was on the net at shall we say around 12pm and my domain still had not been uploaded which is a shame because I have lost excitement for it that is really a downer. But I still must like it a little because I after all starting a new layout that I think is good in it’s own way so that is a good thing right? but I don’t know if I can ever like anything I make, oh well. I wish I would be in a good mood I haven’t been in a good one for the past week but who cares. Ok well I’m going now. bye.
Love Kass
P.S That show our Generation on channel 7 is great I love it I have been watching every episode and so is that show what not to ware it’s funny as well.

Friday 12th December 2003, 6:55Pm

Well mum got back from town and she brought me a present! The Guy Sebastian cd and Dido that was really nice of her I didn’t expect it. It was good that I did clean the house, wash up, change the cat litter (eww) and make her bed. How great it was of me I think so. haha. Well bloody hell who knew that some things could be such a hassle. I mean who likes to have their personal information all over the internet. Well not all over it but not the type of thing you want others to know about. I have to thank Kevin for telling me about that site I was not happy at all as leasy will know. And her site is great if you still don’t know where it is GO HERE NOW DAMN YOU. :( sorry I didn’t mean to be so forceful but it’s all the pink that is around me it makes me act girlish, well I am a girl but you know a guy girl. Ok well that is the end of the story…..For now. kwuahahahaha.
Ok well I go now.
Love Kass