To my friend, I love you

I had this thought rolling around my mind for a while, and finally decided I would start it. After seeing the many dedication blogs people had on their sites about September 11. I thought how sad it was, and how short life can be, and sometimes others may never know how you feel about them. So what about a Friend dedication, someone you know online or offline that is a dear friend and means so much to you. You can write as much or as little as you like, but it is all about how much you admire or love them, and how important this friendship means to you. You can write one dedication or a hundred, do it daily, yearly or weekly, that is up to you. :) I hope some people might embrace this idea, and spread the love of friendship. :)

Dedicated to Nicole.

When you first meet someone on the internet you have this period of getting to know them, and testing the waters. (Are they really what they seem like, or a fake) The first time I chatted to Nicole, it was like I had known her forever and we just clicked. We had so much in common and laughed for hours on end, it was like this ray of sunshine had just been buzzed into my life.

All the momments I have shared with Nicole on the net and over the phone have been so very special. From talking about rubbish, to the serious nature of life this friendship has touched my heart and I know the memories will never leave.

The word soul mate, is something I do not use too often and Nicole is mine. A soul mate of friendship and a sister of life, I know we will always be in contact. She has been there for me, in the darker times and shone in all the happy ones. She has lifted me when I am down, and told me the truth when I needed it. She has given so much to me, a different view on the world and taught me many values of life.

To my dear and best friend, I thank you for everything. The moments the laughs, the times of great retartedness. Life without you now, would never be the same. I know one day we will meet and cause havoc to the muggle world. May all your dreams be forever alive and in your heart, for your beauty and ability should give you every reason to succed in life.

Lots of love, Kya!

Ryan Goodness

New layout, as ya’ll probably have noticed. I thought I better bring one of my boys back again. They are special so should be dangled around for everyone to drool over, especially myself! *faints*

I am still dying, because the Tom Felton Fanlisting is up for adoption and it has still yet to be decided. This is a major wishlister for me. Also, a few other major ones are in the dark zone (they have not been updated for ages) so I am starting to go to freak-ay town!

It’s also my grandfathers birthday today, I hope he has a lovely day and I will try and spend as much time with him as possible, because he is a darling person.

I had a dream I was going to another INXS show, I wish it was real! I wanna, I wanna! ;D

Australia sheds another tear


It has been a hard past five days for many Australians, with the loss of the great Steve Irwin, that has hit us all hard, but today another Australian legend has passed away. For most people the name Peter Brock was a house hold name. A racing car driver that was the fans man and earned the nick name Peter Perfect. As loved as he was by his fans he still was king of the mountain on the race track and was almost unbeatable. In a rally car accident Brocky lost controll of his car and ran into a tree, ending the life of one of Australia’s greatest sporting legends. Having met him many times, Brocky was a nice and generous man who always took time to talk with his fans and sign things. I know I will miss him terribly along with all the motorsport world.

Steve and Peter had done so many wonderful things for this country and the world. They are two legends that I will forever miss and I know that even if they are no longer with us, their spirits will shine on in history, as two people who strove to make a difference and bring happiness to other peoples lives, thank you for everything!

Section: A, Seat: 11

Oh my fuck. I swear to god that was one of the best things ever. If you are confused I am talking about the INXS concert. (If you don’t know who they are google it, it’s the best way.) Hmm where to start.

The support act Modern Life, played for an hour. They were ok, but it was a bit hard to understand them, and I didn’t know any of their music, so it wasn’t as uplifing. Then, just before they came out TNT by ACDC played on the speakers and it got you going, then the countdown for 10 seconds appeared and for the next hour and forty minutes I was screaming my lungs out. It was so great, he danced all over the place pointed into the crowd, looked our way and did this weird smile (but cute). The funniest thing was, during the whole thing he kept smoking and drinking, I loved that. :P They sang alot of the old songs and the new ones, and it was just amazing. I wish I was still there now! :D

After it had finished and I could not really hear anything, we decided we needed to get our stalking in and went around to the back of the building were a small group was also waiting. A few band members left without coming over and we thought, they are never going to come over. Then Andrew comes over and he was so nice, chatting with everyone and signing things, so he signed my ticket and was just really nice. Then JD comes out of no where and is right in front of me and smiles at me. I go “Can you sign this” and he replied “yeah sure” very brief but so cute. So he signed my ticket as well. :D Then, he went back and sat in his car and told us the place he was staying, we wanted to stalk more, but thought we better stop! :P So the car starts leaving and I wave him off and he waves back. Adorable!

I had a good time besides that, the sad thing that I am sure most people know about by now is the death of Steve Irwin. He was such a legend and I am really in shock about the whole thing. It’s terrible. :(

To chance the mood once again, I did have a good time away. Brought some movies and things, went to the movies and watched You, me and dupree, it was so funny. Owen Wilson, is great. :D

I will return comments as soon as possible, just trying to relax and get back into the pattern of ‘being home’ again.

No Sugar just drugs

Thanks for all your comments about Uni I really appreciate them. I did have a good long think about it and decided it is really not going to work for me and found some other options I liked alot more. :)

Whoa baby, not long untill INXS. I think I will die before Monday rolls around. But then I won’t be able to stalk JD and touch his….. hands. Har har, I am not an evil fangirl.

I did some major work on my Lee Harding fanlisting it has alot more content and a better layout, the old one was retarted! The new season of Australian Idol has also started. I didn’t find anyone that appealed to me as much as Lee, but this Irish guy I like nammed Damien is adorable and has the best voice, he managed to make it into the final 12 so that is great!
I know I was going to update about something else, but I have forgotten.. Oh well, I am sure I will remember later. I probably won’t update again before I leave, so take care everyone. :)

p. s – Nicole is the greatest.