We must be sirius!

I finally managed to get my web hosting site open, so if you are interested you can head here and look at the plans and maybe think about signing up. ;) I thought maybe I will work for my new domain, instead of being a spoilt little brat. :P

I know what I am getting mum for Christmas now, I kept forgetting and I almost told her what it was, because she was next to me when I remembered. :( I do know she will like it though. :D

Hogwats has been alot of fun, its always good to slip back into the characters you have not been for a while, they become a type of family when you have been them for many years, that it is nice.

I am freeeee!

Yes, its true! I have now finished school, my last exam was yesterday. I thought I was going to be worried about the whole having to think about the future thing, but right now I am just happy to not have to think about getting work finished and having to do study for exams.

I said last post about how we are looking for Professors, well we still are and we want students as well now! Anyone interested should go to Hogwarts and sign up! We want to get a certain number of members pending before we begin, and if anyone would be interested in perhaps placing a link on their websites, that would be nice. ;)

I am going to offer paid domain hosting again soon. I am still working on the domain for it, but it should be ready in a few weeks. The prices are good and you get a free domain with every package, even the smallest. So hopefully I will be able to get some people interested. :)

Many precious Scorpio’s have been having their birthdays lately, so Happy Birthday to all, especially Raine and to my darling Nicole, who has one upcoming very soon. :D

Christmas Cards
I love to send christmas cards and I adore to recieve them. If anyone is interested to perhaps exchange addresses and send each other cards, please send me an email and we can talk about it. I would only like to do this with people I know, or have some knowledge about. :) If I do decide not to exchange addresses with some people, I hope you understand. :)

Catch My Disease

Thanks for all the comments, I don’t know if I have had that many before, its crazy. I have done exam one of three, the other two are next week, so it will be good to get them all out of the way, and done with. :)

I brought a new domain for my Gary Oldman Physical Fanlisting, I have a thing for him at the moment, can you tell? ;) Heh. The domain is garyfans.net! He is a great actor, so if you are a fan of his Physical appearance, or his look, join the list!

Now, about Hogwarts. We need to get Professors, so if you are interested send an email to headmaster@witchcraftandwizardry.org with a profile about your character and what subject you wish to teach. We do plan to open this soon, but want to try and get a few people in place, before then. :)

After I finished my exam, we went food shopping, but spent a good half an hour looking at kids toys, me and mum are only young at heart, so we had fun. I ended up getting a pink poodle and two little cute soft christmas toys. We kept finding our way back to the toy part as well. :)

I believe that will do for now, thanks for all the comments about the new theme, they are appreciated. :)

Little tear, big heart.

As everyone that has visited here before, may be able to tell, I have changed the theme. I don’t mind this one, the image makes me smile, so that is always good. :) I also changed alot of small things, like adding the little images, that add the extra cute factor, and we all need some of that. ;) I will probably also change the smilies, maybe… :O

Just a quick blog. I have exams coming up, Mum is working on our other house. We have a buyer so that is great. We have something planned with a small bit of the money, but it’s top secret. ;) Mwuahaha.

Alright, I am going now. I should get all comments returned by tonight, Unless I get hit with the lazy stick, hey, it could happen. :(


Friday the 13th sucks arse. Not in a major way, but just alot of small things that are annoying. First of all I didn’t get the Tom Felton Fanlisting, then about half an hour ago, I almost lost it. My cat was choking on this bone, and it scared the hell out of me. She kept running away, so I chased her and got it out. I was so afraid, I didn’t want to loose her. I also had script errors and lights blowing up. Just one of those days. But things could be worse. Maybe it’s not a good idea, I am home alone tonight. GONK.

Besides that, Hogwarts is coming back. For anyone that might have been in the ‘old one’ you might be thinking ‘yaaayyyy’ or if anyone is interested in joining one, you can now be thinking ‘yaayyy’. The role plays were always so much fun, that it will be great to be in that world again.

So many comments! I will try and return them, when I can.