Yawning Glory

I have decided to extend the free domain competition from the 15th of September 2008 till the 1st of October 2008. Because of all the trouble with the website I wasn’t able to put the time into telling more people about it, and I want many people to hear about it and have a chance, because I know it can be a fun and glorious thing to own a new domain. (If you want to apply head to this page for more! :D )

I am getting personal/business cards printed from Moo. Mostly to give to random offline people, as it will have my name, email, mobile (cell) and portfolio website. I love Moo (because it’s Mooo) and because of the bright colours you can choose. Blue is my first choice, but I might have some pink, green and something else. :D The design won’t be over the top, I want something simple, cute and groovay.

Tess now owns Malfoy.nu, but I have yet to sell Jacob-black.net I may just put it on the Namecheap market place. I was also even considering selling crucio.nu, it just seems wrong to me to have my writing domain named after the creation of someone else. I need my own thing, and I might keep my portfolio as my writing hub, that way I am making sure it’s not just random crap (even if it might be anyway) ;) .

I shall return comments hopefully later today. Thanks to everyone that leaves a little note. :D


Oh Happy Days

For the win! That is what I hope I shall be saying. I belive the battle of the stupid comments is over. I have said this a few times and those damn things have come back to bit me each time. Hopefully not this time. :(

I had Kya.nu moved from the reseller to one hosted under it, but I now realise that doesn’t really matter. When I was moving the database over, and taking a look at the bits of database I realised something was really weird with it. I had once tried to upload photos, and it had insetered something trying to make these uploads actual posts, and from then on it had been created duplicats of posts, and that was the time I started to get these blank comments, so all the peices fit together. The way I was able to tell the difference between the real post and the duplicate one was the exta ones had ‘inherit’ as their status.

This probably sounds random. I am quite tied, but I wanted to get this finished and back in order. Now I shall head to bed.



Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

Happy Fathers Day to my Daddy and my Poppy. I will be going to have dinner with my grandparents today to celebrate so that will be very nice. I wasn’t able to buy anything myself for Dad or Poppy but I have promised to make up for it later.

What are the comments doing now? Still being psychotic, but I may have tracked down something to fix them. One can only hope this nightmare will be over soon. It’s not a major thing, but just one of those small irritations that keep snapping away at your heels, while other people probably thinking you are imagining the whole thing …

I have been working on my portfolio, it has taken me quite some time to create a layout I am confortable with and one that reflects what I am about, and what I do. Something simple and easy to navigate, while being creative and free at the same time. I need to revamp much of the content and write write write more short stories and poems to fill it’s empty tummy. I also told a friend I would give her a preview of the childrens book I am putting together for her, so I shall also do that. But only a teaser, I want it to be a suprise. :)

Also, don’t forget you can win a free domain. ;)