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Well I hate to say goodbye to things but I should be saying goodbye to this diary. How mean of myself to do that, after I have had this for a long time now. But I will, have gotten a Domain name and I’m just waiting for it to be displayed so then I can be all happy haha. It took a full day to design or create the layout and it’s not that good but I have to wait and see what Elise thinks of it then I’ll see. So yean anyway, not much been happerning except it’s dad’s birthday today I love him.

Ok I know people will want to kill me and I know Leasy would love to but I have been lisetening to “hason’ that is the code name but it’s probably obvious, mmbobing along to the next topic.

Fanlistings are just an addictive drug that should be stopped, bugger didn’t I apply to make one, damnit I’ve become one of those people. *cry* We found a fanlisting for Trevor the frog from Harry potter it was really funny I laughed for a while then joined it :D .

Well hmm what else can I say (8) I’ll be thinking of you the whole time (8) << that is supposed to be a music symbol but it seems msn does not rule the world *cry*


Well this could be my last, or not :S I don’t know. Bye. Oh and I did an essay today i don’t know if it makes sence but I tried to I always write those things weirdly when I try to do them *cry*

Wednesday 10th December 2003, 7:55 am.

I came on to see if my site is now visible because it said it can take up to 24 hours to become viewable, it hasn’t been 24 hours so maybe that is a clue as to why. But if you are reading this then it must have worked. YAY.

Ok it’s dad’s birthday today and I wrote him a poem, it finished with the word sonovabitch. We all got a laugh from it.

I have been listening to The Best Ever Eighties Album and it really is great all these old song are classic I love them. I also have been leistering to Hanson. Elise disowned me mum said I was crazy, maddy bite me and Oscar wouldn’t talk to me.

Well Cherie should be comming to visit me soon that Is great I can’t wait. Ok I think that’s all I have to say. I might have forgotten something but nevermind.

Bye bye Love Kass.

hey again well sometimes I just hate people who are arrogant and rude but I already had my hate splurge and told someone about it so it’s all good. Anyway I had written my dream that I had or rather dreams they are odd weird and very strange have a look here. Ok bye. Kass

Tuesday the 9th of December 2003, 5:40pm.

Hi, I just finished my layout for my website and I have yet to upload the entire thing but I will don’t you worry oh I will. It is kind off sad in a way to say goodbye to my old diary. But sometimes we just have to do these things especially when I am getting something that is actually mine and that is the idea of paying for it. Well I spent last night writing out pages and pages of info that I have included in my site so that is good I suppose I spent alot of time going over the buddies page and writing things about them that I needed to say.

I have spent all day on making my layout and I think I’m happy with it but I know I will change it, I mean I am me and I do that all the time so what else can you expect.

Tomorrow is dads birthday and I knew it was soon but I didn’t realise that it was tomorrow untill he was in the room and said it was and then he said what are you getting me and I said nothing and he got a bit upset I think it came out the wrong way and now I feel really bad :( . Well I think that’s all I have to say at the moment.

Love Kass

Ryan the…Actor man..

Hi just a quick update to say that something, anyway my net time is nelly going to be cut off I could reconnect but neat is here and yeah..anyway I wanted to say that I have developed a new obsession it has only been going for an hour now so I don’t know if it’s likely to stay stong but anything is possible. Anyway I decided to watch rememebr the titans today and oh boy am glad a did because a kewlicious man nammed Ryan Gosling is in it *dies* but I think someting weird is going on becuase well let this picture speack for itself.


so you see I have no hope, but ryan was born in 1980 and..he is a scorpio so I don’t think I would want to meet him, no offence to the scorpio’s of the world kwuahaha. ok that’s enough now, time running slow. and Leasy love you writing it’s legend. I added a new one by the way ok bye