Let me see you dance

I went to visit a friend on Tuesday who had a baby back in August and it was really lovely to see her and the new addiction to her life. The baby is really adorable, he smiles, cries and is quite windy. But still lovely. :) I also took the opportunity to do some shopping. ;) I didn’t go totally insane, but brought a few pretty things. :D

Jewellery by Diva

JayJays Bags

Gah, I found a blank comment in my inbox again. I was going to just install a new WordPress and start again. But that is such a hard thing to do, considering I have been blogging since 2005 and have archives from 2003. I like to be able to look back at my crazy ways and shake my head in shame.  I have turned off mod_security in the hopes that it will do something about this situation. When I had previously had problems with WordPress this had done the trick, so fingers crossed. I am so over the blank comment issue I am ready to claw it’s eyes out. :wubeyes:

There have also been some pretty amazing things going on at the moment. But honestly if I told anyone they wouldn’t believe me anyway, and I think it’s something that should be left private and not thrown around the world. Haha, no. I’m not pregnant. 0.0


Oh Why Sydney WHY

Sydney Swans lost their game last night, we are out until next year now. I think I kind of knew it was coming anyway. It will just be weird not seeing Spider next year, I did get attached to him. At least Barry didn’t bash anyone. Keep him in the good books for next year. ;D

I had to vote today for a Local election. I didn’t really have any idea who I was voting for, but ended up finding someone who will hopefully get the job done for the local community.

It’s my Poppy’s (Grandfathers) 85th birthday tomorrow. I don’t have a present for him, but I will be getting one for him on Tuesday when I go and visit a friend who had a Baby in August. We may have a nice family dinner like we did last Sunday for fathers day so we’ll see how it goes. :)

Lastly, Nadine posted an interesting Blogthing about what names mean. I’ll do two, one of my real name Kassandra and the other of Kya. Under the cut bay-be.

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Yawning Glory

I have decided to extend the free domain competition from the 15th of September 2008 till the 1st of October 2008. Because of all the trouble with the website I wasn’t able to put the time into telling more people about it, and I want many people to hear about it and have a chance, because I know it can be a fun and glorious thing to own a new domain. (If you want to apply head to this page for more! :D )

I am getting personal/business cards printed from Moo. Mostly to give to random offline people, as it will have my name, email, mobile (cell) and portfolio website. I love Moo (because it’s Mooo) and because of the bright colours you can choose. Blue is my first choice, but I might have some pink, green and something else. :D The design won’t be over the top, I want something simple, cute and groovay.

Tess now owns Malfoy.nu, but I have yet to sell Jacob-black.net I may just put it on the Namecheap market place. I was also even considering selling crucio.nu, it just seems wrong to me to have my writing domain named after the creation of someone else. I need my own thing, and I might keep my portfolio as my writing hub, that way I am making sure it’s not just random crap (even if it might be anyway) ;) .

I shall return comments hopefully later today. Thanks to everyone that leaves a little note. :D