Evil Comments Of Doomish Doom

I spoke too soon. The blank comments are back. *dhasjkdasdjak* I think I could kick them in the face, while smiling. I apologise to any one that did comment on the previous entry about the domain name. If you did comment on that entry and it hasn’t appeared please email me instead at: kyaish@gmail.com

I have also decided to sell the domain Jacob-black.net as well, I don’t think I will ever use it. So if anyone is interested I am selling malfoy.nu and Jacob-black.net. (I heard you when you said you are interested Tess, and we’ll talk about it when I catch you online next time.)

Now I am going to eat cute cupcakes, because they are awesome and would never let me down.


Domain For Sale: Malfoy.nu

I have decided to put the domain name Malfoy.nu up for sale. I haven’t used this domain since I registered it and thought it could be better off in someone else’s hands. The domain is still registered up until 26th July 2009, so you still get 10 months and can also renew it yourself if you wish. .nu domains are valued at $28.88 USD a year.

If you are interested in buying the domain off me, leave a comment with your offer. Payment will have to be in PayPal and in USD. I will also send the domain to your account via Namecheap.com. Depending on the circumstances I may also host this, but it will depend on any arrangements we have made together.

I am sorry to let the domain go, but I haven’t used it and I don’t think I will. Considering I have domains both for Draco and Lucius. Whore much? :P