I’m a junkie, baby

I made a clique for all those that are Domain Junkies, so if you are, join it here: domain-junkies.org. It was quite hard to find an image so went with a text based one instead. The layout is slightly similiar to this one, woops. :P

I watched The United States of Leland, I liked it and was so happy to see Tibet, ah I mean Ryan in that movie after waiting so long. I have been a bit naughty on the good old ebay and have brought the following this month: United States of Leland DVD, The Craft DVD, Virgin Suicides DVD, The Virgin Suicides BOOK, The Joy Luck Club BOO, Breakfast Club DVD, The Faculty DVD and Vampire – The Masquerade Bloodlines GAME. Some things I am still waiting for. Never really been a huge fan of ebay, but I can’t seem to stop now. Woops. I don’t play games that much, but the vampire one has been fun. Its a bit old, but vampires never die, mwuaha.

I need to buy some new CDs as well. Avril’s latest just came out, and I still have some to buy. Tough life, I know. *sigh*

Finally Mine

I am really happy, I finally found a movie I have been wanting for a long time. United States of Leland, it has my lover boy Ryan Gosling in it, and boy it has been on my wishlist, for a few years running now. I was so happy to find it, after so long looking in video stores and online ones, they had 0, so I went with ebay, not always that comfortable shopping there, but they had a good user rating and all that. :) Just have to wait for it in the mail. *wiggles*

Thanks for all the comments on my layout, I really appreciate them. Speaking of new layouts, I also have a new one on my collective which I recently opened as well: dazzle.nu. I am totally in love with the name. :D

I also made a number of new Icons, if anyone is interested they can be seen at spookish.net. I have some more on my computer, but will add them a bit later. :)

All new theme

I created a new theme for the site, I am quite happy with this one. I am not really sure what it looks like on other resolutions besides the bigger ones. So if you have any problems, let me know. To those that have visited many times before, you will notice its very different to what I usually do, sometimes it is fun to branch off and try new things. :)

I am fixing up a few problems around the site, so if you click on a page and it looks fugly, don’t worry I will get to it soon. I also want to change the cam picture, I love oscar, but need something fresh. :)

Take care everyone!

I seee, things!

I got glasses now, I can actually see properly when I am reading and looking at the computer. I love them so. All up it was $300 for the frames and glass. I think that is pretty good because they are snazzy. *hugs them*

I have my laptop now, I love how smoothly things are running, so much better then with my old one, gah. So good to be able to play the sims and not have it crash all the time!

I have had a pretty good week really. I got the loveliest thing in the mail, the sweet Kara sent me a Birthday Scrap Book that had heaps of messages from great people from around TFL network, it was really beautiful and special, how can that not bring a tear to the eye! I also had a talk to a few online friends over the phone, that is always cool. I still don’t know how I manage to keep it together at 5am, maybe I don’t and they just pretend all is normal :P.

The months are counting down. Not long and Nicole will be here, weee. *dances*

Thanks for the birthday wishies. :)