Catch My Disease

Thanks for all the comments, I don’t know if I have had that many before, its crazy. I have done exam one of three, the other two are next week, so it will be good to get them all out of the way, and done with. :)

I brought a new domain for my Gary Oldman Physical Fanlisting, I have a thing for him at the moment, can you tell? ;) Heh. The domain is! He is a great actor, so if you are a fan of his Physical appearance, or his look, join the list!

Now, about Hogwarts. We need to get Professors, so if you are interested send an email to with a profile about your character and what subject you wish to teach. We do plan to open this soon, but want to try and get a few people in place, before then. :)

After I finished my exam, we went food shopping, but spent a good half an hour looking at kids toys, me and mum are only young at heart, so we had fun. I ended up getting a pink poodle and two little cute soft christmas toys. We kept finding our way back to the toy part as well. :)

I believe that will do for now, thanks for all the comments about the new theme, they are appreciated. :)

Little tear, big heart.

As everyone that has visited here before, may be able to tell, I have changed the theme. I don’t mind this one, the image makes me smile, so that is always good. :) I also changed alot of small things, like adding the little images, that add the extra cute factor, and we all need some of that. ;) I will probably also change the smilies, maybe… :O

Just a quick blog. I have exams coming up, Mum is working on our other house. We have a buyer so that is great. We have something planned with a small bit of the money, but it’s top secret. ;) Mwuahaha.

Alright, I am going now. I should get all comments returned by tonight, Unless I get hit with the lazy stick, hey, it could happen. :(


Friday the 13th sucks arse. Not in a major way, but just alot of small things that are annoying. First of all I didn’t get the Tom Felton Fanlisting, then about half an hour ago, I almost lost it. My cat was choking on this bone, and it scared the hell out of me. She kept running away, so I chased her and got it out. I was so afraid, I didn’t want to loose her. I also had script errors and lights blowing up. Just one of those days. But things could be worse. Maybe it’s not a good idea, I am home alone tonight. GONK.

Besides that, Hogwarts is coming back. For anyone that might have been in the ‘old one’ you might be thinking ‘yaaayyyy’ or if anyone is interested in joining one, you can now be thinking ‘yaayyy’. The role plays were always so much fun, that it will be great to be in that world again.

So many comments! I will try and return them, when I can.


I finally have an ipod, for details check here. Her name is Lady, she is white and can hold a whole heap of songs, movies and games. I have some of my fav artists on it at the moment, like INXS and Guns N’ Roses. Dad also brought me a $50 iTunes card, so I can buy some music. I am taking it slow, I don’t really want to spend it all at once. If you have any great songs, you think I should check out, let me know!

A special birthday is coming up very soon. Well two actually! The beautiful Yimin, and one of my best offline friends, Anita. These two wonderful ladies are very precious, and I wish them all the best, and hope they have a wonderful birthday, filled with joy and love, because they deserve the best.

Going to keep it short today, as I keep adding music into iTunes. I am also going to watch V for Vendetta, I think I put off watching this because I dreamt he killed dad, chopped his head off with a whip. Now, I am going to be brave!

Kidults – Our Generation?

I recently read in the newspaper, an article that slammed our generation and referred to us as the kidult generation (aka Adults acting like children –18-30 year olds). In a number of ways I have to agree that the nature in which some of us live that has been stated in the article is true. I do not however agree with the ways in which they believe it is a problem with our society.

The article believes that our generation is one engulfed by Harry Potter Books, Children’s movies, IPODS, New Music, Living at Home and everything that defers from what “Adult Culture” is all about. That people would much rather play a new video game, then go out to the theatre. But this does open the question, who has the right to judge what adult culture is all about, shouldn’t the people living their own life, live by what they believe fits in best with them?

If you go over every generation of people, the lifestyles of adults has changed and shifted between the years. From the elegant 30s to the punked up 80s, Adult Culture has not remained a set of guidelines that everyone is sworn to follow! If those that now reside in this era have moved into a phase of technology and where their minds are enchanted by the child like beauty of the world, how then is this a problem?

I do not see the harm with people staying young at heart. What can it hurt to hold onto what some people may have as happy memories. I have never wanted to grow up, and will probably always still keep some of my childish nature. Because it makes you see the world in an open mind, something that many people believe they have to close off and shut down, when in fact if you keep this, you keep a youth and spark of life alive, within yourself.

People always want to label everything! Colour, race, religion and just fellow man in general. We already have enough troubles trying to find who we are without knowing that the lifestyle we are living is under the microscope, let us live, and in life let us learn!