Love you Daddy.

The last entry, I felt I needed to post I don’t mind if people leave comments on it or not, but I had to get it out of my soul, and I still feel like crying but the tears are different this time.

Yesterday was Fathers Day, and while Dad was not here, I rang him up and he will be home tomorrow. I planed with him to buy something on Ebay, he has never done that before so he is excited. My guess it won’t be badges from my favourite shop though. :(

I did have a nice day anyone though. My grandparents and my uncle came to visit for lunch. I have always celebrated the love for my grandparents on specials days like Mothers and Fathers day, so it was wonderful to see them. I have not brought my Poppy a present yet, but I have plans next week, as well as buying dad some drill he wants. But hey he deserves it, he puts up with a lot from me and mum. :P

An added bonus to the day was watching the football, and I don’t mean the American kind or even soccer. Us Aussies got inventive and came up with something called AFL or Australian Football league. You have two teams, they run around with a ball, but in this it involves a look of kicking and the ball flying all over the place, I adore it greatly and my team won, by 72 points which is a lot. The Sydney Swans (my team) has made the last two grand finals and in 2005 we won the whole thing, which was very lucky because that was the year I got into it. I like to think of myself as the one who made it happen, but some might argue with that.

I have become totally obsessed with Gaia Online again. You go through stages, you whore your time there, then take a break, then back to the whoring again. I did go a bit crazy though, I have always wanted an OMG hat, from my early days in 2004 and now I finally have one. I sold some hosting for gold (which is legal) and sold a whole bunch of items, and brought some other things back. I am very happy and think little Winter Ice looks adorable. *squish* You can join me on this thread if you like, its random but that happens. :P

Someone sent me a PM wanting to buy my slippers for 1000 Gold, WTF mate?

Falling down the mountain.

Its funny how you can get upset about events that happened and how they can never be changed but in your mind you have that slight feeling of hope, like maybe they can and everything will be different. But the truth is they can’t and then you realise that’s how life is, that death is death and you just have to remember the moments. I am talking about Michael Hutchence here, and while most people will not know the name, he was a rather amazing person. He fronted the band INXS, but died in 1997 by what some presume is suicide but we will never know.

Bono described Michael as “My idea of a rock star is Michael. I never felt like a rock star, I’ve always felt like I’m impersonating one. But Michael wasn’t that at all – he was the real thing. We were very good friends, and good friends learn from each other, but to be honest I think I learned more from him than he did from me. What he had was oxygen. He was always so much better at walking through a room than I was, you know. When we met, I was just learning to loosen up in public, and here was this guy who blew in and out of any room like a breeze. He was just so easy that he relaxed everyone around him. It is a strange thing when your life is coming at you so fast that suddenly you have to walk into a room where everyone knows your name but they pretend that they don’t. We went through that at the same time and it made me uptight, but not Michael – he negotiated it better than anyone I’d ever seen.”

I have been going through a strange sorrow at the moment. I miss him terribly but I never met him, but it feels like he lives on in the music he created so brilliantly. You feel like he was in your life, that the music created his shadow and it still moves around behind you, transforming your life with magic and always having a friend close by. You wish that it could be true, that you could have known or met him, even for a split second, because you known in that moment you would have been granted the opportunity to meet someone that was so deeply special, but was also such an interesting and moving person.

Michael was not a saint and I am not pretending he was, and that is what makes him so much more interesting. He was Shy and outgoing, he had the ability to make everyone feel special, as it says in the book INXS, he could listen to anyone and make them feel worthy, something not every famous person is able to do, but he wasn’t like every star he was different. He had his demons, drugs, sex, girls and in the end they overpowered him. You just wish you could have been there to change that moment, to do anything, but things happen for a reason and now he has moved on to mystify the next world.

I will never forget this amazing man, as I hope everyone else will not either. We still have the music and a movie that is in the works, and all the fans to remember him. I hope he knows how much we care and how much what he did as a person in the short time he had on this earth left a lasting impact and is being preserved in each generation that passes. We love you Michael.

Here I am, lost in the ashes of time, but who wants tomorrow?
In between the longing to hold you again
I’m caught in your shadow, I’m losing control
My mind drifts away, we only have today

Come back and dance.

I have changed the theme on the site, I thought it was time, because I was starting to really get sick of the other one. This time, I have a darker theme, I wanted to do something different and maybe it would fit in with me emoing around, all over the place. ;P

I managed to break my new laptop that was only six months old, so I am back to old dumbo. Its such a battle to do anything, the music crashes all the time, you are lucky to get PSP open, so what I have really wanted to do design wise with another site has been delayed, and for the fact the new images I brought are on the laptop.. woops.

I have plans to change a few things around the site later. Like organise my Harry Potter collection, add my badge collection and a few other random things. But for now, I will just leave things as is.

A thousand miles from home

I am annoyed at the moment and a bit upset as well. At first I was handling it really well, now as the days get closer I realise how much I wanted to go and the fact that I keep seeing bits about it all over the place are not helping. I am talking about going to see Bob Dylan.

Everything just got fucked up, my dad won a trip away, my mum got sick and had an accident with her car. I know I sound horrible, I know for Dad its wonderful and terrible that mum is sick and her car got messed up, maybe that is added to my worry. So, I don’t really have anyway of getting to Sydney, unless I can find someone in like a days time (because its in 4 days) and they can afford to catch the train down, and if even I can afford that, I imagine it would not be cheap. :/

I had tried to sell the ticket on Ebay, but with a day left no one has grabbed it yet, and I had to put it lower then the purchased price. But even seeing it on Ebay is upsetting because I wanted to go to this. It was strange the events that lead to knowing about the ticket and other random things, it just felt like it was meant to be. I get a lot of feelings about things and most of the time they are right when they are this deep.

Maybe I will take my broom and fly away, grab some random dude and off I go. Maybe I will get really lucky, find someone who wants to see Dylan, has a car and knows people in Sydney we can stay with overnight. I have been lucky in life for most of it, so maybe some magic is waiting that will turn events around and be perfect! :) I can only hope!

In other news, I brought a Dedicated Server, so I will be selling resellers at Tehlove in the future. Should be cool! :D

Edit: The ticket was sold on ebay, I guess that ends that drama!

The Final Chapter

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows yesterday and I have to say I was rather impressed with it. It certainly was action packed and answered a lot of questions that had left us to wonder before. It had its great moments of sadness and I had shed many tears, but in the end it gave me an end I was content with. Even if I still get the empty feeling of it being over and never being able to draw on the excitement for the first time ever reading an adventure that Harry, the trio or the Malfoys are up to. I have said for years that I hated Harry and I do for the most part, but its sad knowing its over.

The one thing I can say, Scorpious wtf? :S

The party to get the book was quite fun, myself and Nicole dressed up in our full Slytherin costume and our wands, you could say I was being a whore because I have Draco’s and that beautiful Lucius Malfoy cane, its sexy. One kid who shall be called Daniel Cook thought I was Lucius and said I should be in Azkaban, he was special. There were a lot of people dressed up and I noticed compared to last time many teenage kids as well. For Half-Blood Prince it was mainly younger kids. It didn’t make me a twenty year old feel as dorky, but then I wouldn’t care anyway, its Harry Potter and that in itself is a religion and something else that is quite funny, the Party was held in a church hall. Naughty, Naughty holding a witches party in a church. *snort* After we got the books we went and watched the movie again. I really like this movie, and I can’t wait for the next one as well. Naomi Watts will do Narcissa proud, I am sure of it. :D

Nicole and I are still having lots of fun. The days are ticking away quite fast, I wish it could last forever and I know I will miss her greatly when she leaves. Oh well, have to lock her in her room, bwahah.

Something you might call Happy Times, Below:

Please let me out I will be a good girl. :( HaHAhahhahahaha :D – Nicole
Hmm, that is quite tempting, but how can I be sure of it? :O – Kya
Because I am a Hufflepiff… – Nicole
….. – Kya
Scorpius is a good name. Not really, but I am a little biased. – Nicole
I have to wonder, where would get the name from. What happend those times I was away and you were there for company??????? – Kya
I am appalled. You know I do not lke blondies. Especially blondies with no wands. – Nicole
Oh. I see what you mean, I forgive LOL. – Kya
Forgive WHAT? – Nicole
:F :F :F :F :F I forgive Crabbe. – Kya
Crabbe really kicked some ass this time. Until… well, you know. – Nicole
Then had his arse kicked, one might say. But he was a good boy. *snuggles him* – Kya
At least he had a wand. Not to mention balls. – Nicole
I excite. – Kya
Great success! – Nicole
You know Micole, you are a great friend. :D – Kya
I can say the same thing about you, Chelsea… Cathy… whatever your name is today. – Nicole
heheehheheehehehLOO!L1111111 – Kya
Um, grast sucess? – Nicole
Haha. Hufflepuff is the house of the smart people. :D :D :D Yay. Winners. – Nicole
Our friend Daniel Cook is in that house, that exsplains everything. – Kya
I think yu are right. it is the only explnation. Although, he is rather good at stalking. I guess he must have a wand. – Nicole
If that type of things turns you on, not me though. – Kya
So you prefer them wandless, eh? NICEEEE. – Nicole
I didn’t mean that mate, I just you know. Its alright is they are watching me go toilet from in the bathroom, but not out the window, you know? – Kya
It’s scary, but I do know. Seriosuly. – Nicole
Siriusly. Ello Haryy. – Kya
“Oh, now, that’s my name. HAhahahahha” “Did you just say oh no?” “Huh?” Did you just say oh no?” “I don’t know?” And I forget what else happened. That may not even be correct quotations. Oh well. I’ll blame Daniel Cook. – Nicole
If one ever has a problem they should blame that little shit. :) – Kya
He’s a Scorpio. – Nicole
The truth is finally revwaled. – Kya
Hasha. Mmm. Stop. Post tymer. SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO FIX MISTAKES? – Nicole
I know, sometimes you just have to relax and let it go. Anyway, I feel lke going for a walk, do you? :O = Kya
Home Alonwe. :D Haha, get it? And yes, I would like to go take a walk now. :D – Niocole
Right oh, Mate. See you when I get back. :) – Kya
Bitch. = Nocole€
Love you too. :) – Kya
I get the last word. I am Scorpius, leader of the something or others. This isn’t a good way to end this. I’ll shut up now. – Nicole

– End Transmission.