I bet you had no idea!

I have been tagged by the great Nicole and I thought it was high time that I did blog more then once a month. :P But lets get into it, I have some ruley things as well; Each player of this game starts off with ten/11 (;p) weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

1. Most people in real life see me as an extroverted loud person, who has no trouble heading into anything in life, and usually asume that I will do wonders. I have often had people say to me things like “You will be famous” “You will do so well” and a whole range of things. When in reality, I am actually quite a shy and introverted person. I usually stress about something for a long time, before I can actually do it. I guess I put on an act, to protect myself.

2. My body is weird, I don’t know if you could call it unhealthy, or just un-natural. Haha. I have had chicken pox three times and in general it never likes to do anything on time, or at all. :S

3. I feel dead people. If I wanted too, I could probably see them as well, and I have a few times, but I would rather feel them, then see them in front of me. I could be classed as a Medium.

4. When I have a friend and they are real, I trust and give them my friendship 100%. I have been burned in the past, but you can’t change the way you are, especially if there are many more true friendships waiting for you along the road of life. You always learn more from things that happen and it makes you stronger. :)

5. I am very self-consious about my self.

6. I am a smoker, but not as much as I used too. I think its more of a nervious habbit that I have at the moment. I find the only times that I smoke are if I am on the phone, or when some people visit.

7. I have a giant phobia about viens, I have for a while. Some people think its the blood, but the vien itself, I feel sick I can’t talk about this one anymore. *faints*

8. I like to change my apperance. Not just a little bit, from red hair to black, I like to try new clothes new things around me, the whole deal. This isn’t because I am trying to be someone else, I just like to see how life is under a different shadow. I guess, its the diva in me. :P

9. When I was younger all I ever wanted to be was an Actor. I lived and dreamed this, I was in plays, on TV a few times and it was just my future. But I got older and doubted myself and just couldn’t find the confience to do it anymore, it came to the point, where I just didn’t think I could act at all, and maybe I can’t. That was when that dream that always hang around in the background showed its pretty but sometimes twisted face, writing.

10. I have a very bad temper, and over the years I have had trouble trying to controll it. Through High School this was a real problem and I couldn’t controll it. But now, as I am older, it is a lot better, but I still have some points when I really have to hold back. But then that goes into another part of it, I have trouble lying. I have to tell the truth, and sometimes I can be blunt. I don’t like to hurt peoples feelings, but I don’t want them to live under an illusion of how a situation really is. The best thing you can offer is honesty, it is a strong and true force.

11. Woops, I am a rebel like Nicole and am adding 11. But that is another thing about myself, I have so much trouble applying myself to rules, any set of rules! If its simple rules about how to wash a piece of clothing to going by the law, I always have this little glitch inside my brain that says “DOWN WITH THE RULES” but luckily I am learning to controll that little bugger, but alas not the eye twitch. :P Haha.

12. I just edited to add 12. I must stop this is going insane. Anyway, I can’t cook. I don’t mean this in general, I really mean I can’t. I have tried but I always fail, and when people eat my food they feel sick. Even if all you have to do it microwave it. What can I say, I have talent. :D

Wow, that was all a mouthfull. *snort* I am not going to tag anyone, consider it an open invitation! ;D Also, sorry about the spelling, my mind is slow l!O111

Hosting Special!

I have decided that I will be running a special at Tehlove, only for those that happen to stumble on this blog! Call it my treasued visitors offer, or just because I love you! :D So here it is;

If you order a Silver package valued at $35 a year, will only pay $25! That is 700mb of space and 11gb of bandwidth! But this only lasts to the end of this mounth, so you better get in soon! That is enough space to build a great big website filled with lots of pretty things, but you know what else? You can also add five more domains as add-on domains, perfect! Also, don’t forget that you get a free domain with this as well!

If you are interested, head over to Tehlove.org and in the order form be sure to include! Kya.nu tehlove promotion – If you don’t add the following I will not know that you have seen the special here, and you will not get the special rates, so make sure to include it!

/end plug.


Because I am not able to go to INXS and this hurts me so *sob sob* I am going to get a PSP2 instead. It will warm the little places in my heart, and me and Mel are going to be gamers now lO!l11.

I am going to enroll at TAFE on Wednesday. That will be fun, then I can start doing the Web Design course and feel like I am doing something with my time. I want to do a small buisness course after that, just so it can give me more direction in the field. :)

We got our new lounge and table and everything. The whole house looks 100 times better! So pretty now. We have the TV in a new unit and it looks crappy, so we decided we need a new TV. :D WILD.

Mum also told me I can have my lap top before my birthday, that is lovely she rocks. <3 I must make a mental note to buy Lora her birthday present! (even if its late, sorry love!)


INXS are coming back to Australia. They will be here in March, tickets go on sale, on tuesday. Well the pre-sale ones for the members, I am a member but I won’t be able to go. *sigh* Mum said it would be too hard for me to get there, and I have no one to go with. *growls* I really want to go, but I will just have to hope they come back again later. :(

Har har, I was being a bit tricksie with my Birthday. It is not in the near future, its not untill March. Hey, I can only try, right? :P

Ooooh Flowers!

New theme, still have some kinks to fix up but shall hopefully have them sorted very soon. :) I have made a few changes around the site, nothing major, besides the different look. I updated my Harry Potter collection, with some new items I have. :) I also updated my wishlist (my birthday is coming up, did you know this? ;) ) and my CD collection.

Not much else to add really, other then there is a frog on my window and he has really cute little hands or flippers… paws.. things that frogs have to eat their yummies. Heh, I sound retarted now. :) Winnar!111lol11