Peaty the Worm

I am very pleased to announce and share my latest children’s book, Peaty the Worm.


Peaty the Worm follows the main character as they explore their favourite things through the alphabet. My intention was to create a fun little story that could be cute and educational at the same time.

It was a lot of fun to create all the illustrations for this book, and to attempt to create a story that could hopefully connect with young readers and families.

Below are a few example pages.






Printed copies of the book are currently only available in limited numbers (mainly due to the self-publishing cost), if you are interested, please contact me.

I have used my real name for the publication and hopefully that has not caused any confusion.

If you would like to help promote the Peaty the Worm you could download it from iTunes/iBooksadd it to your shelf on Goodreads, and view and download on Scribd. All options are free.

I was also incredibly lucky to have awesome support from friends with assistance with editing. To everyone that helped me, thank you so very very much. I have not included names here, in case you don’t wish to be linked to your real name.

About the author / Kya

I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • YAY! Good work :) Peaty is so cute :)

    • Kya

      Thank you so much! :D

  • Hey! I just downloaded “Peaty the Worm”! I love it! :love: Keep up the great work! :D

    • Kya

      Thank you! :love:

  • Congrats on your new book Kya! I am so proud of you, the illustrations are such quality! :’)

    • Kya

      Thank you so much! :blush:

  • kya, how do you even turn a squirming, faceless worm into this cute little pink thing? LOL. congrats on the book and Peaty is really adorable, especially that part when Peaty is covered in mud :D

    • Kya

      Hahaha, thank you. Maybe I am weird but I always thought little insects and things are cute. >D<

  • Congratulations on your new children’s book! I love love love the choice of font and colors you use! Not to mention, your art skills are amazing. This is a cute way to educate children :). Hehe, if you still make children’s books in the future when I have kids, I’d definitely buy some from you ;).

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D :love:

  • Congrats on getting your book finished. The graphics looks adorable, and I am sure any child will enjoy it.

    • Kya

      Thank you. :blush:

  • Congratulations on your new children’s book. It’s very cute. If I had to read this book to little kids, I would definitely read this one. :)

    • Kya

      Thanks. :D

  • I love it! I really would like a book for my daughter. I think she’d love it, too. Peaty is so adorable. I love worms. I save them when they wash up on sidewalks. They’re very beneficial to our environment. He’s depicted in such a sweet way… Love him, Kya! You did A GREAT job! ? ? ?

    • Kya

      Thank you so much. Haha, woo. I always save the worms too. :love:

  • Sue

    Peaty the worm is adorable! Congrats on publishing a book Kya! There aren’t that many books with a worm as the main character, so it’s refreshing to see something different. My 6th grade teacher had a worms farm in her classroom. We could see the worms crawling through the mud since the tank was clear. Worms are an important part of our ecosystem.

    • Kya

      They sure are! When I was in primary school, we had a worm farm and it was so interesting. :)

  • Cat

    Congrats on your new book! I love the idea of a worm exploring the alphabet :) I just read it on Scribd, and all of the illustrations were so cute! I liked what you picked for each letter, especially the jolly hats. That one especially made me smile, haha. Awesome job!

    • Kya

      Thank you! :D I had a lot of fun making the hats. :love:

  • Congratulations with your new book. Peaty is so cute and adorable. I’ll gonna try and download it on iTunes.

    • Kya

      Thank you! =D

  • I am so glad your book is out in the wild, Kya! :) It was a privilege to be able to see it come to life as I helped you edit it. Most kids hate worms (I did, haha) but you have really brought little Peaty to life. As always, your illustrations are beaut. ❤️

    • Kya

      Thank you so much for your help. <3

  • Oh my goodness, Kya!!! This is adorable and very clever. I’ve always wanted to publish a children’s book as well, but your literature and art are just perfect for the context. I’m definitely going to download it to read with my kids! I bet my daughter will enjoy reading it, too, as she’s now able to do so ^~^ this would be a great baby shower gift too <3

    • Kya

      Aww, thank you so much. :D I am sure that you could do a book as well!

  • Mei

    Cute illustrations! If I were a kid, I’d really enjoy reading the book!
    Congrats, Kya! :)

    • Kya

      Thank you! <3

  • Congratulations on the release of your new books! It’s such a great concept and idea, and I’m glad you were able to come through with it XD I have to say, I love how you made a worm into an adorable pink thing that teaches you ABC.

    I can’t wait to see your next children’s book. You really have a talent for it! Great job, Kya! ^____^

    • Kya

      Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

  • It is so cute! OMG love the colors and drawings, you did a great job. Congrats! ♥ You have some awesome talent.

    • Kya

      Thank you! :blush:

  • Awesome book, Kya!
    Your illustrations are so stylistic yet simple. :3

    • Kya

      Thank you! ou3uo

  • Petey is sooo cute! What an awesome little book! From one author to another, congratulations :)

    • Kya

      Thank you. :*3

  • Liz

    Congrats on publishing another book! This one is so, so cute! Your last book was cute, also—the ability to illustrate and create stories for children is neat. I considered getting into it a few years back for fun, because I had an idea for a story about a kitten, but 1) I can only really do photorealism on the scenic, sketching side, and 2) I couldn’t find an illustrator who collaborated with authors, heh. So I gave up, then eventually forgot the story.

    I’m sharing this on Facebook now. <3

    • Kya

      Thank you! :love:

  • Adorable! What a wonderful book :D

    • Kya

      Thank you! :*3

  • Love love LOVE it! :DDDD

    • Kya

      Thank thank thank you! :love:

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