Recap of Sunday

Ok let me entertain you, let me show you now!

We woke up at 6:30 after we decided the night before that we needed a holden bag to put everything in because we didn’t want to take these girliy bags while we were wearing all out holden gear. So we went to the mall thing but it being sunday the shops did not open untill 10. So we walked arounf in their for a while and went up the escalator thingies and went back to the car. Then we just went to eastern creek and their wasn’t that many people there they even checked out boot in case we had groug and drugs but we didn’t *crosses fingers* no we didn’t really. anyway we walked around and remembered we needed a bag so we went to the kmart stand they didn’t have any but I touched the car and jen and neat laughed at me. So we had to go to the hrt stand and brought one from there so we had to go back to the car to offfload the other bags and it was rainging lighting at this time. So then we had out bags swopted and we had one so we were really to head on over to the pits went in stood at the kmart pits for a couple of hours watching Murph and Rick waiting for them to come out and then it starts to rain not odrdenary rain but damn big raindrops from outspac we could not believe it was rinaing this much …again. So anyway me and jen stood with the umbrella aobve us and aimed the camera in the pits and murph was theire and the camera flashed and the guy who runs the kmart thing seen the camera flash and he walked over to use me and jen huddled together because we thought he was going to yell at us. But he dragged jen into the pits and let her take photo’s it was so kewl. But after that it got better when then came back again then got out of the cars and murph went to the toilet so we followed him :”D and he came out and he had a pen and was ready to sign he is soo good so i got a photo with him and an autograph it was really great and his jeans were really really nice and….so was his. yeah the jeans were good. and the pockets on the back of the jeans :”O :”D.

Then the bad happend. I had been bagging neat out about her Ambrose thing and omg their he was. I should of never said anything to her because things like that turn around and hit you in the face really badly. He is so cute and it’s so bad because he drives a ford he ahs to swop or I will be forever not happy. He really has to because he looks like a cute little puppy awwww he’s adorable. So I tried to take photo’s of him but all the fans kept mobing him :”@ bloody ford people never can do anything right *heart* so then um jen and I took more photo’s of the guys together. It was funny everyone was laughing at us because we took photo’s together. Actually everyone was laughing at us all day. 1 because we were all huddled under the one umbrella the three of us. 2. because we kept talking and laughing relaly loud 3. because we are cracked.

Oh and it was really funny after we had seen ammbrose we sat under the kmart truck out of the rain and we were saying things about ambrose shirtless and things I am not going to repeat that arn’t as bad as you would think but anyway then we realised that the stone brothers tent thing was just in front of us the amrbose tent and we realy hope they did not see us but the these three guys at different times came out of the tent and kepy looking at us and laughing thet made us laugh even more and we got scared so we had to move because the water was comming under the truck and making it littler and littler and we could not really find any more space.

Then the rain started again and we had to go and watch the vb challenge but I had to look at murph’s jeans again :”O :”O. But Holden was in the challange and I think they won which was very good and made me smile alot. So we decided to go back to the picts again for what reason I don’t know I think jen just wanted to look at rick again. :”D. And it was funny becuase rick’s girlfriend kepy giving jen evil looks I think she knew what was going on or she seen us taking photo’s kwuahahahahhaha.

So we went to this ciment thing to watch the race and the water was really really really poring now oh and before that me and jen were infront of the kmart pit (as usual) and we kept winging and complaing that we were cold so this guy came over and shilded us with this FORD umbrella it was terrible and I was looking at murphs….back pockets on this jeans again and said yes he jeans are reall nice :”D. So finally the guy stopped with th FORD unmrella and went back into the KMART PITT :”@:”@:@”@:”@:”@. anyway we went to the cement thing and watched the start and stuff and thought it was ok except ambrose was at the front ( we think he is hot but he’s not alloud to win :”D) so we needed to go to the toilet and had to go back to the pit area and HRT had a tv in their pit and the rain was really heavy again and we stood just on the inside of the pit and we had all holden stuff on and you could see the snarly looks on their faces and these bitches stood in front of the tv it wasn’t like we were doing anything so they said can you stand outside the line. that was freaking all the way out in the rain. All the other pits let their fans in there and the offica;s didn’t care but no HRT had to think they were aobve everyone and we just think they suc. So we call them PMT.

We walked back to the cemenent block thingy and watched some more of the race and screamed adn yelled and shivered and got laughed at for screaming when muph had a whole in his tyre. Everyone kepy laighing at me most of the day and I thought that was funny it is funny when people laugh at you. This camera crew wanted to talk to us but we said no thanks and they go are you sure and we went yep. It was scary becuase we kept trying to avoid it and then they had to come right up to us.

Alot of other things happened that were reallly funny but I think that kind off tells the story to the best that I possible can. I porbbably have the way they happend all the wrong but what can I say I’m a bumhead.

Love always.

P.s I have a ambrose background..NOT THE CAR yuccy I would never do that just an imdage of him and it says “stop callin me callin me, please stop stalin me stalkin me, it’s just a fantsasy fantsasy that you have with me” *heart*

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I am Kya a twenty something who loves art, cute things, design, illustration, photography, reading, writing and creative adventures.



  • How dare you say Ambrose is cute, you traitor :p

    I told you not to stalk move Murph, I was going to blame you for his poor performance till he pulled finger and finished 5th :p

    • Kya

      *cries* I can’t help it ambrose is…:”( and well about murph I couldn’t help myself I was drawn by forces beyond my control :”D haha, he did well to get 5th he’s so great and it was all because of his kewl jeans :”D/

      • No it was cause he’s a Kiwi :p Nah he did good and I don’t know about his jeans cause I didn’t see them.

        Pukky in 4 weeks time I can’t wait :)

        • Kya

          very very snazzy i can tell ya. Kewl that will be so great and fun and wow!! Hope you have a great time!

  • Anonymous

    Aww this Ambrose guy sounds cute :) I wish I knew who he was ;)

    • Kya

      *cries* no you don’t you really don’t because I can’t like him it goes against everything. I think that’s right…. :”( *cries more*

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